19 March 2019

Supermoon in Libra: 9th Solar Jaguar Moon ~ Aluna Ash ~ 18 March 2019

To listen to this video message from Aluna Ash, please visit here.

***EQUINOX ENERGY UPDATE - Ground Support*** ~ Zoe Davenport ~ 18 March 2019

Zoe Davenport's website is here. Please note there is a powerful invocation after the message.

Source: Zoe Davenport

Wow! I’ve been totally slammed in the lead up to this powerful and transformative Equinox!

Full on body purging, literally had to surrender to bed for the last two days and let this pass through drinking only waters and herbal teas.

Ascension once activated is the ability to break through the matrix, have free will, create from outside time-space and feel a connection far beyond anything we could ever imagine.

But what are we willing to let go of in order to connect fully to our truths?

To no longer let the past dictate how we feel or our future choices.

Feeling liberated through the expansion of self-love finding soul family, commUNITY and collaborations to create and sustain the new Earth.

EQUINOX ENERGY UPDATE - Message from the Elementals
Rest dear ones, lean into the shifts as they have come at a moment that is not only to support your creative vision but to also bring you back into harmony with the Universe, with your Earth and with the Crystalline grid systems now fully anchored and aligned to this date.

Gift yourself these next few days to be in observation of your surroundings, your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions. Pay close attention to your intentions moving forward beyond this point and allow yourself to FEEL abundant and excited. We note many are still feeling stuck in the limitations of linear thinking of when or how things will shift or come in for you. We say to you to embrace the unknown, the uncharted waters for indeed this is truly new to all who observe from the present moment.

Imagine you are setting sail you cannot see the lands upon which you wish to reach yet, the land behind you becomes faded and distant, and you find yourself in waters never sailed before, sometimes there are the most breathtaking sunsets, sometimes there are storms but with each moment as you breathe and surrender to the course you know your heart is leading you on, you will, in fact, reach the destination of your choosing.

Remembering it's never as you "thought" it's never what you "wanted" it's always a newness and something most needed.

You did not come here to play out the karmic webs any longer, but yes at times there are still pieces to be worked through, to be shown love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Take these next few days to give gratitude for the sun sets, gratitude for the storms, gratitude for the ordinary. Gratitude for the breath you get to inhale divine love and connection, gratitude for the exhalation and grounding to the Earth.

See your journey unfolding as a gift, see these powerful energies as a way to support and uplift your experience, your life, your creative expression, your being, your ability to hold more truth as the density starts to shift.

Let go and surrender to what is, Be and FEEL into your emotions, let go of comparing yourself to others. You are ALL on your OWN journey and expression of divine light that flows through.

To truly break free and connect you must first be willing to trust the process, let yourselves expand through instead of feeling under it.

This is a critical time in humanities history so focus on your heart, let that be your navigation and open your self to saying YES more to what FEELS abundant, joyful and light.

In play, rest, surrender, love, service & gratitude
Elementals Xx


This is part of the course content from the Energetics Program, Recently I shared this on social media and it had over 80 comments, 200 like/loves and over 120 shares to other online communities.

So I know deeply in my heart this work, this message is so needed right now.

Use this when your feeling torn, out of balance, in your head, disconnected, or anytime you're guided to stand again in your truth and power of divine light.

Enjoy! x

Take a moment to breathe and say out loud this powerful invocation! 

Calling all energy back NOW, across all plains of existence, dimensions, realities, timelines.
Anywhere I've given my energy away
Anywhere I was closed to receive
Anywhere I'm still holding onto old limiting beliefs
Anywhere I'm still waiting
Anywhere I'm still playing small
Anywhere I'm wanting to be seen by others
Anywhere I'm reaching out too much

Calling all fragmented parts, still scattered in fear
Calling pieces of my soul back to my root NOW

My root is my home
My root is my home
My root is my home


Calling all shadow to balance and heal
Calling all parts still anchored in shame to release NOW
Calling all parts playing outdated timelines to release NOW

Call all lives, all mirrors, all reflections to heal, balance and restore through the union of I AM.


Anywhere I'm still holding onto pain, trauma, guilt, shame, envy, jealousy, comparison, I am setting FREE NOW.
I am setting myself FREE from the story, the limitation.

Calling ALL abundant parts of the soul into balance, into prosperity, into wholeness, into being, into fruition, into peace, into harmony.
I call to myself, myself NOW, all energies that are still stuck in the shadows, all parts still waiting to be loved.
I call ALL back NOW.

