16 November 2018

Preparing for Another Trajectory Shift ~ Sandra Walter ~ 15 November 2018

Sandra Walter is seeing this, too.... 22 November, this feels right. But we're already sensing this "something" right now as it builds.....

Unity, Unity, Unity.....stay Heart-Centred.
"The 12D layer is expected to be anchored by end of this year. This is why the focus on embodiment has stepped up, and why the trajectory shift occurs right before we enter that predicted passage. Gatekeepers are on this, and we welcome all Grid and Lightworker support. Anchoring the 12D layer affects global magnetics, however we balance this with the stargates. Obviously we are not Gaia-centric anymore. More on this soon."
Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
The unified collective intent and ceremony of the 11.11 portal brought massive influxes of Crystalline Photonic light codes. Our Gateways are wide open, and adjustments made for the trajectory shift set for November 21-25, with November 22 as our focal point. We are in its pull already, and this month continues to align these interdimensional pathways of Ascension. Our focus is embodiment, which requires an open, purified heart.

Preparing for the Collective Trajectory Shift
Trajectory shifts occurred twice already this year; at the March Equinox and the end of May. Remember how this changed your path – our path – as the clearing, shifting, and higher alignments unfolded over the months which followed.
This is a collective choice, as the trajectory/timeline divisions are in the hands and hearts of the awakened. It is an important passage to own your journey, drop the illusion of separation or judgment, fall in love with unity and demonstrate full support for higher choices and higher timelines. A Divine opportunity as always. Use it well.
Our Cosmic Trigger occurs on November 22 for the next collective shift. Gatekeepers have been preparing both ancient and new pathways for the upcoming influx expected November 21-25. Lightworkers, prepare your hearts and DNA; this is a collective operation and the filters become more refined with each trajectory shift. Galactics have been very present (welcome to life without veils), and this passage has a strong Mastery element to it as we approach the amplified energies of December – January which support embodiment.

This is expected to be a strong collective timeline/trajectory shift. Prior to the 11.11 Gateway last SUNday, I saw rivers of souls flowing out of the lower realms. As with any strong portal opening, souls take advantage and depart while those Gateways are open. I also saw thousands in their rainbow-crystalline lightbodies, on their way to a new experience.

Please read on....

Greatest Wisdom & Real Knowledge ~ Carlos Barrios

Source: AZ Quote

The greatest wisdom is in simplicity. Love, respect, tolerance, sharing, gratitude, forgiveness. It's not complex or elaborate. The real knowledge is free. It's encoded in your DNA. All you need is within you. Great teachers have said that from the beginning. Find your heart, and you will find your way.

Something Huge is About to Happen ~ Aluna Ash ~ 15 November 2018

I post this because I am feeling it, too. Yesterday was filled with energies that made me feel as if "something" was going to "pop". I don't know if it's going to be "something huge", as Aluna Ash says, but there's definitely "something". And everything is relative, also depends on how the source of information deciphers it.

Please also remember that this could be another incoming huge energy wave.

Please go with your own Higher Guidance, as always. This video message is here.
The beginning of New Earth collective

More of the collective is moving into the higher vibrational collective timeline through the unconscious becoming conscious

There may be distractions and talk about war through media and news- its all fake, planned, staged to harvest energy.

To try and keep people in duality, which is the 3D system, so they're not tuning into the higher timeline in these higher frequencies.

Focus on west pacific ocean off west coast US. And Europe

15 November 2018

Sky Watch

Source: Giorgio Bertoni

Soul Family ~ Kianu Starr

Your soul family, are those
that are tuned into your
frequency.  You sense a strong
connection beyond blood or race;
your connected by energy and
vibration.  Through quantum
communication, they intuitively
answer your silent
call and show up bringing
unconditional love and support
at the perfect times.
You share an unspoken
level of understanding…they just
get you and what you’re about.
For those people, be thankful…
They are your reminders from the
Universe that on the deepest
level of our existence,
WE ARE ONE.     Kianu Starr
Image from Linda Young.

Galactic Historian shared this quote, thank you.

Soul Nature & Personality ~ Cobra Portal Planetary Liberation

"...the deeper human nature or should we say the Soul nature is pure love, but the personality is, I would say, the reaction of the incarnated Soul on the primary anomaly and the conditions that we find here on this Planet and free will is the deciding factor in which this personality will evolve.
Either in a good direction or so-called evil direction.
So the free will is the most critical element here.
But I would say when the conditions on this Planet will improve the vast majority of people will make their free will decision for the positive."

Source: Cobra Portal Planetary Liberation

Urgent! Buddhic Column Meditation for California Wildfires daily at 4 PM UTC ~ We Love Mass Meditations

Times for various locations:
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For other locations please check here:

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Please check for fulll details at We Love Mass Meditations.

The Re-Entry Protocol ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 14 November 2018

So very true....

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Observations for today... the Re-Entry Protocol

This year has been about huge closures and finishing contracts on issues that were long over due. Some outcomes were not what we had envisioned, but our eyes have been PRIED OPEN to finally see the truth clearly. Some of what we had hoped would heal or change has not, and this is because it is no longer supported by the current energies. There is no running away from what is left to finish or let go of.

