16 November 2019

Codes Coming In ~ Pars Kutay ~ 16 November 2019

Photo: Incoming Divine Source Energy Wave of Photonic-Plasma Light / Sound Codes... captured by Robin Redford
Source: Pars Kutay

There are many different Codes coming in, those of Light Codes, Music / Sound Codes, Channeling Codes that come entrenched within those channeled messages, DNA experience or Expansion / Activation is largely within those Codes.

And WE are receiving these many times without even knowing that we are.

Sometimes we are consciously aware of this, such as during our Meditations or during various experiences that we may have had.

But we are experiencing these Codes, these "downloads"--many of us have been using that terminology for some time "downloads" of DNA Codes.

And they have been coming in, and are continuing to come in to ones that are aware of it, and ones that are not aware of it. And it is all about increasing the Collective Consciousness of all of Mankind.

Not only those of us, the Lightworker Community, but All of Mankind.

Now, of course, Not all will experience this, or are even ready to want to experience this. They are still Asleep.

And they are the ones that have chosen, you might say, to Not be a part of the Ascension process directly, Not at this time, anyway. This is what the Codes are about, largely, here.

And there is some information we cannot get at this time about this, because it is a continuing process within this Ascension process.

So we will receive more and more of this, just as those that have come to be able to work within the Light Language, even not knowing what that Language is or what it is expressing, have come into the forefront more and more, here, NOW.

It is the same within the Music / Sound that comes in. Not our music that tends to be of lower vibration—we do not speak of that music.

But we do speak of Higher Vibrational Music / Sound.

When we hear this Music, we feel a Heightened expression of Consciousness, or we feel a sense of Peace or Tranquility come over us.

Or we just simply feel Good by hearing this Music... It resonates within us, and that is what this is all about.

LOVE in Unity and Infinite Blessings,
Pars Kutay

~ 💜💥🌀💜 ~

Photo: Incoming Divine Source Energy Wave of Photonic-Plasma Light / Sound Codes... captured by Robin Redford

The Dawn Is Coming ~ Rumi & Buddha Doodles

Buddha Doodles
Be patient when you sit in the dark
The dawn is coming

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Mimicry ~ MTVOTeam

Feeling and being addicted to mimicry is now being released and cleared from my personality structure

For the rest of this set, please follow through here.

Continue ot Cultivate Light and Openness ~ Lee Harris ~ 15 November 2019

Source: Lee Harris

If you continue to cultivate light and openness and continue to seek places where you are able to access those frequencies, much of the challenge area - in your personal lives and in the effect that you have on the collective - will start to dissolve naturally.

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Being Seen as My True Self ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

"I am allowing myself to be witnessed in truth. I am allowing myself to be seen as my True Self. 

And as my True Self is seen, I am aligned to the vision of who I truly am. 

And in this claim I am free of the need to be perceived in the small ways I have claimed as the victor, or the failure, as the thief, or the king. 

I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve."

Paul Selig - The Book of Mastery
A Channeled text

Divine Neutrality ~ Sandra Walter ~ 15 November 2019

Sandra Walter
Our unique voices, opinions and creations are honoured. This is the road to Peace.
We embrace our differences rather than judge as we did in the past.
Divine Neutrality serves us well during this transformation. It allows for Divine perception and heart-based solutions.
New Earth Now.

SR Reading

A New Dawn Has Come ~ Eric Raines ~ 15 November 2019

Source: Eric Raines

A new dawn has come.

The revolution of human consciousness has not been televised and it doesn't need to be.

This is a deeply personal shift, catalyzed by the individual...an awakening of the inner world. A realization of being inside of a box by stepping outside of it.

We all know as children that magic is real. It is a given. It is only through becoming stuck in the reality of the mind that we lose our knowing.

The body, the mind and the spirit all speak to different levels of reality...and the soul is beginning to speak.

Can you feel it?

It is the force that is crumbling the ancient systems of total control into the framework of the new world.

It is the driving fire inside of you that pushes for *knowing*, for *meaning*, for *belonging*...

The soul fires have ignited. The primordial resonance of Human kind is stepping back into it's own destiny, taking control of it's own fate.

There is great freedom and responsibility here. No one else can do it for you, we have to save ourselves, as the living embodiment of Creation should.