24 April 2019

Energy Shift in Collective Consciousness ~ Brother Bilal ~ 22 April 2019

This is another important report for me to read. I saw this after posting Brother Bilal's most recent update and I am very glad I did because it adds even more to what I need to write about in a while. You know me, I like to find connections so that I can paint a Bigger Picture.

Also, Amanda Lorence had posted about an Incoming Wave on 22 April (here).

Source: Broder Bilal

Big energetic shift in our Collective state of Consciousness just took place. A protective shield was created around our Planetary sphere. Don´t know the purpose of the shield yet.

Thank you for the effort and energy you put out for the greater goods of humanity ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’

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Short Update:

With recent fires on Holy places and old controlling system falling apart. This "shield" is protecting us from outside interference that will try to take back the control by "darker means". Attacks on light-workers and their families have increased recently. It will stop now.

We can soon continue our work without any "subtle attacks" directed at us.

Order of The Cosmic Balance can ones again be established on "Gaia".

We The Wise Ancient One´s

Clearing in Astral Realm ~ Brother Bilal ~ 23 April 2019

Brother Bilal alerted me to this report, and I felt a tingling wave of energy sweep over me. I will do a brief write-up relating to this.

Thank you, Broder Bilal & Team, for your Lightwork, which is much appreciated ๐Ÿ’œ

I believe many will find his report beneficial.

Source: Broder Bilal

Clearing of "entities" in Astral Layer started today around 03.00 am Swedish Time ( 01:00 UTC) and will continue until we have stable 5:Density wavelength in Grid-Consciousness.

There are record keepers that been tracking and keeping records of "demonic entities" including the name and their origin of Planet/Star Constellation. Vatican's have the largest records of tracked "demonic entities".

- Astral Entities that engage in Psychic attacks. Many of those been here for long time.

- Lost Entities that need guidance to find the way back.

This service is done with Love&Light by Higher Guidance that been requested by Us. Many "entities" did leave by Own Will when Entrance Portals opened today. Large Groups of Light Beings are now with us for assistance.

Advice - Connect to the Highest Aspect of yourself and ask for assistance with helping Lost Souls in Astral Layer.

If you or any family member been "psychic attacked" - Connect to the group that is most familiar with you and ask for protection and clearing those "entities" off the Planet.

Much needs to be done by yourself for your own learning progress as it was agreed before incarnating on Earth.Try different "inner techniques" for protection and clearing. Use of Light by "inner techniques" is the most easiest way. Geometric shielding with Light for more advance use.

If it still continues send me a message and we will help for free.

Grateful for all that have connected with Us and doing the work from "inside".

Energy in our Collective state of Mind feel "safe" compared to few days back. We still have much work to do.

Brother Bilal

Every Single Person Counts ~ Nassim Haramein ~ 23 April 2019

Source: Nassim Haramein

"It’s up to you and me and the guy beside us…

How willing are we, to make those steps, to take the risk, to transform our life, to stop doing things that are not in line with this higher knowledge, with this transition. 

Every single person has to make those choices and if people make those choices every single person that make that transition is a huge impact on the whole morphogenetic field of the planet. 

So every single person counts."

– Nassim Haramein

23 April 2019

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 22 April 2019

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Love is Truth — it is an expression, an action, a state of mind and a way of life.

It is the Blessings we experience and the Life lessons; it is our Power to do our Missions — it creates the clarity that brings us Wisdom.

Anything opposing Love is lost and if it persists Evil may result — it wants our energy and to weaken us. It is a trickster that can ultimately strengthen us if we stay centered in our Truth, which is our capacity to be our genuine self rather than a trend or a projection of someone else’s way.

Love isn’t in our choice of a religion or a belief system or a New Age concept that empowers denial of the dark (although it can exist there too). There is a New World though that emerges when we allow the negative Ego and it’s attachments to crumble, making way for Ego alignment with Love which isn’t the kind that overly gives at the detriment of Self — but Loves the self enough to create boundaries, discerning who and what is harmful — holding the regenerative power to overcome heart break and pain. It is there when we feel defeated and it reminds us how to rise, transform and grow and life experience helps us to embody the highest form of Love which purifies contamination... it exists within and cries out to be set free, it exists without and is the Breath of Life... in Oneness with it we Thrive, in separation we digress.

There is no ONE way to find it, All ways work as long as it gets us there — just being it is enough and it’s a choice we can all make NOW.

SR Reading

Space Observing System
This type of reading isn't unusual, but it's worth noting nevertheless because I've long wondered about it. They (the reds and whites) are abruptly discrete and differentiated ~ as if suddenly appearing and then suddenly disappearing) instead of showing a continuous change or tapering in measurement.

I hope I'm making sense, I don't know how else to explain it.

