22 October 2018

Still Happening

A Small Fragment of Solara's October 2018 Surf Report ~ 22 October 2018

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Source: Solara Anani

Since July, we have been moving onto a vastly expanded New Timeline. Now everything is speeding up and the final three months of the year will greatly accelerate this process. But this isn't happening in a nice, tidy linear progression. It's more like going from a straight road in a monochrome landscape to a dynamic, pulsating spiral full of swirling, bright colors. 
Here everything is perceived differently than what we have known. It's like entering a landscape with a pink sky where the trees are blue. Where a language is spoken that we've never heard before ~ except in the previously unexplored core of our hearts. How do we function here, especially when many of our old tools and old skills don't work anymore? 
A noticeable changing of the guard is taking place as many people have made their choice as to which trains and tracks they will travel on. A large wave of people are going out of our life right now and a new wave of people is coming in. The outgoing wave of people includes those who have repeatedly hurt us in the past and those who don't stand in their full integrity, as well as others whose path has simply turned into another direction.
The new people coming in are those who are helping us go deeper into the New Reality, although many of them may not even be aware of the New Reality. The passengers on our new train provide us with both inspiration and practical help, as well as a sense of true kinship. This shifting and sorting of train passengers is both poignant and perfect.
We make the shift into the New Timeline in measured increments that flow like a spiral. The challenge is that not all parts of our being move into the New Timeline at the same moment. Some parts of us are already operating in the New Timeline, some are in transit, while others haven't yet begun to shift. These parts of us that haven't yet shifted may feel like they've been temporarily stranded.
Our Old Timeline and New Timeline cannot directly align with each other. The Old Timeline must be released before we can fully step into the new one. Right now, it feels like our inner and outer Timelines are very out of synch. This creates an occasional sense of misalignment between our inner and outer worlds. It brings a sense of discomfort and dis-ease. It sometimes makes us confused as to Who We Are, Where We Are or What To Do Next. The only thing that we know is that we cannot stay small anymore. We can't remain in our old, duality-based positions because significant parts of us have already moved beyond them.
Some parts of our beings are already experiencing the energies of the New Timeline and are aligning smoothly with the cogs and gears within the new Timing Chain. These elements within us that have meshed with the New Timeline are showing us where to go and beckoning us forward where exciting new doorways await.
Being stretched between two totally different Timelines is what is causing the major health issues that some of us are experiencing right now. The incoming energies have been very taxing on our physical bodies as our bodies have never brought in such powerfully intense energies or these types of codes which are activating the new human prototype on a totally new level.
For those of us who are experiencing health issues right now, this brings an added element to the challenges we are facing. Do we go with the duality-based medical processes? Do we try to heal ourselves? Or do we put our attention into aligning more of our being with the New Timeline? 
During this time, a DOOR OPENS just by unexpectedly seeing something or visiting somewhere we haven't been before. It could be the reawakening of an old dream that we gave up on or the activation of a dream which we never knew we had. But suddenly this OPEN DOOR shows us that this dream is now possible. When this DOOR OPENS, we are immediately propelled to go through it. There's no thinking about it or hesitation; it just happens. We instantly feel expanded and empowered. We are inspired to be creative in wondrous new ways.
As soon as we see the OPEN DOORWAY, our priorities are instantly rearranged. We know that we can do this; it's within our reach. This reawakened dream immediately moves to the top of our list. Even if we have thought about creating it in former times, what we now see is infinitely more beautiful and more functional than what we could see before. This is why it didn't work out then.
We will suddenly be called to do something or to build something or to create a new project. We may have no idea of the details of how it will actually happen, how things are going to unfold and what we will actually do with it later. But it's undeniably exciting and our whole being calls us to manifest this dream. We cannot deny the urge. When this Door opens, we really HAVE to go through the Doorway. We can't put it off until next year because this Door might well close before then. 
This is not just like starting a normal creative project because the things which appear through these OPEN DOORS have an enhanced resonance of Trueness. They come directly from the New Reality and contain concentrated pure AN energy. They will have a much stronger impact than what we can presently imagine. Iit's not important at this moment to see the scope of what we are doing. This will be revealed in its perfect timing.
Once you begin, there's a domino effect which is much more far reaching than the original vision you first saw. The energies will spread out and influence everything around you, then spread even further out into the world. The dominos will fall, one after the other, realigning everything in their path, bringing changes of a magnitude that cannot presently be imagined. And we may encounter not just one OPEN DOOR, but many!
October is a month of Choices and Changes. Huge, life transforming changes are all around us. Anything can happen in any direction. EVERYTHING is possible. We may feel supra normal clarity and fresh energy bubbling within us. We may surprise ourselves by making absolutely unforeseen choices. These are choices that we never would have made before since they weren't visible until now. These choices are based on Right Action and are aligned with Who We Really Are. They come from a level which we haven't accessed until now. If we make the right choices, we will experience huge energetic shifts in our lives. 
∆ ∆ • • • ∆ ∆
This is a small fragment of Solara's complete OCTOBER 2018 SURF REPORT. The Full OCTOBER Surf Report contains lengthy sections on: Review of SEPTEMBER 2018; Stepping Out of our Fragmentary Selves; Shifting Timelines; A New Doorway Opens and the OCTOBER 2018 Overview.
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11/11/11: The Colours of Love ~ Archangel Michael & Celia Fenn ~ 21 October 2018