This is a retrieval of the soul, of my expression of love, my root is my home and I am whole, connected and love in the divine of this moment and I AM PRESENCE.

Calling all into Being, into NOW, into the power of my heart.
Calling into the I AM of existence and feeling into the expanse of all the soul's evolutionary journey.
Calling all parts others still hold over me, calling myself into divine union with spirit, claiming sovereignty.

To balance, restore, ground and BE the truth of who I truly AM.

I AM and I call I AM into being in this divine moment.
And so it is!

Zoe Davenport

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This is a small piece from the Energetics OF Self-Love Container!

First enrollment/call begins on Thursday 21st March - If you have been on the edge about joining - feel deeply into your heart and let the alignment/answer come from there.

Ready to step into energetic mastery?

18 March 2019

Mellorites are Handled as Challenges Arise ~ Gaia Portal ~ 18 March 2019

Source: Gaia Portal

Mellorites are handled as challenges arise.
Ecstatics are unveiled for the hu-beings to grasp.
Fortunate Light sources interweave the shadows.
Stellar companions present.

Big Wave of Blue Pulse 17-21 of March ~ EM Ibrahim Hussein & Blue Solara ~ 17 March 2019

World of Truth
Big Wave of Blue Pulse
Blue Shield is Completing
Access of the Galactic Central Race Feminine Energy
Activation and preparation of the first wave of Ascension

If you would like to know more about what EM & BS call "Blue Pulse", please read the transcript here or  watch the video here.

Another link is here,    and another here.

This Energy Wave is magnetic in nature, and therefore Feminine.

The term "Unknowable" in the transcript means the unmanifested.

The above pictorial update is from World of Truth.

Giant UFO releases a giant energy wave near our Sun! ~ UFONEARSUN myunhauzen74 ~ 17 March 2019

Well spotted by veteran observer Myunhauzen! Thanks Lee, for this find :)

Watch here:

And look at the size of those ships towards the end of the clip!

Building Up....

Expressing my personal thoughts here, so discernment on "High" please.

Many sources have been indicating some expectation of a huge wave of intense energies coming around the Equinox in just a couple of days.  From what I understand from several individuals, as well as what I read online, many of us are also getting a sense that things are energetically brewing now, heading for some sort of boiling point.

It is interesting that I typed out that boiling analogy because I had no conscious intention of doing so prior to writing that bit.   "Bubbles of Heaven", yes?

The "Compression Breakthrough" feeling is still here, as described in an earlier post. There's a strong sense of loss presenting today. What I get is that much of disintegration of the lower existences will accelerate / is accelerating. Unfortunately, I also seem to be feeling that there's some sudden shift or change associated with the coming intense wave ~ could be chaotic, because this great surge of energies is meant to do what it has to do in a very compressed time period.

This isn't necessarily The Big One that's coming, although I will say that it's very likely going to be the biggest burst we've been receiving so far.

Magic happens.....expect Miracles. I know I am!

Namaste & Blessings!

Higher Light Decree: Soul Family, Soul Tribe Activation ~ Steve Nobel ~ 11 March 2019

This Higher Light Decree from Steve Nobel is so powerful.

Please listen here.

"I call upon my I Am Presence, my Higher Self in the 6th Dimension and my team in spirit of the highest light and resonance to witness, support and activate this decree.

Dear team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance.
I declare my journey in this physical world is an intentional journey.
I have already mastered life and the ascension process on many other planes of existence, I am here to serve, to activate my gifts, express my authentic truth and to celebrate life.

Dear team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance.
I declare my intention to connect with my Soul Family and my Soul Tribe.
For I am here on the earth at this time to awaken and honour my commitment to serve with the awakening of all beings on the planet.........."

Visualization to Prepare the World for Ascension 🌟 ~ Diana Cooper & Tim Whild

Source: Diana Cooper

Visualization to Prepare the World for Ascension 🌟

1. Choose a quiet and peaceful place and light a candle if you can.

2. Invoke your soul group, all those who originate from the same monad, to surround you. Have a sense of the many beautiful energies who are with you, supporting you.

3. Together you are part of a multi-coloured flame of intense and glorious light.

4. Allow this flame to anchor in a part of the world that is calling you.

5. Know that you are helping to clear and prepare the world for ascension.

6. Then step from the flame as an individual again.

7. Be aware of light shining from your heart and radiating in all directions.

8. You are one of the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Love. You see and spread Christ consciousness wherever you go.

9. Stand tall as a walking master.

10. Open your eyes and smile.💕

From The Archangel guide To Enlightenment and Mastery by Diana Cooper and Tim Whild