A Message to Humanity from Spirit ~ Brad Johnson ~ 22 April 2019

"The fear will always be disappointed by the Heart."

Please listen to this message brought through by Brad Johnson, here.

Brad Johnson shares a message in his bond with Spirit as the words from Spirit address humanity and the times that are ahead.


April 22 through April 27 ~ Gene Key 27: Food For The Gods ~ Richard Rudd

Giving releases the currents of healing ~ Gene Key 27 Selflessness
Source: Gene Keys

"We heal through our higher purpose, and we heal the planet through our collective higher purpose. Humanity is unique because we alone can destroy our planet, and we alone can heal it. There’s a huge global movement towards sustainability, towards a way of life that’s rooted in higher values and ethics. Even in the cut-throat world of business, the ultimate domain of selfishness, the idea of social responsibility is flowing everywhere. A new dawn is approaching for humanity, and the 27th Gift is at the heart of the matter.

We all need to get on this wave and ride it. We all need to find our higher purpose. We need to locate its vibration inside us and let it radiate within the cells of our being. We need to let it flow into our relationships, and then into our work and actions. We’ll instantly begin to prosper.

Giving releases the currents of healing. It heals us, and it heals the whole. Giving of ourself out of the joy of our heart, out of the generosity of our inner being – that’s true power. That’s what will move mountains.

Make no mistake about the power of this Gene Key – it will transform our world."

- The 27thWay, the Siddhi of Selflessness

For more, please continue here.

Energy Update ~ Eric Raines ~ 22 April 2019

Source: Eric Raines

Intensity of Galactic energy incoming has drastically increased as the globalist factions struggle to stay relevant in the collective consciousness.

The physical fallout of the symbolic toppling of the Notre Dame spire has spiraled into a Loosh harvesting operation of all levels, emotional and monetary.

Many religious and economic heads are feeling the pull to desperately shore up the energetic walls with physical energy in the only way they know how.

Many players in this high stakes monetary game of planetary control understand exactly how these systems work, if not their own part in it. They felt an extreme pull into action, causing well over a billion dollars worth of donations as they magnetized the collective with massive donations that pulled many to donate as well.

With the creative energy of humanity hijacked by the Babylonian slave money magic systems, this influx was just as much physical as it was energetic as all those feeling the vacuum of energy filled it with their sorrow, confusion, anger and determination to "make it right".

What ended up being created was a shoring effect that began to interrupt the natural flow that the toppling of the "acupuncture needle" (spire) released, a desperate ploy to "reverse the volcano's explosion"

It has already shifted much to far for them to regain control. Gaia has already began to wakeup in a massive way, and the flows were already strong enough to break free. With the toppling, the flow became uncontrollable from the negative perception and they are trying to wall it off.

This has caused severe instability as we experience a major push upwards in vibration at the same time. Many are noticing the intensity of there emotional and energetic states from these surges.

Not only do we have the waves of energy becoming stronger and fuller frequency as there is more light to anchor into, we also have been purging the collective sludge being created as this Loosh harvest swings into full gear.

As soon as the churches being burned and bombed (caused by the globalists to push this agenda as far as it will go) begin to disappear from mainstream media, the next level of harvesting will begin as the latest hot button issue becomes the collective focus as a new frequency of emotion is harvested.

This will not be successful. Already many have opened their awareness to how the majority is being manipulated and as more and more desperate ploys are exposed, the house of cards will begin to physically crumble, matching the energetic foundation.

Over the coming weeks, expect more exposures of the mainstream perpectuve as they get more desperate.

We are watching the dissilution of the cornerstone the entire foundation of Babylon is built upon, physically and energetically.

What we can do: Focus on your mission. Why are you here? Why do you exist? What is your purpose for being? Where do you belong in creation?

These are the burning questions that need answering. These are the burning sensations that drive into action, learning, exploring and training.

We came from incredibly powerful levels of light, having gone through intensely pure levels of soul transformation. This allowed us to remember what the light is when we came into this world of amnesia and ignorance.

We came here to feel this system from the inside out by becoming part of it...by feeding it...by recognizing how unnatural it is.

As we are a part of this system, when we choose to shift, it has no choice but to shift with us and we are going back into our pristine origins. I go into much greater detail here in "The Starseed's Mission"

When we shift our focus, we anchor in what we focus on. When we stand inside of this instability and anchor into our Divine mission, the instability dissolves. Solidity becomes the foundation. Light is birthed.

The Event...the Rapture..the Golden Age of mankind...whatever you want to call the massive energetic transformation that is physically shifting our solar system right now...it is not something happening to us.

We are actively creating it by giving the light many more places to anchor into.

Honor your part in this. It is just as important as everyone else's.

From my heart to yours,