20 July 2019

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 19 July 2019

Could this be related to the SR reading and what I felt, as related in the post before this one?

PS. When I "looked" at our Sun this morning, the geometric patterns changed again. More about this later.

Source: Amanda Lorence


The Divine LIGHT code (Energetic Seal) that contained our consciousness WITHIN the game/dream/hologram (all created by Creator) has NOW been OPENED by the human. As each crack the Seal, from WITHIN themselves, which has happened NOW, others follow, and more and more... dominoes effect.

Integration time is necessary as this occurs. It’s a shock, even at this collective ascension timeline stage of awakened beings.

We are One, supporting each other all the way, with all sentient beings.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
19 July 2019

SR Reading

Space Observing System
This burst, although relatively expected for our New Normal, was significant nonetheless. It hit at midnight my local time, according to the chart. I was awake for two hours after that, and remember looking at the time on my MP3 player (sleep-time Solfeggio!) ~ it showed 00:00

Cosmic Gateways ~ Broder Bilal ~ 19 July 2019

For those who are aligned with this message....

Source: Broder Bilal

Divine Timing of Rhythmic Sequences

Gateway Influxes - More Solar Activity - Heighted Senses and Awareness

* Core Activation every Month. Dates 3-4-5

* Further Energetic Acceleration every Month. Dates 11-12-13

* Integration with the Gateways Influx . Dates 20-21-22

* More Integration and with a Clearing Phase. Dates 27-28-29

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

* Phase One 3 July - Completed

* Phase Two 17 July - End of July Month

* Phase Three - Unknown

Post-Eclipse update on the Freedom Codes and Quake Activations ~ Sandra Walter ~ 19 July 2019

Source: Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloveds ~

Happy post-eclipse passage. We are in a truly path-shifting, amplifying phase now.

Last week’s article on the Earthquakes and release of Freedom codes has been updated to include some extra details on Mono Lake and the Freedom code activation. There is a LOT going on upstairs, and the behind-the-scenes acceleration is ON.

A BIG acceleration is in progress. I encourage everyone to take a moment and read through this heavily light-encoded intel, since it DIRECTLY relates to higher timelines and the 2020 unfoldments, already in progress.

Please join us for the SUNday Unity Meditations.

Please read on....

19 July 2019

Higher Frequency Manifestation ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 19 July 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

Please just take what resonates, and discard if it doesn’t. It’s a long post, you make want to come back to.

For the sake of explanation here, I will use the labels 3D, 4D, 5D, knowing in truth, they are just words to describe frequencies of energy that house fields (a field is a set of multiple energetic light laws that govern an energetic bandwidth we label as a dimension, just for the sake of explaining in words.

I will share at right timing, what we can label “CHRIST CONSCIOUS ALCHEMY of DIVINE MANIFESTATION”, that human beings can become; utilising their human vessel and energy directly, in open Awareness with/of Source, for Source. But for now, this post is an explanation of the Laws of Energy and how they work for US. And how we can change. I have written of this many times before, but it seems perfect timing to go through again at this current collective timeline:

The brain does not ‘know’. The brain learns. The heart KNOWS. The Heart Portal, an energetic gateway to the Eternal KNOWING.

During our experience here, we entered a paradigm, era, modality, influence, via a veil of amnesia, that uses PREDOMINANTLY the mind. We learnt how the brain was able to PROCESS information and stimulus. We then utilised the mind, in that capacity, to make our decisions for us. This method, learnt at childhood, instilled at school, university, work place, within families, social interactions, society, governments, countries. To make decisions from mind, not heart.

The Laws of energy within the fields of 3D and 4D allow for manifestation, restricted and constrained within those fields of 3D and 4D. There are energetic seals within each being, and within each dimensional bandwidth that protect upper fields/higher fields from any lower energetic influence. So whilst a person can create abundantly and creativity within 3D and 4D, where all possibilities of 3D and 4D manifestation types already exist, it STAYS with those paradigms. A huge infinite potential within each field, yet contained. Until the person raises their internal energetic frequency and lives, within the higher frequency energy bandwidth of 5D, another field that has other energetic Laws, that allows access to higher and higher fields of light energy created by Creator.

At 5D, and above, the mind is not the maker of decisions. The heart is. The frequency of 5D and the Laws within its field dictate this. So again, infinite potential is available within that different field, but it is within a Unified, heart based paradigm. A field where each decision is made by an individual facet or collectively as a group, where the WHOLE, All that Is, is at the forefront of every decision. The highest good, highest answer, is permanently being taken into account by each.

In the 4D Ascension corridor, a temporary dimension to reside in, in transit to 5D, we hear, learn, embody more and more, the KNOWING of the Heart. The journey is, to come out of the MIND based influence of decision making, and live by the heart. It can be a difficult transition for multiple individual reasons, set within a society and programmed mind patterning that teaches us, that in the world within our dream scenario, the mind is in charge. That the mind has the power over others. The mind can influence. The mind knows best. The mind is the intelligence. And all the while...the heart waits patiently, as eternal love, for the ego to quieten down. And listen, finally, to the heart.

