06 August 2020

The Healing of HUmanity ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 5 August 2020

Let's build an amazing world together ~ Global Missions of LOVE
Source: Nicky Hamid

You see chaos in world events, and confusion and dramatic reactions in your communities and families. And you may ask “Where is the Love?”

But I tell you that I visit daily and there are people in every village, town and city in every place on Earth who know, and who daily hold the space of pure Love and compassion for all.

The pressure of the ages is upon HumanIty to finally, once and for all, clear the shadows of the illusion and regain their freedom, Truth and Lovingness.

Thus all that is not of honesty and love rises. All Shadow is being exposed, out of the subconsciousness of every single person on this planet.

And you and I are here to Hold the Space of Love in our Hearts. To run the shadows through our consciousness and to CHOOSE LIGHT.

To clear our OUR SPACE in life, as we find it, and envisage, imagine, and dream the NEW GOLDEN AGE into manifestation. We are cocreating through alignment with our Soul Being (higher selves) and the vast Soul and multidimensional Spirit Company.

The transformation is assured and it is this Love/Light that We ARE that is the very reason that all the dross has to come to the surface. And our Love is beyond all the boundaries and conventions of human division.

So thus I share with you this Message I received from a Beloved Sister of the Middle East.

I ask you that, when you have read this, to sit with her in your Heart and connect to the Love Space she holds and many others who are doing the same in theirown private connection to the Quantum field and the WWW of LOVE. You are making a difference. Thankyou, thankyou.

“I live in Israel, and would not like to provoke any kind of emotion around the subject in an open message. I want to tell you how much your words find an echo in my heart in those moments of profound cleansing of a karmic dance of death between two members of the same family. I realise more and more that in the emotional detachment in which I observe that somehow little miracles happen every day since the beginning of the wars. As if Israel, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, USA, or anywhere else is like the beating heart of the world leaving no one indifferent.

This world sorrow somehow brings people together, to pray or help one another. Your daily messages are strengthening this strange silence in my heart and I am grateful to realise that the awakening of consciousness is happening at all levels of our community too, in a timeline where war is one extreme, peace is the other side and still the same energy, so silence and compassion is what I try and communicate to my surroundings hoping those waves will eventually transform this chaos in a new realisation of how to build this broken family back into a loving one

Thank you for being there and being here. Yes, yes We Are the Family of One I So Love You All”.

Join your Heart with Her’s and Know beyond all doubt.

Your Love and willingness to live courageously in the Truth of your Knowing is making a Difference.

I So Love You


PS And I repeat that you can walk the streets of anywhere in the world and touch with your love. In your imagining you actually jump into another dimension and your love can touch there just as much as you can touch with someone standing right in front of you. The veils have gone and Your Love is that powerful.

In the Eye of the Storm ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 5 August 2020

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in's honest account of her experience is much appreciated, and I am certain will benefit those who need to read it. The Void can be a most empowering and nurturing place to be, if we embrace it, surrender to our Divinity and allow the process to unfold. This is what I wrote last year:
This is when we feel the void.....the Nothingness, an infinite depth. This void feels very uncomfortable ~ even threatening ~ because we no longer have an identity to shield us from it, and the initial reaction would be to fill it up with whatever we can grasp ~ something, anything, from the Outer World. Fill it up or else we'll drown in it, or it will swallow us up! But if we allow ourselves to exist in this void, we will eventually (and very quickly, too, if we allow it!) find that it's teeming with a richness that we had not sensed before because we were in near-panic mode trying to fill it up or escape from it. But of course, we can't even if we try, because the void is full and the void is us. Filled and pregnant with potentials ~ our potentials ~ ready to birth our True Self once we allow the process.
This void is like the womb of Creation ~ it can be a nurturing place if we connect with it. It is, after all, us. The time spent here is like incubation ~ the proverbial cocoon or womb from whence we emerge, resplendent in our True Colours and Beingness, the initial phase of becoming Who We Truly Are.
Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

The energy this week has been overwhelming, down right strange and extraordinarily intense. I can feel a deep shift deep in my solar plexus like the unrelenting, overturning of the tides in my gut. I feel like I am without an anchor, and feel I have nothing to offer. I feel like a complete blank slate while in a cocoon. The outer 3D reality feels so increasingly unreal, almost like an unfunny, cosmic satire with all its exaggerations and extreme polarities compiled with the heavy crush of the struggling underlayment of human, primal fear. I am hearing that life is morphing in the physical very fast now. We are in the void vacillating between realities, and this is what it will feel like for a while. It is not an easy place to be traveling through, especially for empaths and sensitives.

I am shocked to watch my intense reactions to the outer world’s illusions. This isn’t the way I usually react to things. It feels like a huge power surge inside that will not tolerate anything that is not truth or out of alignment anymore. It is like I hit my proverbial line in the dirt. I hear... more light and TRUTH is coming in very fast now, and what we were ok with yesterday, might not be ok with us today. But the weird thing is that I don’t know what my truth is with my mind. The mind is old left brain programs of the past. Yet this internal surge within seems to know exactly what the truth is. It is pure intuition without any bounds. It surges through me feeling like an alien power that has more control over me than I do of it. It is a bit scary to feel this much energy, and I AM used to big energy. So ... I think to myself, do I let all this out? Is it too much? Too much for my nervous system’s circuits? Am I just learning to embody and balance this new incoming wave of energy? When I ask the Star Elders for answers about these mind bending, unpredictable times and polarities, they say simply say to “surf the center” within all the world’s diverse perspectives, and to “stay in the eye of the storm”. But this is easier said than done. It it is time to quit wasting energy by anchoring into any side as anything polarized will not be coming through onto the new template.