Source: Starchild Global

How to Embody the Incoming Angelic Frequencies for the New Earth

Beloved Earth Family, we know that this has been a tumultuous time on your Earth, and that many of you have found it difficult to keep moving forward.  As you move towards the completion of the year 2018, you will find that there will be a “completion” of many things that you no longer require in your lives moving forward to the New Earth.  These may be things such as people and relationships, jobs, homes or even places that you were once drawn to.  But be assured, beloved ones, that new light and new blessings are moving in to take their place as you move to enter into 2019.

You are now approaching the powerful 11/11 Time Gate and Galactic Portal of Initiation that occurs on the 11th of November.  And this year, the portal resonates with the number 11/11/11, which makes it a Triple Energy Master Portal.  Which of course means that the energies that will be moving through will be very intense and powerful and will give you that extra “lift” that you need to move your Time Spiral into the New Earth Frequencies.
On this Triple Energy Master Portal you will be “upgrading” your Light Body/Physical Body so that you may receive more clearly the incoming Angelic Frequencies of Light that will be manifesting the New Earth Reality.

The Angelic Frequencies of Light and how to Embody Them in your Daily Life 
In the last year, the intensity and frequency of the incoming Light Codes has intensified.

You are now in a time of “Solar Minimum” where Solar Flares have been all but absent in your Planet’s Solar weather system.  This has allowed for deep Galactic transmissions such as the Diamond Light Codes to take the main role in establishing the New Earth and guiding the ascension process through changes in the Light Body and the Physical Body.

Now, the very High Frequency “Angelic Light Frequencies” are coming through from the Galactic Center and are assisting you to raise your consciousness to that level where you can manifest New Earth in your reality.

These Angelic Light Frequencies are Waves of soft and luminescent plasma energy that expresses itself as waves of beautiful color that encodes Divine Love as well as information for Transformation and Ascension.

The Angelic Light Frequencies can be experienced as color, but also as sound harmonics and as waves or “symbols” or hieroglyphs known as “the language of light” or the original Angelic Fire Codes of Creation.

Beloved Ones, as you spiral higher into the New Earth frequencies, you will embody these Angelic Frequencies and you will become transmitters of the Codes that they carry.  You will also learn that these Frequencies carry Healing Energies, and you will become aware of how to work with these energies and codes to bring healing and balance for yourself and those around you.

The way to embody these frequencies in your daily life is to become aware of these “waves” of Divine Light and then to be able to intuit the colors and the sounds and the symbols so that you can bring balance where it is lost and healing where it is needed.

Soon you will also begin to “see” them with your physical eyes, and will become aware of the “shimmer” of Angelic Frequency when the waves move through the various portals and gates.  If you are more attuned to the sound levels, you may begin to hear sounds and music, and if you are more attuned to light language you may begin to see symbols or hear languages or be moved to begin to express them through your body in dance movements.

It is important to embody the “heart and soul” of these frequencies because in the lower levels they create disruption and chaos.  That is their purpose, to disrupt what is old and no longer needed and to create space for the New.  So, in your life you can either be disrupted and swirl in the chaos, or you can step into your Mastery and be the New Light Codes and express the Energy of the New Earth and of the New Creations.

