19 January 2019

The Eventual Outcome ~ Neil Kramer ~ 18 January 2019

Spoiler: God wins
This was shared by Gigi Young, and I had just had to post it here.....look at that image above!

PS. I repeat, I'm posting this mainly for the image, and not necessarily the message.

Source: Neil Kramer

I have never seen so many momentous shifts in international affairs, politics, and society as are happening now. 
As usual, 99% of it is occurring off the public radar. So people who believe they are watching world events unfold because they follow mainstream news sources and popular culture (same thing) can have NO IDEA AT ALL what is happening. None. This is nothing new. 
What is new is that the tectonic shifts that are shattering long-held worldwide deceptions, are at last being compelled by the good guys. The good guys. Yep. You read that right. 
The emerging realities will be very hard for most people to accept. Such truthfulness has not been seen in this world for a very long time. Nevertheless, everything necessary to educate an individual in the reality of our world, is out there to be discerned and studied, should they so wish it. Hard work, but eminently doable. Equally available to everyone. 
Or, people can continue to daydream and follow the herd. Whichever, a profound and irreversible world-shift is underway right now. Though many details are already known to those who carefully study the intertwined forces of spiritual and parapolitical warfare, the facts are surfacing to wider audiences. 
Watch. Truth is coming. 
The fragile will go mental. The foolish will delude themselves even harder. The wise will simply be glad. And if you ever worry about the eventual outcome… refer to attached pic.

18 January 2019

Return of Light Meditation Final Update ~ Cobra ~ 18 January 2019

The Great Central Sun is a Source and a Centre of the All-Pervading Presence of the Great "I AM". It is a Point of Integration of the Spirit/Matter Cosmos, and a Central Concentration of God Consciousness and the release of Light and Life and Love to all Creation. It is a Nucleus, Heart Centre, or White Fire Core of the Cosmos. (The God Star Sirius is a Focus of the Great Central Sun in our sector of the Galaxy.)

Source: The Portal

We are creating a huge momentum and there is a very real possibility that we will reach the critical mass.

Many people are supporting our meditation.

Benjamin Fulford:




Stillness in the Storm:

And many others:




The main facebook group for our meditation is here:

The video which shows how to do the Goddess Vortex part of the activation correctly, is available here:
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Premonitions of Darkness are Illuminated, and Dissolved ~ Gaia Portal ~ 18 January 2019

Source: Gaia Portal

Premonitions of darkness are illuminated, and dissolved.
Larks of Spirit collaborate in Love.
Exquisites are recognized.
Humility conspires.
Inner Truth is known.

2019 Ascension Energies/Blue Rays Transformers & Starseed Message, Their Mission ~ Shekina Rose & Todd Medina ~ 16 January 2019

Much as I dislike having to place limitations or create segregations (or even elitism) through using/promoting labels, I would have to say that what Shekina Rose has to say here would be useful for Blue Rays, if they don't already have the information ~ basically traits and Soul purpose (Shekina has shared this in bits and pieces over the years.)

If I may suggest ~ listen, acknowledge, comprehend, accept etc.....Then let it all move to the background and continue with our inner work, spiritual path and higher/Soul purpose.

Apart from this, Shekina also gives her perspective about what's up ahead for Old Souls (in their various labels) in 2019.

Please listen here.

Kundalini ~ Lee Harris ~ 18 January 2019

You are remembering your Soul
You are remembering Who You Are

Source: Lee Harris

Kundalini energy is the great transformer. It is the rocket fuel to transformation, it is the soul fuel to who you are, it invites you back to yourself at the soul level.

And in that process, all aspects of your human identity and learning so far are invited to be present here, now - you are remembering your soul.

You are remembering who you are - just as children have a strong memory of their soul until social conditioning helps them modify it, organise it.

Your child didn't leave you, she or he just learnt to get a little smaller. But equally, the adult you is extraordinary. The meld of those two aspects of you is where Kundalini will lead you.

Big Love Lee x

From my MP3 Life-Force Rising: The Era of Kundalini (2018-2025)


The New Light and the Blood Moon Eclipse ~ Sandra Walter ~ 17 January 2019

Agree ~ the energies of this coming Lunar Eclipse are already here, with electric "acupuncture" increasing uncomfortably....

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloveds ~
We are deep in the powerful transformation of the Blood Moon eclipse, coming up on SUNday, January 20 at 9:12pm Pacific Time. Gatekeepers opened early on Thursday morning, and visions of the next Light level are presenting already. Energies may get intense; remember the grids have shifted so all is amplified.

SUNday Unity Meditations – Adding an Eclipse Meditation
We will connect for our weekly SUNday Unity Meditations at 5:11am, 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm PT, with an extra session at 9:11pm PT to connect with global eclipse meditators. Open-eyed meditations recommended, as the eclipse is visible for a large portion of the world. Viewing and time zone information HERE.

This is a strong personal choice point to align with the expansive, empowering New Light and collective higher timelines. This cosmic launch pad can be intimidating; do the good work and use the stimulating energies for your embodiment. Clarity of heart intent, creative action, next-level service and unity are key.

Energetic Themes and Events of 2019
Gratitude to all who joined our Gateway of Light online event last weekend. The replay of this deep share on what will unfold for our Ascension this year will be available all month.
2019 is a 12 and a 3 year, which carries the Trinity and Christed codes for our embodiment. The migration to the organic timelines provides the New, refreshed, rebirth sensation. This began with the December Solstice, and can be a profound and freeing energy. These continuous experiences of our personal Ascension are preparing us for larger, brighter experiences as One.

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25-Year Anniversary ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 17 January 2019

Source: New Earth Central

If you lived in Los Angeles 25 years ago you may have vivid stories you still remember. On January 17th, 1994 at 4:31am a magnitude 6.7 quake ripped through the Los Angeles area. The massive shaking lasted 20 seconds. But it was enough to kill at least 57 people, injure 9,000 and cause $40 billion in damage throughout the community.

Although 25 years have passed, I will never forget the noise, like a freight train hurtling toward you. Everything was flying off the walls, TV crashing on the floor, the bed bucking like a bronco.

Then the powerful force of kundalini unleashed through my biocircuits, shaking me to the core. I will never forget the moment I realized something other than the earthquake was occurring in my body. As everyone else fell back to sleep, I sat outside on the curb in the middle of the night shivering, spasming as a new power source flooded my biofield. Within hours a new consciousness peered through my eyes, an unusual perspective and knowing beyond my comprehension.

My Soul had arrived! It has been an extraordinary and challenging 25 years, but the journey has led me into a much deeper connection and knowing of my true Self. It is truly amazing to witness how soul-embodiment gradually changes our physical reality. It is all worth the struggle out of 3D density and disconnection.

The Ascension process can be a solitary experience. The early years were filled with lonely days of not ‘fitting in’! Much has changed in 25 years…millions of souls are experience some degree of spiritual awakening. Now people understand me better and are seeking support from a first-waver. I am so grateful to be sharing this journey with you!

Lovingly, Meg