When I ask further about the power that is coursing through my chakras like a fright train, I hear this is what we ALL have been asking for. Yes you, and gulp ... me! This is the beginning of the birth of our true awakened self in the physical world, and the true self within us that is created in God’s image. And of course, this power feels alien to us. We might feel out of control or overwhelmed. We have not felt our true awakened self embodied in our physical form in this lifetime, and maybe in many life times. We have been dumb downed by old programming of many past generations for safe keeping. We needed to keep this power hidden to avoid persecution in the past, but it seems that these days are over. The time is right and the collective consciousness is able to anchor it now. So hang on.

I also see, and have been experiencing, the bridging of our dreamtime with multiple realities thus creating what feels like time shifts or loops and dimensional leaps. We are now circling back to the original Earth template that has no contamination in creation, unlike the one we are diverting from. Dreamtime is very different as I feel like I am awake while asleep, aware and learning from past events and history, and intending and preparing for the future. I find myself working with many other souls on very deep core issues. Some of these people I know in this reality, and others I have yet to meet. I wake up so tired. We are reassessing our deepest history while simultaneously envisioning and building our future. This is making us feel uncomfortably full and empty all at the same time.

This is what it feels like to be entering spherical time, when we wake up in a new day and need to reassess our life, our focus and what actions we take. Each day we are directed to start all over again. I feel like I am moving at light speed while standing still. This is because we are shifting so fast that we do not have time to anchor in any one place anymore. And that is the point ... not to anchor just yet. We need to keep clearing and letting go of the past while entering the future. It is not a good time to make big moves unless it is something you have been cooking on for some time. We cannot get into our left brain with this process, although we will try unsuccessfully. All this, in this time, is boiling down to living in each moment, free from past expectations and open to new, incoming energy that we asked for.

Self care is so very important now. I know those who read my posts already have a huge tool box of self care knowledge. It is time to dig into that tool box, and use what will work for you in each moment. Yesterday I was so uncomfortable in my skin. So I took a long mustard bath and let myself sweat for awhile. I then took a cool shower, and topped it off by using some Egyptian oils. I felt a lot better. Our digestion is taking a hit again too. Be kind to your body with the food you take in. And remember to just breathe, and remember to surf in the center in the eye of the storm.

We appreciate every Heart Donation especially during these times. https://www.alunajoy.com/heartdonation.html

The Ocean Knows No Conflict ~ Matt Kahn

Matt Kahn
Even as the waves constantly collide
the ocean knows no conflict

05 August 2020

Consciousness is Trying to Break Free ~ Lee Harris ~ 4 August 2020

Source: Lee Harris

From 2012 onwards, the heat has gone up on the planet in terms of how many people are being asked to unfurl and unfold themselves into who they are authentically here to be.

As a result, everything that is unauthentic or misaligned on your planet is having a radical reform.

So, you can look at your outer world and see where there are places of discord or disharmony or fight and recognize that this is the struggle of consciousness trying to break free.

- From The Way of the Sensitive MP3

Learn more: http://bit.ly/way-of-sensitive

Eostre's Gift Update ~ Cobra ~ 4 August 2020

This is the first of three images posted by Cobra in his latest update ~ textless ~ on The Portal.  Please visit his website to view the other two. 

For those who wish to delve further into interpreting the message, please know that Cobra has been posting encrypted updates (meant for RM) with "EOSTRE" in the message recently:

"EOSTRE Lfiltration protocols modulation in progress, evaluate 200805.2112Z" (2 Aug 2020)

"Security breach deflected, EOSTRE coding sequence started" (1 Aug 2020)
The first actual update with EOSTRE appeared in 2014:

The image above is labelled "Coding Sequence".

I'm thinking this looks like positive news....that's what I would wish for anyway, given recent developments in Beirut and the likelihood that it's not caused by chemicals.

Jason Estes Update ~ 5 August 2020

Source: Jason Estes


With the template tests winding down and the prewave of body speed up phase kicking in these last 3 hours have been a wild ride, remember to stay hydrated stretch as often as you remember and choose your commitments wisely we are preparing for a magical month full of growth opportunities ::hugs::

If People Can Hate For No Reason, I Can Love.... Anonymous

A Healing Heart
I Love You
You're probably thinking, but you don't even know me

That may be true
But if people can hate for no reason
I can love

I've seen this posted so many times in various places online, and it never fails to make me stop and ponder it for a while. I think it's so profound, without even trying.

Thank you to whoever came out with that great Wisdom 💛

Religions ~ Andrew Bartzis

Andrew Bartzis' website is here. Interestingly, Amanda Lorence also talked about this same topic just yesterday.


When you are growing into your awakening you often realize that religions are a trap, but they are not a permanent trap, and oftentimes religions cannot exist without the light and the dark to create evolution. That’s the reason they were created in an ancient time and still survive to now, so we can make a new way, a new way that does not step on the journey of others, but still allows the love creation and co-creation through, but takes a look at what is in polarity and what is in positive or negative charge to some action or reaction.

When we allow that into ourselves we can see where our subtle judgements are, on a person who is believing in one of the five major religions and put their faith into it over many dozens of years, and how you suddenly judge it because you are growing into a new expression, a higher density of self.
“…oftentimes religions cannot exist without the light and the dark to create evolution.”
- Andrew Bartzis