21 February 2018

Moving Beyond ~ Kara Schallock ~ 20 February 2018

Source: Soulstice Rising

We continuously bring forth higher and higher frequencies; non-stop. We may feel them more strongly during eclipses and Moon cycles and yet, they continuously flow into us to help us rise in consciousness, which affects every area of our life. It is not for us to go to the higher places of high dimensional Light Codes; it is for us to have them descend into us; into all our cells, bodies, electrical system and DNA so we may truly rise to be who we truly are. There are no timelines; only beliefs and patterns that must transform so that we may integrate this Light.

There are many illusions we have believed in and these are deeply rooted within us. One is that we believe we get old and die, as well as creating a terrible disease with death following. Remember, all is our choice...whether that choice is conscious or unconscious. We need not get sick and we don't have to “die.” There is no death. We choose to be on Earth at this time. We choose when we leave our physical forms or we choose to stay in body, as well as choosing to step away from continual reincarnation. Many may disagree, so entrenched are we in these worldwide beliefs. Many will choose to decide that this is false information and I can see where this belief is strong within myself. It is not for me to tell you what to feel or think, so just be still and feel through all that I share, as you take what resonates and discard what does not. In time, you may resonate with what I am guided to share or not. That is not for me to say.

Another old belief is that we must work in order to “earn a living;” foregoing the Trust that is required that Source truly is our supply. This takes unwavering Faith that as we put all of our attention on Source, all else is added. Many have a belief in labels as well. Labeling yourself as anything creates a belief in separation. You may be empathic, yet you are not an empath. You may teach or heal, yet you are not a teacher or healer. You may mother others, yet you are not a mother, for you have chosen to hold a space for another to evolve, if that is your choice. In other lifetimes, you may have been a Cathar, a priestess, a priest, a nun and so forth...that was then when we did not have this New Awareness. Knowledge of past lives are not for us to necessarily continue that path, but to integrate the gifts and not the title.

Just today I was told that a few “truths” I had been told and bought into are untruths. I was shocked and yet I realized just how many lies we buy into and create beliefs from. First comes shock and then anger and then relief as a particular lie is revealed and more Freedom ensues. We get so attached to lies we buy into, when it is the attachment to the lie that creates the belief. I wonder if all of the history we have been told is all lies. Each of us comes to our own Awareness in Divine Time. One need not go searching for what untruths they have adopted; when it is time, all is revealed.  Having this Awareness not only frees us; it helps us evolve to be more; to be who we are...Divine Sovereign Beings of Love.

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Still Watching....

Grasshopper Master

This is what we have to do more and more ~ walking in our Mastery (as best as we can) while learning (remembering) it.

Source: Stephen Andrews ~ Ministry of Lights

Nuomenon 101 Thing-In-Itself ~ Can Büyükberber ~ 25 July 2017

Thanks to Jain 108 Mathemagics for pointing this out.

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Mastery ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 20 February 2018

My opinion is that suffering is an option, not a pre-requisite.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

The path towards Mastery is laden with many attacks, pitfalls and mistakes for a reason. This is how we learn and how we build our Spiritual immune system -- this is also how we clear ancestral patterns, programs and the genetic harm that has been afflicted upon us.

We can work hard to bypass the challenges, but where it is not possible, is where there are important lessons, reminders and epiphanies to integrate. Rather than feel defeated or like you are failing, it just takes devotion -- through that devotion your higher mind will always step in to guide one towards solutions, transformations and knowledge of Soul Alchemy. This is how the reversals and negative patternings are corrected and we are then able to advance ourselves. 

Sometimes you have to live out what needs correcting and if something is operating in ones unconscious that doesn't serve them, it eventually comes out, so that it can be cleared and restored to its true blue-print. If we have the willingness to do something productive with our errors or where we might lose our way and utilize it to our highest benefit, we will evolve much quicker, than if we allow it to persist and compromise us, which would then create degeneration, unwellness or the giving of ones power away to false light or negative Ego constructs.

Mastery is gained through the desire to rise above it and reclaim your true divine power and creative, spiritual abilities, which is the most advanced technology that exists. It has been imitated and distorted within a matrix that works against our capacity to fully be Sovereign.

Life gives us exactly what we need to reclaim that and find true awareness, if we can perceive it on our own terms and not through projections or mind-control. With an intention to grow, heal and embody ones highest potential, we are able to see through the game and break down the barriers that wish to keep us stagnant and stuck.

Watching This....

Space Observing System
Let's keep an eye (or two!) on this. I've heard from some that they are feeling totally drained.

20 February 2018

You Are Never Here Alone ~ Lee Harris ~ 19 February 2018

Remember you are never here alone.

Source: Lee Harris

And last but not least, remember you are never here alone.

You are not here on your own. The path is always shown.

You simply have to be willing to continue to take each step and the path appears ahead of you.

The path will unfold and you will co-create with the path.

From: The Light Beyond Fear
Listen now: http://bit.ly/lightbeyondfear

Our Own Alchemical Process ~ Elizabeth Kelley

Source: James William Kaler ~ Ministry of Lights

The alchemical process of transmutation of lead into gold is simply a metaphor for the transformation of ourselves into awakened self-mastery. One way this is accomplished is by a deep yearning and a guiding passion for union with the Beloved or our soul.
~Elizabeth Kelley