22 January 2019

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There's Magic Everywhere ~ Buddha Doodles

Simple Energy Tip: Water ~ Alex Myles ~ 21 January 2019

I can personally vouch for this. Also good for headaches ~ stand under shower and wet your head ~ and when feeling just 'blah'.

 Source: Alex Myles

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr

On this day, may we remember that King was once labelled as "the most dangerous man in America" by the FBI. They did this because the govt was fearful that his NONVIOLENCE would win. He wasn't the "most dangerous man", he was actually just the most powerful man in America

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Lunar Eclipse Diamond Plasma Light Infusion ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 21 January 2019

Source: Meg Benedicte

What an extraordinary Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse! We are still in the powerful Eclipse portal, receiving abundant blessings in the form of diamond plasma light infusion. You may feel like the old timeline is dissolving and the zero point Leo Eclipse energies are forming an exciting new life plan in front of you. Open your heart (Leo) and embrace the new life experiences flowing in.

According to astrologer Eric Francis, “An eclipse in Leo pulls back the veil, and reveals something deeper on the personal side of the equation. Think of the eclipse in Leo as peering behind the typical ego structures that we're used to; a look behind the gloss and the posturing. A glimpse at something human about us.” - www.planetwaves.net

Allow the authentic Self to shine through! The veils continue to drop away, as we encounter our true self in the creative void space of the eclipse portal. The cosmic event is enhancing our ability to embody Soul Presence. If you would like some extra support integrating the Eclipse upgrades, we will be broadcasting a ‘live’ podcast on Wednesday, January 23rd at 5pm PT.

Join Manette and myself on Wednesday with Earth Keepers and Lightworkers as we expand into our higher potential. The show is recorded for replay. Send in your questions via email for the Q&A section of the show. If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte

Angelic Energy is Returning to Earth ~ Steve Nobel

Steve Nobel

Healing Our Pain ~ Gigi Young ~ 21 January 2019

Well observed and well said. Much of what's in the alternate/awakened community is awash with this pain.

Source: Gigi Young

In this strange time of outrage culture we need to realize that there are many levels and layers to the issues at hand. If we insist on approaching things on a surface level, based in our personal pain, believing that blaming is healing, we will sink further into chaos.

We need to go deeper and stop justifying our pain in the public sphere and actually start to heal it. The first individuals that use the perspective of empathy and compassion will gain precise unifying insights and teachings to rise above.

We can do better, our very design shows us this. Through the heart we must first unify the opposing voices within ourselves. This reconciliation pull us into a higher quantum form that rests over top of our body, a form that no longer thrives in the chaos of the lower ego.

Time to Align

This is a time for all healers to release the burden of trying to heal those who refuse to heal themselves. The timelines of trying to awaken others are expiring. It's time to put our energy and efforts into situations and people that are now in alignment with our journey.

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