19 December 2018

Message From the Masters ~ Meg Blackburn Losey ~ 18 December 2018

"One of the things in the metaphysical world that really bugs me is the idea that we create everything that happens to us. This is an old victimology created from religious guilt or the fact that from the moment we hit air, we are taught that we are less than perfect, that we must mold ourselves into something that others feel we have to fit. Ultimately we begin to believe that we must have done something to have awful things or illnesses or injuries to our bodies, minds and spirits. That is so far from true it is immeasurable. Sometimes through the choreography of creation stuff just happens. Energies change, others contribute, we grow or don’t and as far as our bodies, well the Masters have always said that we live in a biosphere that is subject to inhabitation and infestation. Meaning the we are part of our environment and can become host to bacteria, viruses, parasites and other things that affect our health. We didn’t do it is just is.

....There is only ever this now. What was has been and what has not yet been is merely speculated or imagined. Nothing ever happens outside of now. If I could teach you one thing, this is one of the greatest things of all. Staying now allows us to catch the sign posts and the way showers who send us to the next moment on the best path or the intended path there is Only ever this Now. Only Now. "
Meg Blackburn Losey

Source: Spirit Lite (Please note that the following is just the part from the Masters, there is also a personal message from Meg Blackburn Losey that appears before this message. As at this time of posting, Meg's personal message seems to be incomplete on her website, so I will append the "missing" portion below.)

Asi, asi, asi ensellah anti Ahshalah

We great you from the light with the light and within the light you and we touching each other with all that we are from within all that is.

To you we come bringing news of your world and beyond. Many of you may be finding that within your lives you feel as if changes are being forced upon you. Sudden changes or being uprooted and moving unexpectedly, unexplained illness, a feeling of not knowing what direction to go or what that might mean in your lives. Lack of concentration or focus. Some of you might even be feeling a sense of core disturbance that is puzzling and may e creating a sense of anxiety within you. You are not alone in how you feel nor is there anything wrong with you. You are not broken. If you simply change your perception, change your mind, your lives can change too.

Others have been leaving your world to go home in recent times, called to work from the other side, assisting you and contributing their souls back into the greatness of light, tipping the balance to greater light against the challenges of darkness as it seeks its place in the overall balance of things.

Remember that within the Yin and the Yang there is a center like between the lightness and the which is not. It is that center line which is you strive to seek will carry you in perfect balance in all of your days.

The way to find that place within you is self awareness if you re not truly aware of what is happening within you, your perceptions within your beingness, how you walk in your light and even how you may not be accepting it, in this now, all of these tings affect where your center line falls in the dichotomy of you, light and dark. By dark we do not mean that which is bad or evil or anything at all negative we mean what is unknown to you. The creative potential that each of you carries inside. What is dark is simply potential. All that potential is waiting for is instructions from you as to what it will become. Discover your inner awareness, your perfect nature and all that is have gleaned in all of its lives, whether it has become wisdom or resistance to your very nature of being a perfect aspect of the greater One.

Many events are affecting you in this now as your world escalates and changes as well as universal and other dimensional plus trans-dimensional events occur, they cause within you feelings with many different faces. These feelings may puzzle you because in your world they seem to make no sense yet something tugs at your awareness, calling to you to pay attention because you are bing summoned.

But for what? There is a great sense of chaos in many directions within your world. In order to not only define its causes but to quiet the sense of world unrest, it comes to learning to be not reactive but instead, proactive. What we mean by this is getting to know you well, and the difference between what is reactive and what is proactive is you putting your best foot forward toward the peace and stillness that you desire in your world.

At the same time that you feel unrest within, so does your planet. You feel that too. Your planet has been changing face in recent times and by doing so many events that have been painfully catastrophic have occurred. And all are related. The mantle, the crust of the plates of your earth’s structure are moving. They have been forced to do so due to past movement of the tectonic plates as well as the tilt of the planet on its axis. When the tilt of your planet in conjunction with its inner balance change, changes both on the surface and within the deeper realms of your planet occur.