At this time on your Earth there are no “neutral” spaces, for the changes and transformations are too intense.  It is time to take your place and make your choices and to embody the incoming Angelic Frequencies as a Master of Embodied Light!

Please read on....

You Are Life ~ Eckhart Tolle

You are not separate from the Whole.
You are one with the Sun, the Earth, the Air.
You don't have a life.
You are Life.

Reminder of Monthly Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing, Full Moon and Syria Peace Meditations

First Day: October 22nd Monday from 2 PM to 2:30 PM UTC

Second Day: October 23rd Tuesday from 2 PM to 2:30 PM UTC

Please visit We Love Mass Meditations for more details.

Temple of Silence ~ Summer Sun ~ 15 October 2018

Source: Işığa Çağrı

What you will read here is based on my communications with Pleiadians and information coming to me through my higher self. Please use your own discernment.

Can you feel the silence?

The Core Crystal of Earth has been deactivated. This crystal was connected to the ley line grid and this has caused the ley lines to stop generating energy. This has caused the plasma around Earth to get less charged with energy, allowing our Star Sisters and Brothers to be able to enter into our atmosphere.

Our siblings have agreed to end the accords that prevented them from contacting us. They are currently meeting to plan the process of Contact. Of course, they will start contacting first with indigenous people. Because these people still are connected to Gaia and rest of the universe more than all the others. Because these people were the ones who didn’t fall into the trap in Atlantis. These people stayed on the path of love and followed the goddess. While these details are decided, all legions of angels have come to earth to support the process of the end of this experience.

You can think of the Core Crystal of Earth like a CPU in a computer. The fact that the current core has been de-activated means that once the new core is activated, this reality will be governed with different rules. The new core will be connected to a different ley line grid. This new grid will be interacting with the holy people and the new grid will bring the New Earth.

Currently, some people around Earth have been going through intense downloads and realizations. These people are consuming more and more memory out of the reality super computer and therefore they are getting closer and closer to their ascension. Once they take control of their cards within this system, they will complete their ascension. These people are now finding each other and downloading necessary codes to each other by their contact. They represent a mandala of completion. Their union is represented in the famous work of Leonardo da Vinci, in the "Last Supper" painting. They will be the first wave of ascension. And they have done this before.

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21 October 2018

Pineal Gland Activations ~ Marco Lopor ~ 20 October 2018

Yet another source who read/tuned into the Cosmic Energies memo about the Pineal....

Source: Marco Lopor

Intense pineal gland activations are the mantra of the last few days, with a deep recalibration of both hemispheres of the brain.

Creativity and Logic find a way to work together in perfect combination because Unity Consciousness is your new paradigm.

When you consciously step into the role of Powerful Creator of your reality, then you learn how to focus only within.

You take responsability for every Word you say, for every Action you do, for every thought you have, your Mind is now under the total control of your higher Consciousness.

Nothing can bring you anymore in the tortuous labyrinths of the lower Mind.

What happens outside just does not matter, because you know that how you create Harmony inside Will reflect the Harmony you Will experience outside.

You become so sensible to energies that you learn also how to protect always your aura, through meditation, intentions and declarations.

You intuitively understand how White Magic works.

Cleaning your energetic field with lovely thoughts about yourself and others becomes a daily Activity.

You know with clarity how this process will unfold only if you are
brave enough to follow your Heart.

Energy Update ~ Celia Fenn ~ 20 October 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

Wow! That was an intense night!
No sleep again!

With the Moon waxing towards Full on the 24th the energies are certainly intensifying. 

There is also the possibility of a powerful Solar wind coming through on the 24th, so fasten those seat belts people. Its only going to get more intense in the next few days.

Many people are reporting symptoms in the head and sinuses. This is a result of the expansion and restructuring of the Pineal to allow us to pick up a broader range of higher frequencies.

I have found this to be a very hard shift and I am suffering with ear pain and back pain in the upper back.

Other symptoms that are being reported are solar plexus pain and stomach issues, plus some dizziness.

Hang in there everyone!

Enfold yourself in New Earth frequencies. I like to wrap myself in soft luminous angelic colors. Ground yourself in the New Earth grids and ride the waves.

By now you know how it's done!
You got this.

Have a beautiful Sunday.