Here is the stark truth:
The mind is a processor. After ‘Awakening’, we do inner work on ourselves, to see, understand, clear, cancel out the distortive programming the mind has operated by, and thus lived and existed by. As each result of clearing old belief systems of the mind, neural pathways fire up and begin linking, activating the existing dormant neural pathways in the brain. The firing up, starts in the brain, and with continued inner work on our human patterns that create behaviour, thoughts, words, actions, that create OUR dream, the firing up of neural activity begins its stimulation and activation of the whole of the human body. It is, a sequence. It takes time, is a process, adding more, more, more energetic activity to the brain and body. The energetic activity is in wave form. Beginning with electrical sparks from one cell to another via the nerve pathways. A sequence over time, that builds into multiple patterns and pulses in brain and body. One active sequence/pattern, is an ARC wave that moves between the front of the head, to the heart centre, and back. It pulses, moves back and forth, in programmed sequence, during our ascension path. There is a subtlety to this. And the parallel that plays out for the HUMAN, is that they begin to let go of the idea, that mind is the DECISION MAKER. They begin to see, understand, finally accept, that their own decisions, are HIGHEST in frequency, HIGHEST for their life and path, HIGHEST for the WHOLE, if made by their heart. So as the brain and heart energetically connect over our awakening time, via the sequence of waves and pulses in ARC formation, so too, in parallel, at the same time, the human becomes more and more heart based. Listens more and more to their heart. Experiences the internal fights with the mind and ego that has ruled their life, reality, dream. It is not that we negate the mind. It is that the mind comes to KNOW, via ascension process and ascension experiences, that the heart has THE ETERNAL KNOWING the mind does not possess as a processor. Eventually, at perfect timing for each, the brain ‘marries’ the heart. In a unison. Where the heart has access to the INFINITE, the mind can then think, speak, act from that unison...in perfect harmony with the heart. The energetic ARC is then completely engaged. And at this point, the mind experiences PEACE, harmony, inner sanctuary. No inner fight. As it’s preferred state. It is only achieved permanently, via this process, a huge journey for the human and the human WILL to want it, to FINALLY (!) surrender. If their is no Will, there is no process. The human has to want it, give way to it, be open, surrender again and again at different stages of their path. Human WILL, for the process to begin, go through, stick with, and finally change their way of being. Where their consciousness is no longer IN the dream, but observes the dream from outside of it.

It is this HUGE and significant change to the human, the merge of mind to heart portal, that brings about KNOWING.

KNOWING v NOT KNOWING, in regards to Manifeststion:
The difference between 3D, 4D and the newer 5D state of being, is KNOWING. On the ascension, we increase our human energy frequency, receive data and various life experiences worked through, that produce KNOWINGS. We can’t undo a KNOWING, once known.

At 3D and 4D living, we can all manifest within that field. But we manifest based on the brain at that frequency of 3D and 4D. That brain, at that frequency and operation is in NOT KNOWING, a separation to ETERNAL KNOWING. It resides in beliefs and brain distortions that are not our higher and higher truths of our true existence. We can therefore manifest yes, but limited to those fields to PLAY IN and LIVE IN. We are therefore ONLY ever manifesting WITHIN THE DREAM we may be wishing to exit. What we manifest is not serving the highest good in its shear totality of Oneness, as we are not in a KNOWING STATE of unity and oneness. We can understand Unity, read it, belief in it, yet we are not that STATE yet.

At 5D, we become the KNOWER. Via the merging of brain and heart, as one cohesive way of operating and exisiting. We KNOW, therefore we are. With the certainty of inner KNOWING, we manifest from a state of unity and oneness with and for all things. Embodying all is ONE, we become the KNOWING. We know what we want for our highest good which serves the whole, we know what serves us and what does not. We know that our inner joy serves all joy as it’s all about energy frequency. We know that BEING Love gifts us highest energetic frequency expansion and journey advancement and therefore serves the Whole. We know what can deplete us within and what adds to us, and therefore the Whole. We KNOW that the HEART portal is the entry to the infinite. We know we are the infinite expansion and all is US. And so it goes on. We KNOW. We have become the KNOWER.

Knowing, is a certainty. With that certainty, we manifest exactly what we choose, KNOWING it is done, KNOWING it is already there, feeling the excitement of it...for it is already created by Creator, awaiting our choice of it. Knowing it manifests QUICKLY, faster, because there is a change in our brain/mind that is 100% KNOWING how things work. We have changed from not knowing to knowing. From indecisive, to certainty. From blindness of the MIND behind distortion, to seeing clearly from the HEART. We add to all things in the highest trajectory, KNOWING everything we do affects everything else in creation. Knowing every thought affects the dream reality we are now observing being made manifest through us. We become divine creators of the heart, no longer the blind creators of a ‘separated’ mind. Because our heart portal IS the energetic link to eternal KNOWING in any present moment. And accessed via every breath of pure, aware intention.

Amanda Lorence
20 July 2019

Jason Estes Update ~ 19 July 2019

Source: Jason Estes

final 24 hour influx of July starts in a few hours, its a 4 point influx so it could be a bit stronger

just remember this too shall pass and take care of your body find sometime to connect to earth and allow her to assist you  

Trust vs Faith ~ Deep Dive #6 ~ Jason Estes & Todd Medina

Trust is needing someone or something else to hold on to, Faith is "Here I AM"

Source: MTVOTeam

Deep Dive #6, happening on Jason's FB page ♥ (link in the video)

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11th Secret to Success ~ Jason Estes ~ 18 July 2019

There is no better time to start being successful than now

Source: MTVOTeam

To learn more about the 11 Secrets to Success, check out the MTVOTeam YouTube channel and watch the video, "Jason Estes #20: 11 Secrets to Success".  

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