It s a series of events much like your domino effect that begins. First, pushing or pulling of areas of the earth’s surface begin to happen where there are no fault lines. These happen as the plates of the earth prepare to move, particularly your subluxation plates, those which are moving underneath another plate. This is how your continents were originally formed, creating balance not only in the weight of your surface but also energetically. As the earth’s parts move in any kind of way, electromagnetic emissions occur and those disturb you. They also disturb those beings who live in nature.

For instance, when the earth pulls and pushes in places it normally does not, and electromagnetic emissions happen, these emissions disturb all beings of all kinds across the planet. Even the smallest of emissions can set off a chain of events. They cause inner disturbances of all beings and further, cause the plates of the earth to begin to move more powerfully and more often. The movement of the plates cause earthquakes, many of which you have been seeing of late, and those cause volcanic reactions setting off eruptions of the volcanoes. Why? Because the volcanoes are release points of excess energy underneath the surface of the earth. Powerful releases of built up gasses, mud flows and even magma.Prior to the eruption of the volcanoes, different types of eruptions of energy occur and when that happens fires start and quickly get out of hand. You have seen much of this lately with great destruction. As all of these events happen one after the other or even simultaneously, your weather changes. It, too, is affected by events upon and within your earth. The energy emissions cause strong storms, which you have also seen of late as well as high winds and frigid temperatures where there are usually not. Lack of rain where it is usually plentiful. And within each of you, a sense of unrest.

The way to eliminate these feelings is to attune yourselves to the earth and all of creation in such a way that you are riding the waves rather than having them crash into you. To di this relax all of you internal defenses. Let go of fear. Don’t go into “what if’s’ but rather stay now. Right now. Use the animals upon your earth as guides.

Look at how the wild and even domesticated animals in your world are behaving, coming to humans for help, showing emotions no one thought that animals had, taking on the offspring of other animals which at any other time would be natural enemies. Even protecting children and others who are in peril. The animals know how to remain in balance. It is within their instincts which come from cellular memories of long ago earth changes and events. They know what to do and when. If you watch them, you will begin to become part of the collective intuition.

At the same time, cosmically you might say, there are movements of planets far out in your universe which are out of normal orbit. Their evolutions around their suns are out of balance with causes the energetic relations amongst all planets and other celestial bodies to change dramatically. You might think of this as a cosmic ping pong game as the balls bounce unpredictably going where they are meant to be or flying off the table for no points. This is a bit of an exaggeration of our point but is a good analogy.

As universal balance if changing so are the energy flows across the dimensions. Currently there is a seven dimension unification which has created corridors of a single massive pathway and then smaller corridors of each of the seven levels. What this creates is a rapid hot wind that flies through these corridors disturbing all within its paths. Your dimension is the third of the seven.

Please read on....

*** "Missing" portion:

As I worked, I really had to think about this one. Was this one of those times I should just let things unfold? Or should I give her hope that her new child was coming imminently? I decided to compromise. I asked the young woman if she was ready to be pregnant again (OH YES!) and if she had considered inviting a new soul to come and be her child? No it never hadn't. Well, I suggested, You might want to consider the because there is a soul waiting for that invitation. She lit up like a Christmas tree! REALLY? REALLY? Yes, I told her. Right away if that is what you want. Well all I can say is that when she left, she was walking on air. She got pregnant that night and 9 months later had a baby girl! What an honor to have witnessed that!

