14 August 2018

Monarch's Way, Nr Fonthill Bishop, Wiltshire - 13 August 2018

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The words Orions Belt, crossing, time codes, counting, timeline, come to mind.

More later.

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I was supposed to also include Stargate and Portal.

For some strange reason, the rectangular formation reminds me of an abacus, I think that's why "counting" came to mind. It also looks to me like a window, or a scaled "corridor" of some sort, where you can go through a series of "steps" or "levels".

SkyWatch: Illinois ~ 7 August 2018

This video clip can be viewed here at Clima Extremo.

Shared by the Galactic Historian Team, who says:

Can be a big cloud Spaceship ,a Dragon elemental or an other dimensional realm visible to us!Amazing !?
-GH Team

Heart Light ~ Mooji

Your Heart
is the light of this world.
Don't cover it with your mind.

Three Eclipses & the Lion's Gate Portal ~ Nora Herold & the Pleiadian Collective ~ 11 August 2018

Thank you, Brenda Williams, for sharing this.

Source: Nora Herold

Thank you, Merry Jones, for transcribing this very timely piece from our transmission on Tuesday.

Nora Herold and the Pleiadian Collective—Excerpt from the -8-7-18 Teleconference

Three Eclipses and Lion’s Gate Portal

"Now you’re gearing up for another major timeline jump and as we said during the eclipse transmission, this timeline jump is going to take you to a version of your now moment that will look and feel like the moment you thought you were going to land on a couple of years ago, (but) with some adjustments. You’re going to go to the moment that is the closest approximation of that moment (when we jumped to an unexpected timeline 2 years ago) based on everything that has occurred for you all in the last 2 years.
 Everything! The last 2 years have given you all an opportunity to collectively and individually transmute trauma at a rate that we have not seen before on your world.

One of the things this (3rd) eclipse is going to give you is an upgrade in your power system which really goes in tandem with the Lion’s Gate Portal. And solar eclipses are almost always, for you all, a reset in your power structure.

So, you had the first solar eclipse that occurred back around July 12th and that reset your power systems. And then you had the lunar eclipse (on July 27) that was this massive emotional experience for you all. And now you’ve got this next solar eclipse on August 11th (from 1:02am to 4:30am PDT). And during that period of time (when a lot of you might be sleeping) you’re going to experience these upgrades to your power system, which means that for a moment you’ll experience the illusion of being disconnected or shut off from your sense of source.

And you’ll play some of that out this week. So there may be times this week where issues around feeling powerless, or incapable, or incapacitated, or disabled, or sometimes you might just find you feel really kind of stupid (chuckles) like you can’t line up your words or whatever it is, however you play it out for yourself. You might find yourself running into that experience and creating that experience for yourself this week as a part of preparing to run the illusion of being disconnected from source energy, your own source of power, so you can then reboot in a higher way.

So, you’re playing a lot right now with power in your own lives, and then as you’re witnessing and experiencing your collective reality."

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Full Recording Here

Christ Consciousness Existence ~ Marco Lopor ~ 13 August 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

Kundalini rising and Mass awakening are two faces of the same coin, what is happening around is that every human being focused on Spiritual Growth is facing the Shadow Self and the Ego Mind, releasing all lower Energies from the aura.

Like a cup that must be empty in order to be filled again, this releasing aspect allows the Higher Self to come in and take over.

This is the activation of the Light Body.

The reason is Simply technical. When we say let go what no longer serves your Higher purpose we mean, in a Multidimensional perspective, to literally let these lower Energies that were occupying your biological system before the inner work, to be released from your Energy Field.

During this purging process you May feel fear and anxiety, but it is really something temporary because you Will notice that, when these lower Energies leave your aura, if you keep an Higher vibrational frequency, they Will never come back again and you Will be free and perpetually fully connected to Source.

No lack of Energy anymore. That is why you Need to eat less After the activation of the Light Body. That is why you Can live longer.

Your Energy System becomes efficient and autosustainable.

This is the Real Second Coming of Christ.

Natural Torsion Fields and Anti-Gravity ~ Wisdom Teachinds with David Wilcock ~ S30:Ep1

Thank you to Wes Tozer for sharing this.

Please view here.

As a new season begins, we explore the secret, hidden laws of nature that permit levitation in plants, insects and eventually, human beings. David Wilcock begins the exploration into naturally occurring torsion fields and their effects on gravity.

Energy Update 8/13 ~ Aluna Ash

Aluna Ash's energy update for the 13th is here. I find that I'm resonating very strongly with this update.  
  • The following are just very brief mentions of some of the topics Aluna brought up. Please listen to the video message for full details.
  • We will be able to access very advanced (Galactic) technology in the near future
  • New contracts with Galactic-level and beyond, this is dependant upon the individual's Star origin
  • Aluna's Galactic protection against Draconian influence, and some may be experiencing this negative interference over next few weeks, especially if you are doing public Lightwork
  • Beginning September, things will start moving forward, blockages removed
  • Purging/healing/release may complete for many by end of this week
  • Many forced into stillness during retrogrades for months
  • October ~ Oversoul/Monadic unions will occur for many
  • Physical changes for the better including in diet and energy
  • Telepathy is next stage in Human evolution
  • Starseeds are here to template this new crystalline construct and grid
  • Focus on our inner work, everything will unfold at exactly the right time
  • Accelerated progress will occur
  • Pay attention to people who come into our lives, there's no need to actively seek them out
  • "Petrified Wood" card ~ connection with Tree Spirits, Wisdom and guidance from ancestors (more from around the 34-minute mark).

Full DIsclosure Global Meditation on 18 August 2018

 "We Are Disclosure"

Another global meditation coming up ~ 11:11am MST and 11:11pm MST on 18 August 2018.

Source: Full Disclosure Project

"Dreams look real, but they're in your mind, so you realize that the physical world is also a construction, which shows that the mind can affect reality in more ways than you can imagine." - Stephen LaBerge

Join us in co-creating the optimal future for humanity. Global Mass Meditation @ 11:11 on 8.18.18. We are Disclosure. It is up to us.