08 December 2019

Maureen Moss Update ~ 7 December 2019

Lots unfolding. Amanda Lorence also mentions the Collective Timeline Shift (it felt like a huge "force" was behind it, as if we were given a tremendous shove). Remember, we don't buckle up, we FLY....

Source: Maureen Moss

Yesterday and on Dec. 3 as the waves of momentous Light poured in directly from the Galactic Center, several things occurred.

The First: This was an experience of having the maximum amount of Gamma Light enter our bodies (and Planet,) for the first time that we were able to handle…(albeit a bit difficult at times.)

It gave us a preview of what we can anticipate in the days going forward throughout December as we integrate this Light and build our capabilities to ride with the energies that accompany the waves of Light.

It felt to me as though a continuous Lightwave from the Lifeforce of God was creating a frequency field/electromagnetic field not experienced on our Earth.

The Second: The Web of Life was woven more noticeably through yesterday and even the day prior.

What I felt was a massive portal had opened allowing us to traverse between dimensions much more easily and connect with other realities quite readily. It was primarily the third/fourth dimension to the fifth. It was easy to experience two realities at the same time consciously and without trying.

I was aware the Angelics were Very close to us and other Councils of Light were seemingly merging with those able to open to them. It was a sensing of they coming to us…rather than us coming to them.

Amongst other things technical!...I walked into a black panther in my kitchen and then a dog was barking in my living room later that night. I have no dog.

The Third: I was made aware that on Dec. 3 there was a massive wave of Light coming from the Galactic Alliance working with a few on the ground and from both here and there a massive influx of Light was directed at the remaining “interference” lingering in both the 3rd and 4th dimension, clearing the field once and for all.

The Fourth: There was a massive collective timeline shift that we shall see unfolding quite rapidly now.

And Lastly: there was a Joy-Filled Wave of Light (Rainbow Light) that crossed the Earth from one end to the other. It was the first of many on its way.

In closing Beloveds, we are in a New World. Life is going to become much easier and softer. 🙌 We have a great deal of balancing, accepting and integrating to do, and we shall…as the 2020 first year will support that fully.

More on its way.
Stay in your Heart.
Stay in your Joy (even if you are flat out in bed.)

I Love You,

Celia Fenn Update ~ 7 December 2019

Source: Celia Fenn

"COSMIC RAYS ARE INTENSIFYING: Cosmic rays have been intensifying for more than 4 years. On Dec. 5th and 6th they surged within a percentage point of the Space Age record, according to data from neutron counters at the University of Oulu's Cosmic Ray Station in Finland:"
(From the spaceweather.com website.)

So if you are feeling physical symptoms right now you will know why!

I have been hearing lots of high pitched sounds and vibrational "humming" noises in my ears.

You know what to do....take care of yourself, rest when you need to and drink lots of water.

The times they are a changing, and so are we.

Deep shifts are taking place in the Collective Consciousness and in our DNA.

Lots of love to everyone at this powerful time of change and transition!

07 December 2019

Major Collective Timeline Shift ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 7 December 2019

Amanda Lorence
Major Collective Timeline Shift has occurred
For sure
One Love!

Physics of the Future, Now ~ Undisclosed with Emery Smith & Randy Veitenheimer ~ 11 March 2019 ~ S1:Ep4

We know that so-called "technological inventions" are really reverse-engineered or downloaded information ~ it is said that Tesla even credited his amazing futuristic body work to information he received when he was asleep. Randy Veitenheimer and Emery Smith expand on the technology in this episode, and I particularly appreciate Randy's perspective and how he ties knowledge to the morphogenetic fields and Consciousness. As he says, "The Science comes out of Spiritual."


The scientists within compartmentalized special access programs who reverse engineer alien technology are also redefining our understanding of how the universe works.

In order to understand how this technology works, Randy Veitenheimer and Emery Smith discuss the progression of physics from our current conceptual model of the universe, to new ways of thinking. This includes moving beyond physical sciences, to incorporate spiritual concepts where consciousness becomes the primary resource.

Three Words....

It's been so intense for so long, let's just take some time out and do this. There are way more than three, plenty from which to choose. Which reminds me, Gaia Portal did say:
"Flurries of the new countenance are received with joy and playfulness"
Puzzle posted by Empaths, Old Souls & Introverts

Avatara Ananda Update ~ 6 December 2019

Source: Avatara Ananda

Be honest with yourself. Immaculate nutrition, immaculate self care, fitness, purity and integrity in everything. 
Choose your highest trajectory now and do not look back. Whoever is meant to join you will join you. Anyone on the Twin Flame journey ... if your divine beloved truly is incarnated here with you, his/her highest wish for you is to release everything and walk in your highest truth ... so you real-eyes the meaning of UNION. 
Unify within yourself, this is your promise to the beloved 🙏❤️ 

SR Reading

Struggling to Sleep? A Magical Recipe ~ Alex Myles

I'm posting this because I know a lot of us have this challenge, especially when the energies get very intense. Here, I would like to clarify that it also depends on what type of energy is coming in as well as how our bodies react with that specific type of energy ~ some may have insomnia, some may sleep for hours on end.

I have not personally tried this ~ thankfully sleep has been good in recent days. Pink Himalayan Salt has become a favourite for many Lightworkers, and I can personally attest to its wonders. For those who do not take honey, I would recommend alternatives like Coconut Nectar or similar.

It it interesting to note that apart from promoting a low-salt diet, the "medical industry" is also now waging war against fructose (I still cannot get over how ridiculous this is), both components being recommended in this sleep remedy.

Source: Empath Planet

I often used to find it difficult to fall into a deep, restorative sleep and remain rested through the night.

Just the thought of going to bed could bring on mild anxiety, as I knew I would likely lie awake for hours drifting in and out of light sleep, but rarely reaching the highly sought after delta state. I would regularly wake up during the night alerted, often from high-stimuli dreams that just added to my anxious state.

Sleepless nights would be particularly common if I was enduring a stressful or anxious period, as even if I entered sleep, I would wake through the night and feel the adrenalin circulating through my body, without knowing why. I would then struggle to rebalance my hormone levels enough to drift back into a sleep.

I decided to research a little further and came a across a few biological and physiological reasons that explained why this was happening.

Disturbances in sleep are most often linked to biochemical reactions due to a high level of stress hormones that flush through our system between approximately 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. The spike in our hormones dramatically affects our ability to remain calm, which is why it interrupts our sleep.
I also found that I was lacking in sodium. I had believed that I should be consuming a low sodium diet, so I had reduced my salt intake at every opportunity. I didn’t realise that I was actually ingesting the wrong salts. I rectified this by reducing my intake of processed food which contain high table salt levels, and instead switched to natural unrefined salts, which I add to fresh-food meals during preparation.

Dr. Vitiello, director of the University of Washington in Seattle, carried out research that found low levels of sodium cause blood volume to decrease and the sympathetic nervous system responds by activating to compensate. The sympathetic nervous system activates adrenalin and triggers the fight or flight response that then makes it difficult to get to sleep, and also remain asleep.

Sleep had long been a nemesis of mine, that was until I started to make up a magical therapeutic little potion which consisted simply of honey and salt.

Please read on.....