01 October 2020

Celia Fenn Update ~ 1 October 2020

Source: Celia Fenn

FIRE MOON/FULL MOON : October 1st 2020
The first of two Full Moons in October......the current Moon is in Aries, the sign of the Warrior and the Child.
True to its essence the Moon is providing some aggressive energies and come childish tantrum energies. But it is also holding the Phoenix energy of Fiery transformation and renewal.
The challenge is to hold our energies as Spiritual Warriors focussed on Higher Consciousness which is the Light side of the Aries energy.
We have all done our work with our Inner Child as part of our awakening process, and now it is time for some "adulting" as we consider how the choices we make and the energies we hold can affect the Balance of Energies in our communities.
Aries is also the sign of Leadership, and we are asked to consider how our individual choices can contribute to a new kind of leadership in our communities.
Those who lead by example are the leaders of the New Earth.
They Walk their Talk.
Their lives are examples of the Peace and harmony they practice.
Maybe for you that means setting boundaries and working on self esteem so that no one may trigger you into shadow energies of anger and aggression. And, if they do, you can recognise the trigger and return to balance.
Because you have done your work.
So...together let us celebrate the Fire Moon in Aries as a time of our achievement in 2020. We have raised our consciousness and we know who we are and why we are here.
The next Full Moon on the 31st October will be in Taurus, the sign of Home and Abundance, when we will celebrate New Earth!
So, have a Powerful and Blessed Full Moon!
Love to All.

Seriously?! ~ Inked Mystic

How your guides be looking after they just sent you a feather, 11 synchronicities, 2 angel numbers and a chinchilla knocking at your window, and you still missed the message

Lyssa Royal shared this, and so am I again after more than two years (but I initially thought I posted it only earlier this year! Time....phew!). It reminds me of my Kitchen Sink post 😁 

Unfortunately, Inked.Mystic's Instagram page no longer exists ~ thank you, Inked Mystic, for your gifts.

Clearing, Healing and Letting Go.....Again ~ Judith Kusel ~ 1 October 2020

This message from Judith Kusel is helpful guidance for letting go of resurfacing issues. Recently, I had a similar experience of an old issue that I thought I had cleared, but realised I had to let go some more and at the same time faced additional truths surrounding the issue. So when I read this just now, I realised there are also others going through this, specifically those who have been diligently doing inner work but still find old issues cropping up, as if to ask, "Are you sure?".....

Source: Judith Kusel

So many portals of opportunity have opened up and are opening, for souls who truly wish to step into the New and Higher Dimensional Frequency bands, without the baggage, or any of the old thinking, belief systems, duality, polarity, separateness, unforgiveness etc.
I was guided a few months ago, that from the 5th July 2020, and during a Divine Dispensation, that all the old karma, the old karmic patterns and the old negative created patterns of soul have been cleared. Thus the slate has been cleared and cleaned.
Yet, we need to be ready to receive this immense gift and let go of whatever it is within us, to which we are still hanging onto, that which we refuse to forgive, all judgements, shame and blame and guilt, grudges, resentments, anger, fear, etc. That is entirely up to us. 
I was again made aware of this today, as I wondered aloud why a certain issues have come up for me in the last weeks and out of the blue. I was then shown that these were old karmic patterns, and old karmic residue, which I needed to become aware of, in order to finally release them from deep within myself! Even though I thought I had resolved the one issue, I still needed to totally clear the slate and return to the highest state of unconditional love and gratitude, to the soul involved: - not just for this lifetime, but other lifetimes and existences as well. When I had done so, I felt such immense gratitude and love, that I wrote a "Thank you" letter to the soul involved and I knew this was now totally cleared. Whatever happens henceforth will be steeped in the Higher Octaves and Source Being, and in a beautiful and harmonious, unconditional loving manner and way.
The second came up, in an issue which I must admit I had neglected, mainly because of being overly busy, and not paying it the attention I should have. We so often tend to do this, when something is not high on our list of values or interests or that we tend to leave until tomorrow. When I was finally jolted awake, I needed to confront this part of me, and with it came gratitude: - gratitude that I could now pay it the attention due to it, and at same time, empower myself more and more. Indeed, it has proved to be a great blessing, for I understood that I could not step into the fullness of my Highest Service and Calling, if I could not master this aspect of my life! The minute this realization came, and I sought assistance in this regard and then became grateful for this new learning curve, I was told, that this too had been resolved, and dissolved and that my karma in this regard had been cleared!
For a minute I was stunned. Then more gratitude arose, for now I realized that as I had shifted within, all was shifting without and thus I could again be immensely grateful for all which happened, as it did, and bless those who jolted me awake!
We will all have these karmic moments coming up in the next weeks and months, for we need to totally let go WITHIN ourselves, so that we can truly free ourselves.
The karmic portal has been opened to free us: - but we need do the inner work and totally let go, of whatever is there within us, which is still repeating the same, or clinging onto unforgiveness, or refusal to change. More than this, to totally let go of all fear, guilt, shame and blame and inclusive of judgements and to move into the Higher Soul Source Self, who sees only loving reflections and manifestation of the Divine Source in all and everything. 
The letting go, indeed involves all areas of life and living as we need to totally let go of the old, in order to remember the truth of who and what we are at SOUL level and step fully into that Truth and live it!
Judith Kusel

πŸ”±πŸŒŸ Ascension Update with Tim Whild - Happy Full Moon (and October)! πŸŒŸπŸ”± ~ 1 October 2020

In this video, Tim Whild talks about consent and participation as conscious co-creators, and staying in Integrity.

Building Your Crystalline Light Body ~ Diana Cooper ~ 30 September 2020

Source: Diana Cooper

🧑 Eat Light, fresh, organic foods.
🧑 Drink pure water.
🧑 Bless everything that enters your body.
🧑 Exercise regularly and lightly.
🧑 Do what brings you joy.
🧑 Keep your home physically and energetically cleansed, Light and happy.
🧑 Breathe deeply and take time to mediate and connect with your Higher Self.
🧑 Practice ascension exercises regularly.

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath: Free Event on 3 / 4 October 2020 ~ Jeralyn Glass

Free to register, for anyone interested. Here's the link.

When you get to the registration, the time for your location will be computed for you ~ at least that's what happened for me.

Effects of High Heart Chakra Work ~ Auri'An ~ 30 September 2020

Source: International Koalition of Krones

Your turn.
Krone Kō B’a Jā has been talking about the work you can undertake on the High Heart Chakra and the effects you may notice when you do that work. Here's your chance to have a think about the 'old you' and the 'you' you are now......
Me...... I was more judging. Now I am more observing.
Krone Auri'An
International Koalition of Krones

The Battle Within ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 30 September 2020

Until we have met the monsters in ourselves, we will keep trying to slay them in the outer world. For all darkness in the world stems from darkness in the heart. And it is there we must do our work
* Marianne Williamson 

An oft-seen message, but increasingly relevant as 2020 thunders along its persistent and insistent path....

Source: Jenny Schiltz

When you spend all your time trying to slay the monsters of the world, the battle with(in) seem never-ending. Do your work within, heal the monsters within, and your reality will start to reflect your inner calm.