On the other end of the spectrum, a psychologist friend of mine called me with an urgent request. Her extremely aged father had fallen and his neck was broken. She was in the car driving to the state where he was in the hospital. I don't think I will make it but I know how your work can help people cross over more easily. Will you please work on my dad? Now let me be clear on the, the healing work that I do doesn't kill people, but aligning and repairing their systems makes it easier for the soul to exit when the time is perfect for them to go home. I dropped everything and went to work. Quickly I realized I was not able to fix him, nor was it more to do. Sometimes it just isn't. I wasn't far into the session and had begun to check the throat and neck areas. As I accessed the point the chakra ben to glow golden. Suddenly all of the chakras followed suit and all glowed brightly, a rich golden color. Next I saw in the external field which surrounds the body and keeps the manifestation of the person intact, a split began to form just over the heart. I watched as the soul wriggled out of its corporeal body through the slit in the external field, and eventually released the cord which had held the soul in place. The soul had re-entered the other side as its light body! It was free! My God what an honor to accompany this man to the other side. Immediately after, my phone rang and my friend said her dad had just passed. I know, I said, I know. And to help her with her grief, I told her what had happened. Sorry, of course for her loss, I was so darned excited to have witnessed this I could barely contain myself. It is a scientific fact that when we pass over we lose 1/28th of a gram in physical weight. Science has not yet been able to confirm the why of that. Well, there it is. When the soul, which is a manifested reality leaves the system, the slight weight of that light body explain the loss of eight! Also we hear stories of a tunnel of light as we leave our bodies. That tunnel is us looking up into and through the slit the opens over our hearts. We can see those who are coming to meet us just on the other side.

I also learned about things I never had intended or desired, from entities, demons and even out right possession. I began to realize that creation is one huge singularity and because of that sometimes those who do not belong in our world are attracted, parasitic, or just having too much fun feeding off of negative emotions. Kind of like a bad houseguest that hasn't got the sense to go home and overstays their welcome. Of course I am dramatically simplifying, but you get the gist. Never did I have warning that any of those creatures above or other from other worlds such as reptilian, ET's and others would be present until I got there. Every encounter was a trial by fire and I learned so much. I also learned to not be afraid but instead to use righteous anger to fuel their release and destruction.

So many things showed up that the Masters had not taught me but then I realized IT IS ALL THE SAME. Energy, communication, Creation, my love as the bow sending the arrows of my intentions for wellness of all kinds. Transmutation, changing reality. How cool is that? And even 20 years later it continues to grow. Recently I learned how the soul came about and how the living light symbols were involved. They are the word of the Father

. Have you ever heard your name being called? It is very real but you can't see anyone there? You are being called by the Father, God, Creator, whatever you want to call the One. When called if you respond with a "yes" you are recognized by the Creator, the Father as one of its own, your name is written in the book of names and you will have the ability to comprehend the living light symbols which are living things, full bodies of knowledge. This is written In an ancient text called "The Nag Hammadi Gospels" and in it, the "Gospel of Truth" The documents are over 2000 years old. Once I reached a point, the symbols began to come and I realized that they can also be worked with in different ways. I now teach this in level two of the Touching the Light program.

One morning another Master showed up. He was all in blue. The air was blue, and between us was a lake also bright blue of a different hue. He stood across the water and said nothing. He didn't move, just stood there and waited, watching me. But I knew, I just knew, what he was waiting for. Somehow I went across the water and ended up behind the Master. And I stepped into him as so many had done before me. And I knew in that moment the I had graduated. But there was one more step. Once I had stepped into him, we ended up in a small room. I was sitting in a chair. Next to me on a small table was a chalice. It was engraved with Living Light Symbols (at the time I knew nothing of them). "Drink of this" he said, and handed me the chalice. I expected it to be wine or something along those lines but instead, when I looked down, What I saw in the chalice was liquid light. I swirled it, fascinated by it, and then I drank. It felt like the lightest air you can imagine going down. Something happened to me then. My life has never been the same again. And it is beautiful.

The challenges in our lives come and they go, but if we learn from them and do not resist, what occurs is that we grow in spirit, we grow the light within us, we grow. We just grow. Unless we choose otherwise. It comes to the willingness to let ourselves free, to remain in truth and not smooth over what is painful but to address it head on within ourselves. And to speak it if necessary but to do so from our heart of hearts not out of fear.

I have always had a theory the I was not given these beautiful abilities to keep to myself or to hawk for money. I have been given them for exactly what they do. Help people, cure people, teach people. Be the greatest sacred from my holier of places inside. It was never about me. I know that because anyone in my hands is responsible for not only receiving but applying what they have come for. If they are not open to it then it is just a bandaid and we don't do bandaids! It is sacred work. So, so sacred.