As we navigate these big closures, we are also fully entering new energies. This has been interesting to say the least. So, if you do not feel like yourself, this it part of the process. We might question if we know who we are, or where we are, or even when we are. We might feel a bit lost, unsure, vulnerable or even feel like the current reality is sort of in a dream-like state. Passion is returning, but it is still challenging to commit to anything. We are in a huge flux period in creation.

As we let go of old programming, belief systems and operating systems that we have subconsciously identified with, we will lose our familiar sense of self, along with feeling normal in time and space. As we let go of core programming that anchored us into the past world, this makes room for our new, higher frequency self to upload, re-anchor and re-create in a new format. As the Star Elders have said many times this year, by 2020 we will look back and not recognize our old selves. But I did not expect it to feel so darn wonkie. But here we are. We are not lost. We are just in a massive re-entry protocol.

The old 3D paradigm is signing out, and the new one is moving in!

What is helping with this transition...
Lots of personal time.
Socializing with like-minded community.
Living in a positive, supportive environment.
Avoiding drama as much as possible. This might be challenging with the holidays coming up. So stay high when others go low.

🙏🏼 I have been using Egyptian Golden Oil in an oil burner to help with anchoring higher frequencies and protection as we can feel vulnerable as we leap from one world to the next.

🙏🏼 I have found Egyptian Red Amber Oil in an oil burner helps greatly with grounding. Egyptian Rose Oil helps keep the heart open as well. Etc...

⭐️⭐️⭐️ All 8 Egyptian Chakra Oils can be found here:
We have a limited quantity that survived our long flight home from Egypt.

The Sacred Site Essences that are working for me are ...
Walnut from Bach for letting go of the past. You can find this essence at your local health food store.
⭐️ Sacred Site Essences that we are finding helpful for these times ...
🙏🏼 Effortless Ascension Essence - Birthing the Golden Chalice of Oneness - Chalice Well.
🙏🏼 I AM Pure Knowing Essence - Living from Your True Wisdom - 5 Pointed Earth Star Crop Circle, Wiltshire.
🙏🏼 Living Codes of the Sacred Heart Essence - Timeless Truth Grounded in the Sacred Elements of Earth - St. Nectan's Glen.
🙏🏼 Future Portal - Multi-Generational Bridge Essence - Wayland Smithy. Be careful with this one if you are having grounding issues.
🙏🏼 Heal Deep and Ascend Now Essence - Men-An-Tol.
🙏🏼 The Ascension Points / Earth Acupuncture Essence - Archangel Michael's Brentor Church.
🙏🏼 The Noble Living Christ - The Christ Consciousness Essence ~ Mt. Schiehallion.
🙏🏼 The Codes of Timelessness and Immortality Essence - Stenness Standing Stones, Isle of Orkney.
🙏🏼The Ancestral Resolution Essence - Callanish Stone Circle, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides. This one is spot on for the process of letting go of the past.
🙏🏼 The Codes of Life Essence - Rosslyn Chapel.
🙏🏼The Sacred Staff of Power Essence - The passing of the sacred staff - Busting free of limitations and illusions - Bonampak, Mexico. This one is spot on for the process of letting go of the past.
🙏🏼 Intergalactic Migration Essence - Quirigua. Embraces a Higher Octave of limitlessness and manifestation - holds the codes / maps of the physical voyage between dimensions.
🙏🏼 Codes of Emergence Essence - Copan. Embraces the next Higher Octave of Living Mastery / Emergence, and brings about all five, newly evolved elements needed to manifest the new codes of life on a new Earth.
🙏🏼 Stellar DNA Activation Essence - The King's Chamber, Great Pyramid, Giza, Egypt.
🙏🏼 Thoth's New Alchemy Essence - Dendara Temple - in the Old Kingdom Chamber. This essence helps remove obstacles to manifesting that which is in alignment with our divine purpose. This essence holds the potential, impeccability and power of the entire universe.
🙏🏼 Mother Sekhmet Essence - Love That Can Heal Anything ~ Strength That Can Move Mountains - Karnak Temple, Egypt.
🙏🏼 The Awakened Life & Sea of Great Potential Essence - Dendarah - Goddess Nut Temple.
🙏🏼 Cosmic Orientation Essence - Abu Simbel Egypt. This one is very important in these times, even more than when we created this essence.
🙏🏼 The Universal Memory Essence - Stone of Ica. If we know where we have been, we can project where we are going. This holds frequencies of a huge cosmic living library.
🙏🏼 The Chief Ouray Peace, Patience & Diplomacy Essence - Ouray, Colorado. 😳 PS.... Everyone on the planet needs to be taking our Ouray essence, and I expect many of our family members as well for more diplomacy and forgiveness. Most who read this today know they are the system busters in their genetic clan. Yes, it is a hard and thankless job that we selflessly chose to take on. I also know we had a choice we would do it all again. Gamal, our Egyptian Oil expert says ... We are global warriors who pay a big price for the job we took on.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ All Sacred Site Essence can be purchased here... our 22% off sale is still good through November 18th. Use coupon code (begin) when checking out:

🙄 Sorry the essence list is so long, but there is a lot of help needed as we pierce through the veils of our old world and move into the future.

🙏🏼💕🙏🏼 Please POST and SHARE here other things that are helping you adapt to the new, quickly changing frequencies. Your insights will help us all.