28 March 2017

Genesis of the Galactic Human Accelerates ~ Gaia Portal ~ 28 March 2017

Short and sweet. "Asterelles" could refer to something (or someone) star-like.

Source: Gaia Portal

Genesis of the Galactic human accelerates.
Stellars are incorporated into all Hue-creations.
Asterelles add to the Galactic constructs.

The Veil has Lifted ~ Jen Dundee ~ 13 March 2017

I've come across quite a few sources saying this same exact thing in recent weeks, but this is the first one I'm posting.....somehow I like her energy although I'm new to Jen Dundee.

If true, this is indeed a giant leap forward! We've previously heard about "cracks" in the Veil, and a few months ago one source even announced that it had been taken down (not!). So, I leave this to your own inner guidance, please.

Watch Jen talk about the removal, and what to expect, here.

**Note: Interestingly enough, I did a quick check on the energy situation around this timeframe of 12 - 13 March and found that it tied in to this:

and what Cobra reported in his post-Taiwan Ascension Conference report:


Sasquatch, Humanities Big Brother Race, Reveals The Soul Evolution of Mother Earth ~ somethgblue ~ 26 March 2017

This very informative article, written by somethgblue, was endorsed by Sunbow DawaOutah LomaKatsi ~ if you've read his Sasquatch messages, this is a good summary, with additional content. Sunbow's books can be found here.

Source: somethgblue on Hub Pages

Big Brother Race
I wrote an article about Sasquatch being Neanderthal Man, simply misidentified, based on information from Lloyd Pye's book Everything You Know Is Wrong and my own thinking on the subject. While I did get some of the information correct, the overall premise of the origins of the Sasquatch and the role they serve on this planet, as the Big Brothers of humanity and Guardians of all life on Earth, was flawed. In this article, Sasquatch, Humanities Big Brother Race, Reveals The Soul Evolution of Mother Earth, I will set the record straight, while introducing new information I have gained on this subject..

As with most, mysterious stories and folklore, at least, concerning Sasquatch or Bigfoot, the biggest detractor to this mythology is the lack of evidence, either physical (a body or skeleton) or in the form of clear photographs or video. However this can be easily explained by the habits, paranormal abilities and elusive nature of the Sasquatch. Because this being is also a threat to the current Powers That Be, much of the evidence that has been collected in the last 100 years by researchers and scientists, has been censored from public examination. There currently exists today a preponderance of physical evidence and anecdotal eyewitness testimony showing that indeed another sentient bi-pedal humanoid species exists here on Earth.

The elusive nature of the Sasquatch Race and its unique paranormal psychic abilities has prevented mankind from interacting with this species for the last few thousand years. The human race's unwillingness to accept the metaphysical sciences and its relationship to nature, into their educational paradigm, prevents the majority of humanity from even recognizing or exploring these kinds of subjects and for that matter many similar topics such as the Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilizations, Hollow Earth and Aliens and UFOs. Due to this conditioning all parties concerned are simply unwilling to expose this subject to the general population, and yet they are all interrelated.

What needs to emphasized here is the amount of ridicule and scorn concerning the topic of Big Foot or Sasquatch by the Mainstream Media, prevents many researchers, scientist and even eye witness testimony from coming forward with new evidence. However as this topic becomes more mainstream and recognized what is being learned is that the history of Sasquatch goes far back into the annuals of recorded history, not just in North America but world wide. Many researchers feel that the reason this subject is being so thoroughly ignored in the scientific community is that the Sasquatch may hold the key to unlocking humanities past that has been censored from our education for so long.

Please read on.....

If You Understand Everything.....

** If you understand everything, you must be misinformed.  ** Proverb **

Source: Collective Evolution

Solar Activity Update ~ Aluna Joy Yax'kin ~ 28 March 2017

Another Solar energy brief, this time from Aluna Joy. The image above is current at time of posting.

Source: Aluna Joy

It seems our work to send unconditional love is being met with some strong solar energy and recent northern lights. In spite of the huge magnetic spike today, I am doing better than usual! This is a clue we are truly learning to use universal forces to uplift earth and humanity.

Still ... You might want to stay out of any drama today. Do not allow your emotions to derail you. You might feel grumpy, uncomfortable in your own skin, agitated or just plan tired. Personal issues will appear to be larger than they really are. Breathe, step back and allow the energy to dissipate before you act. Be extra kind to everyone, as no one can escape a magnetic storm, and we have no idea how our interactions with others truly effects them.

Blessing to all.

Solar Activity Update ~ Celia Fenn ~ 28 March 2017

It's still storming and flaring (see image below). Celia Fenn has a short update about our Sun and its current activity.

Source: Celia Fenn

The sun is very active at the moment.

Apart from geomagnetic storms, new and potentially powerful sunspots are forming after a long period of solar inactivity.

Together with the sun moving into Aries and the New Moon in Aries ....it seems that we are preparing for some shifts and changes on the Earth.

The activity of the Sun is always an indicator that Energy is shifting and changes are getting ready to manifest.

Stand by!

You may be feeling energy symptoms such as insomnia, dizziness and generally feeling "under the weather" at the moment. Be good to yourself and take it easy. Remember to stay in your center and keep your Energy Signature radiant and powerful! 💗


A Perfect Sphere 'CME' Reveals a BIG 'Dark Object' Behind the Sun ~ MrMBB333 ~ 26 March 2017

This is incredible footage ~ please view here.

Thanks to Unleashing Natural Humanity for posting this (the shorter version).


The forecast is stormy until the 31st, then "disturbances" for the first five days of April.

I believe that we need to consider the very probable possibility that existing instruments are not designed to measure the New Energies streaming in; they may cause the instruments to register peculiar readings if the energies happen to be detected.

This is the current Solar Flare activity (C-class flare registerd).....

After several days of Solar charts looking like this:

And then we have these.....
Space Observing System

Space Observing System