The downloads kept coming and my IQ literally went up. I knew so much about a plethora of things I had never even considered, studies or had awareness of prior to the information coming into me in streams. What was I to do with all of this information? The downloads would come in packages of knowledge about things I had no experience with. But they didn't come mentally they came as pure energy then, when the information was needed it came forward within me as if I had always known what I was talking about. I can't tell you how many times I was startled by what came out of my mouth. And the most interesting thing began to happen. Everyone I needed to meet when I got new information literally walked into my living room. Or walked up to me somewhere. It was mind boggling that the perfect person for the perfect body of knowledge would just come out of nowhere wondering why they were there and when found out what they did (geneticist, Nuclear engineer, astrologist, etc. etc,) I gave them what I had been given for them. That continues to this day.

The first time I spoke in public one of the group members had brought a friend along That friend just happened to be doing a series of Expos with speakers and the whole nine years. In my living room, he asked me to talk at his event! This was the beginning of me talking to the world about what have learned. I got my book agent in a similar way and had a contract for my first book with only a day or two. I have to admit it was a bit difficult keeping up with the reality I had created. I now have 9 books out some in over 50 languages. Unbelievable! But I remain humble. We truly are all the same.

I wish I had room here for more of my stories. There are so many! These are things I really want you to know. Sometimes it seems if our lives re one big question mark but if we realize how it all works, how we are literally living aspects of the Greater One we can work with the power of the One as if we have the ands of God, the Heart of God, the Wisdom, the infinite being, the true missions our souls choose to take here on earth.

Oh and by the way? There are NO soul contracts. To believe that is to negate the truth the we have free will. We choose and every time we do our directions strengthen or we take ourselves down path we didn't want. Using the idea of having been glued into a contract before you even got to earth is ludicrous. It is literally an excuse to not take responsibility for our actions. Just saying.

On another note, if I was guided to go to a place in the world, the exactly perfect person would walk up to me in precisely the perfect time and place (not where I was guided to go but elsewhere) and we would strike up a conversation or they would ask me a question. For instance, I was invited by a friend to go to Teotihuacan in Mexico to see if I wanted to teach there. The first time I went to this powerful massive ancient city somehow I knew everything about it. Millenia of events, inhabitants, even a fire that is archeologically known about but the details are not. But I saw it all. I watched the priests doing ceremony as Teo burned. Later, in another trip there I met myself in an ancient temple at Tititla, the temple of the Eagle Warriors where they lived and apparently did some very serious magic. There is a little room in the temple the is for what they call dreaming. Intuiting, out of body travel. An eagle with hypnotic eyes is painted at each end of the cubicle. When I went in and sat down, I looked into the eagle's eyes and suddenly there was a woman in front of me. With her were three jaguars. I would feel one of their breath's on my leg, and I could feel the softness of its fur up against me as it sniffed me. It seemed to recognize me somehow. Suddenly I took off flying over Teotihuacan in the form of an eagle. I could see every detail in another time when the site was inhabited.

There was water in numerous plazas on the site and the place was teeming with activity. Long story short, I bought an obsidian carving of the eagle and put it in a prominent place in my home. I couldn't shake the feelings I had had when there and had to bring something tangible home. Every time I walked past the carving, the woman I had met in the Temple appeared to me. It go to the point that it was obnoxious so I went back to Teotihuacan and Tititla. I sat down and said that I was there, now show me what it is you are trying to tell me. And she spoke: I am you and you are me". WHAT? And she went on in a combination of Nahuatl, an ancient language from the area and English. She told me that her name was Leona ("the Lion") and that she was a medicine woman and the she was me in a past life. (could it get any weirder? Oh yes!) She took me for a walk behind the Pyramid of the Moon to a small cave and aid that it was our home. So many things I learned from her the day. And at the time I understood her language. When I went back to where I was staying, I talked to a local who is of Toltec lineage His family has lived in Teo for over a thousand years. I told him what had happened and he is eyes just kept getting bigger and bigger. He validated everything that Leona had told me and had a hard time understanding the depth of my knowledge. We talked for a long time and the similarities of Leona's life and mine were almost exactly the same. My friend's brother is a local Shaman who often plays his flute during travelers ceremonies. I asked him about the cave. I wanted to go there. He told me that in fact there was a cave exactly where I had said, but there was a house built over it. We had no real access to it. Talk about validation! When I went back home I was still mystified, but Leona was satisfied she had gotten the message to me. She didn't come home with me again. This is only one of many stories. I realized that in addition with Working multidimensionally with the Masters, I was literally walking between worlds past present and even at times, future. Everywhere I am called to go, mysterious and fantastic things occur. It seemed that I was getting another cosmic education from yet another direction!

