19 February 2020

Celia Fenn Update ~ 19 February 2020

Source: Celia Fenn

Today the Sun moved into Pisces, bringing a deeper and softer energy than the intense Aquarius energy we have been experiencing for the last month.

We are not out of the Aquarius Gate energy yet though, because tomorrow is the 20/02/2020. All those 2's again...adding up to 8!

In the US you would have 2/20/2020...also 8.

Yep...just a last echo of the powerful shifts and energies that we have been riding since mid January.

Because Mercury has also gone into retrograde, I would advise a quiet day on the 20th. Allow yourself to feel the deep levels of Soul and Self that are accessible at this time.


Connect with Soul and Higher Self.
You are Diamond Light Dancer.
You hear the Song of your Soul.
Be at Peace.

Swim in the deep Cosmic Waters where you find your original Divine Source energy.
All is in Divine Order.

End time Madness Update ~ Cobra ~ 18 February 2020

One of the more effective ways to deal with the coronavrus infection is vitamin C:
And lots of clean, fresh air:

Pleiadians have developed a new protocol for virus removal that can help people in the infected areas, primarily in Hubei province in China, but also elsewhere on the planet.
If you know, feel, or fear that you have contracted the virus, or would like to disinfect the area around you, you can repeat three times in your mind.
“Command RCV stardust”.
Source: The Portal

The coronavirus scare has manged to keep a large part of human population in fear and a large proportion of China under quarantine.

Having so many people quarantined has enabled the Light Forces to completely clear all plasma Chimera spiders and all other Chimera entities from the non-physical planes. Now the Light Forces are removing all remaining plasma Archon, Draco, Reptilian and other entities with full speed and when such a large proportion of Chinese population stays at home, this not only prevents the spread of coronavirus, but also the spread of plasma entities which are now effectively being starved out in China, leading to a chain reaction of entity removal on a planetary scale, never experienced before.

The spread of coronavirus follows a sigmoid (logistic) curve:



and is already beginning to peter out.

Chinese expert Zhong Nanshan is expecting the peak of the outbreak in mid or late February, and the infection to be over by April:

Prediction model from JP Morgan yields a similar result, with the infection peaking in a few weeks:

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Personality Update Window ~ MTVO

Source: MTVO

We are now in the Personality Update Window 🦋 Over the next five days, your brain and personality will be pushed against and flooded with light. Remember that you've got this, and you are truly awesome.⁣

You are not your personality or your ego. You Are. Any stories that come up in this window are for your benefit. Let them go, and really love and appreciate yourself in the process, without attaching to the Self you are in this moment. You are enough. End of story 🙂⁣

Up on our YouTube channel, our member Kyle Buckley's latest video is an amazing watch. There are great insights into the body and trauma that could be extremely helpful right now. ❤️⁣

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Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 18 February 2020

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Heaven or any form of Ascension, while in the physical plane or not -- that is up to people and their free will, but if it doesn't align with Natural and Cosmic Law, it will keep us in a karmic loop.

I think Divine and Heavenly energies is the highest expression of our True self and its not always going to be the same. To create generalizations or to make statements that make you feel like you should go against your own journey, discovery or Awakening process -- is something to have discernment about.

Free will needs to be acknowledged as Sovereignty. We can't always get our way, but we need to free ourselves from the hooks, the addiction Matrix and where we feel robbed. True Sovereignty never loses integrity.

Many of us have a ton to heal from. It can't happen over night and forcing ourselves to be perfect will create stress. Lets at least honor and respect one another and our personal Journey's to reunite with the Unified field, Unconditional Loving Source energy. Laws connected to Nature we must honor and appreciate.

We are made of it and from it and our Higher self coming into this physical plane fully, will change the World for the better. Polarity integration. Our willingness to bring it in and live by it is the best gift we can give to the World and each other. Diversity in Harmony is Oneness.

We are musical notes together, trying to play in tune, so lets ROCK!!!

The Age of Miracles ~ Judith Kusel ~ 18 February 2020

Source: Judith Kusel

"The Age of Miracles brings new and higher ways of life and living. New science steeped in the metaphysical for it can no longer deny the soul/spirit, the Universal Laws and the Master-Creator/Mind/Being/Masterplan and will expand into the All-Knowing, be reinvented to the core.
New technology which works with the cosmic energy resources and needs not to strip the earth and works on inter-stellar levels. Telepathy, teleportation, and immense expansion in space. It is all there, waiting for us to wake up to our galactic heritage and finally reclaim it.

It is the age where we will learn to live and let live. To allow ourselves to return to the ultimate understanding that we create what we live. We reap what we sow. We are co-creators – yet how we use that force it what ultimately makes or breaks us.

We will return to the wisdom of balance, knowing that all balance first comes from within ourselves, before it can manifest outwards.

Allow the Power of Love bring that regenerative force into your heart, mind and soul and embrace a much higher and more profound way of life. Remember, that all of this starts within you – and then manifests outwards.

You are the creator as much as you are the creation you live in.

More than this – miracles mostly come silently, softly and almost happen upon us. Indeed, miracles are happening even now, yet most of humanity is still sleeping the sleep of forgetfulness as the greatest transformative power is sweeping the earth, the solar system and the galactic core."

Judith Kusel

I AM ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

The man you are has known himself through things, ways of being. The woman you are has decided things that were brought into manifestation that she can see and must now attend to in a new way. We have described, in point, to you the methodology of lifting things through perception. we will not be redundant here, but we will tell you that the life you live will begin to transform through the speaking of your name, "I Am."

Paul Selig - The Book of Mastery
A Channeled text

Robotic Ghosts and Wraparound Dimensions ~ Stephanie South ~ 18 February 2020

Source: 13:20 Frequency Shift Red Cosmic Dragon, Kin 221. Psi 144.

This is a dream. It will all disappear.
No one on the surface level has the full picture.
Our energy and frequency determine what happens next.

Society is set up to discredit anyone who presents a different point of view. We live in a bubble where knowledge is a function of the system that created it. But what if the system is faulty? What if the system was created by robotic ghosts with no soul signature? What if?

It is up to the people to help lay the groundwork to co-create global humanitarian based systems. This starts with self-reflection and cultivation of the inner realm.

It takes consistency and discipline to unravel our inherited belief structures that are subliminally programmed into the cells of our body. Our job is to “pull the sword from the stone,” meaning to extract the living spirit from dead matter.

Galactic culture is the opposite of our current death culture that feeds on innocence and human vulnerability. This death culture is held in place by an artificial intelligence system that is currently controlling the timeline narrative.

The veil of artificial time is based on maintaining deceptions and manipulations that keep us ignorant of the larger truth. The masses are kept in survival mode, so that they have no time to reflect on, or comprehend the larger script playing out.

The truth is that we live in a multidimensional universe and who we are is far vaster than we can imagine.

The trick is to not to invest our energy and emotions into the ever-fluctuating world of illusion.

That is part of the trap. The artificial system feeds on human emotion. This is a time loop that requires a conscious effort to step out of. This is the purpose of the 13 Moon calendar, to help lift our mind from the disharmonious grid matrix that seeks to control.

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Amanda Lorence Updates ~ 19 February 2020

Ongoing MASSIVE incoming energy began 2 hours ago (7pm UK time) plus this day, profound EMBODIMENT STAGE begins

Source: Amanda Lorence

Congratulations...WE’VE MADE IT!

Dominoes Effect will occur, each at their own pace. All so supported...keep going!

Now we begin. We NOW have embodied the Energy, Consciously so, in the human vessel.
So much love to ALL. 💙🌍💙

(Play the video...It’s YOU!)

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