The the locals say the site was built by the people of the stars with massive pyramids all in the organization of Orion's belt just as the pyramids in Egypt and the possible new discovery of pyramids in Bosnia in the same array. I had walked the site on my own and had unbelievable experiences. I was resting on the veranda and my phone rang. It was Shirley McClaine's people relaying a request from her to interview me. I told them I was sorry but I was out of the country (can you believe this what n opportunity!) And wasn't available. We agreed on a different date LOL and I started to sit back down. Up walked a man I had never seen. He was shaking his head, walked right up to me and asked have you heard of this newsletter that is going around on the internet that is talking about stargazes and corridors opening across dimensions and? I looked at him dumbfounded and said well - yes - I WROTE THAT! Where are you from? Oh I am from Lake Titicaca in Peru. I have a little hotel there you should come and visit me sometime. I said I absolutely would. When I asked him where he got my newsletter he told me that the Shaman network across the world was sharing them because hey were truth and they fit the prophecies of the indigenous people. I was dumfounded. And excited! In Awe actually. Not at myself but at how far the messages were traveling and that they were not only being read but accepted by these amazing people as truth. It was a serious moment of validation.

OMG. I knew what was happening. Long story short, I have made many many trips to Peru. My new friend, now a very deep and close spiritual bother, Jorges Luis Delgado, and my teaching partner and I are like two halves to a whole. We work together seamlessly and his lil hotel is a beautiful place overlooking Lake Titicaca. With Jorges, I learned how to work with the various Shamans in Peru from the Amazon to the Andes and everywhere in between. Jorges is a beautiful soul and the people there have become family to me.

Another time more recently, I was speaking on a cruise to Alaska and I met Grandmother Elizabeth Araujo, Eldest of the female Guatemalan Mayan Elders. We had a conversation and before it was over we had set up a trip and had everything ironed out. Later, prior to our first group visit I was given the honor of staying with Grandmother Elizabeth at her home and the highest of all the Mayan Elders, Cirilo Perez Oxlaj or Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj most call him Don Alejandro but his close ones call him Ta Ta. I was invited to do so. We have both become great friends heart to heart as I call it.Creation gives back as much as I give and it is beautiful! The magic just keeps happening. There have been many more of the same kinds of circumstances. I am so fortunate to have become wired into the indigenous world across the planet. Why?

First because I asked for it. I felt I was not in touch with the earth any more. I had gone so cosmic that well, seeing across all realities simultaneously can be pretty daunting when trying to function in the earthly world. Driving was treacherous since I often rammed on the brakes to avoid a person or creature from another time and dimension. It was confusing trying to sort out the earthly reality with all of the others the were overlaying in front of my eyes. It got very hard to function. One day it occurred to me that seeing and getting all of this amazing stuff was awesome but how did it really serve me or anyone else in the world? It occurred to me that I could filter out the extraneous incoming experiences and only get what was pertinent. And I did that by stating what I needed. Immediately the extraneous stuff went away and all I saw or got was exactly what was needed in that now. I can still see that way but it really serves no purpose.

These events and more happened mostly because I know and readily accept the Sacred in me and all others. That includes you. I know that I am that, as are all of you. I have Faith. I know the Truth that we are at the helm of our own lives and no one has the right to take our joy, our love, our Faith, our truth or perfection from us. They cannot possibly unless by our perception. When we believe we are powerless then it must be so. If we instead believe that we are whole and perfect, powerful and mighty beings from creation just as we are, then it must be so. The Masters have always said that what we believe we have been taught. What we know is truth. Striking thought.

I hope that by reading a large part of my story you have been able to gain a few AHA moments as well as to realize that we are unlimited beings, created from all things and all things are created of us. Because of that there is nothing and no one who can possibly be lesser or greater than us. Our inner freedom is entirely up to us. A choice daily made once we let go of what we believe we must protect. The only thing we protect is our fear, our pain and perceptions that have swayed us off our given paths. Choose you. You are beautiful!

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David Wilcock with Edge of Wonder: Part 3 (Final) ~ 14 December 2018

The last part of this interview series with David Wilcock & Edge of Wonder:

Ditto my wish for an edit app.... I will admit that I basically included this part in order to complete the series.

These interviews do not really contain new information but you may find them suitable as awakening tools for others, although I do have a serious issue about the misplaced concern over "attacks" on religion (specifically the Church and paedophilia ~ how can the hosts not know?!) , and the confusion over equating spirituality with religion.

And to answer the question about Free Energy ~ David Wilcock said that Elon Musk's Tesla would be rolling out free energy next year.

David Wilcock & Edge of Wonder: Part 2 ~ 11 December 2018

If there exists an app or software tool that would edit out all unnecessary information, ads, promotions, introductions, teasers etc, I probably would be its biggest user. This is Part 2, where David Wilcock talks about 911 and Pentagon (around the 9-minute mark), among other topics. David subscribes to the non-hologram theory for the planes.

Here for the video, for those who haven't yet listened and are interested.

I feel I need to mention that the ancient (and not-so-ancient) history part is, as always, based on the beliefs and  perspective of the individual.

Healing & Balance ~ Tim Whild ~ 18 December 2018

Source: Tim Whild

Our job as Lightworkers requires balance. Balance of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

We are currently moving into a period of our Earth cycle where the Light reaching our planet peaks and intensifies. We have had the most incredible year and it’s Grand Finale is the Solstice in less than a week.

Our bodies are rediscovering how much light we can actually integrate but in the process we are having to dump 10,000 years of 3D patterns and ego-baggage.

It’s very easy to over cook things when there is so much light available.

Tonight I have created myself a healing and balancing grid (yes I’m feeling a bit fried) with the intention of aligning my physical frequency with the vibrations I have invoked for myself.

As Within So Without.
As Above So Below.

Be very gentle with yourself and others over the coming weeks. Everyone is feeling the shifts even if they don’t have the level of consciousness to acknowledge it yet. If your body calls for rest then rest, if it calls you to action then you know what to do πŸ˜‰

Love and blessings, Tim πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’–

Beam Me Up, Scotty! ~ Morag ~ 19 December 2018

We are all time travellers in a sense.
We enter a new timeline with every choice we make or refuse to make.
We alter time with every movement, thought, and emotion.
They are all ripples in the cosmic sea of energy.

This is like an energy tonic to help us close up 2018 and walk courageously into 2019....to boldly go where no one has gone before....  πŸ˜‰

Source: Awakening 5D Healing

Shout out to cosmic surfers, travellers, healers, teachers, warriors of Gaia. Hold it together folks. Push through the landslide of energetic mud being released globally. This is the draining of the swamp. Light workers existing day to day, moment to moment, as gale force winds of negativity batter us from all sides. If it’s toxic it’s being exposed. Authenticity is the force behind these portals of awakening. We are no longer seed sowing we are reaping what has been sown. Karma operates like lightning, quick and deadly in the fourth dimension. The old rules are gone, where once there was cover, matrix avatars to hide behind, now there is the emergence of stark truth.

Who we are, what we are made of is being exposed whether we like it or not. Who others are is also being exposed. Take evasive action to preserve sanity, safety and security. Do battle when the compromises take too deep a toll. When kindness is persistently viewed as weakness step up and show your teeth. It won’t take much, let them see the warrior beneath.

None of us made it this far by passively accepting the status quo. We got here by being tough, resisting hate programming, surviving fear moulding, refusing to be conditioned. And we may well meditate, vote left, speak of peace, spaceships, solar systems and zen frequencies. But don’t underestimate us, we are made of steel beneath. We have been targetted as free thinkers from the beginning. Few lightworkers speak of idyllic childhoods. We chose to clear ancestral, global, individual karma to heal the world. We accepted specific missions in a grand coordinated, long predicted and awaited planetary ascension. We are here to raise the vibrations from hate to love, fear to peace, dark to light.

The fourth realm has accelerated karmic manifestation beyond anything imaginable in the third dimension. It’s instant here. Test it. Change your mood on your commute and see what happens. At the snap of our fingers our momentary experiences can set in motion the coming hours, day, weeks or even years. Tread carefully. Karma can be a tricky customer. Stand well back when she comes a calling for toxic people, it can get messy. Create space for emotional responses, do not deny yourself human feelings. Anger when insulted. Pain when hurt. Aggression when threatened. The emotional spectrum of being human, real, is one of the reasons human lifetimes are so loaded with positive karmic potential.

The longer term story arcs of our lives, karmic timelines, are being etched into space and time. Fear of the light has gripped the hearts of many people whose life choices are service to self. They are imploding, malfunctioning, desperate, spiralling out of control. Their world has changed and they want to go back. They reject as evil all that is love, joy, peace and light (I know, ironic isn’t it).
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Energy Shifts ~ Aluna Ash ~ 18 December 2018

Please listen here.

This next Full Moon 12/22 after Soltice 12/21 & the 2012 Portal will feel like: "getting back up after being knocked down"

This Full moon is in the 6th moon cycle- stability, equality, the awakening of the Sun. Ill post a video on the Full Moon Energy leading into Jan eclipses- which are extremely important. What you create now can last & build for a lifetime.

Destiny, new path for many. I use all diff. astrology systems together as one... its how I have always done astrology for the last 10yrs.

So I know it may be very different & most people don't do it this way, but i'm not trying to be like everyone else lol and I like all the information (my Gemini risingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜)

If anyone is interested in learning, it is easiest to focus on learning one that you resonate with most first, then it'll be a little easier to learn others if that interests you. Learning Mayan astrology is much different but ive learned how vedic & mayan work together in alot of ways, very similar. Learning the Deities of both first can be helpful too ive learned.

I use tropical/western for daily/weekly stuff usually, sideral/vedic for collective & then mayan for daily, collective & galactic cycles. The aspects & conjunctions remain tje same between vedic & western- just the sign and degree placement is diff, so the energy remains the same, its just how the energy is perceived that may be different.

Volcanic activity could pick up more Feb. I'm not sure if ill be able to do the live stream meditation on Wednesday(tomorrow) yet.. depends on how things go. if I'm unable to do it on Wednesday due to schedule, I will reschedule it for Thursday or Friday.

What I've noticed based off of these wave that have been coming in because I'm able to see the energy visually, that there's seems to be a plasma wave/rainbow wave/frequency mist wave that comes in about 4 to 8 weeks after a solar eclipse, everytime, since 2017

Thank you to everyone holding the Discord down!😎😚 And the FB group! And Patreon!

18 December 2018

Split Of Dimensions. Energy Update ~ Aluna Ash ~ 17 December 2018

For those interested, here's the link to Aluna Ash's latest update:

It's more than 2 hours long so I haven't listened yet as I usually feel very daunted by long videos or audios. Maybe it's also a live reading (which I usually skip anyway).

The Universe....In Perspective

From "Contact":
Young Ellie Arroway: Dad, do you think there's people on other planets?
Ted Arroway: I don't know, Sparks. But I guess I'd say if it is just us... seems like an awful waste of space.

Source: Nassim Haramein

A dimension, for Nassim Haramein, is a scale or size of boundary condition structure in the multiverse, not an orientation in space or time... 

Infinite scalar dimensions.