30 September 2016

The Is-ness ~ Alex Collier ~ 23 September 2016

Alex Collier read this out during his 17th Webinar (23 September 2016). I was very glad to discover that JP had extracted this part and uploaded it on youtube. Alex mentioned that Moraney had asked him to read it out during the webinar ~ it was given to Alex on 24 February 1995. You can listen to it here.

Here's the transcript:

"The worship of the Isness is silent and solitary, free from all self-seeking. The silence is a necessity, as all speech is feeble and imperfect. Therefore, as with your ancestors and ours, their spirits in consciousness would ascend out of time and space to the Isness in word-less adoration and feelings. There are no priests or saviours authorised to come between a Soul and our Maker. Each experience is personal and different than one another and should not in any way be meddled with or even judged. Every Soul should become conscious of the Divinity that it is, itself. There should be no shrines or temples among you except for Nature and care-taking of Nature by Mankind.

Be a real, natural, human being. Your real faith may not be formulated in the creeds as you have been taught, but from a deeper portion of yourselves, that you have forgotten or you choose to ignore. Temples were built upon your Planet to honour and worship the Extraterrestrial Beings believed to be gods. The Isness can be worshipped by honouring yourself and that which is given you. By honouring yourself you honour the Isness because you are truly one and the same. It is important to remember that the Isness does not place value upon the material fabric of time. This has only been created so that we as Souls could learn more about ourselves and return with our experiences to contribute to the Creation of ourselves. The rituals and offerings and sacrifices of other symbolic objects only means something to you. The Isness is only interested in your intent, the path of your heart. Look to the highest happiness and the motive for power in your existence. Do not look with ill upon those of simplicity or poverty.

The goal of one's path, regardless of lifetimes or lifeforms is not the accumulation of wealth and the enjoyment of material luxury. It is to discover your true self, that which is apart from the Isness. It is that part of you which chose to leave the comfort and safety of all Eternity to fall into a concept of time and physicality. To become a true human being is the practice and constant embracing of your own essential Self, and from that place of Eternity, your thoughts, actions and emotions should emanate into the world. Human Beings should be vulnerable, open, focused, strong, and flexible. In your world, the three concerns all of you must address personally are: Self-worth, Trust, and Expectation. Your Earth not only needs healing, she also needs a responsible and worthy companion, and that companion is you.

There is a great need for the men of your world to become intuitive and develop the Soul. Men must cultivate Unconditional Love on all levels. The men of your world are too aggressive and full of self-imposed loneliness. Please remember that all energy moves in a circle, so everything returns: the Love, the anger, the despair. Which do you choose to have inside your circle ~ Love, anger, or despair? Please, we ask you to acknowledge the fact that the Love that you withhold is the pain that you carry, so let Love warm your voice, let Love be the wonder to children's ears, let imagination create a world of unconditional responsibility. It will also change the order of the old world. Let your emotions give motion to the heroes that struggle within all of you, for the freedom to act, to be, to witness, and to apologise.

The responsibility of becoming a Human Being is great, but it is also natural. It is a prayer in motion. It is your evolution and free will in action. It is the flow of life and all things. So love the Earth and make new Life, for children are always a new beginning. Most of you have yet to discover a world you have already discovered."

29 September 2016



Acknowledge, accept and assimilate all these Divine energies with Love and Gratitude!

Expect more over the next few days.


September Frequency Peak, Wave X, New Earth and the Shift in Consciousness: The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 9 ~ Laron and Lai ~ 26 September 2016

I enjoyed reading this QHHT account ~ much of it is in alignment with what we've been told by other sources who provide a Cosmic view of what's going on with our Planet and her Humanity, specifically the Ascension Process, albeit from a different angle. I'm also very surprised but glad that they talked about the Trees and their enhanced healing properties.

In this account, Lai identifies the four main sources of transformational energies that are currently beaming into our Solar System ~ a comet, a meteor, Nibiru, our Sun and the Galactic Centre. Alkesh and Amun have identified that a major source of energy is coming in from beyond our Galactic Sun. Judy Satori has said that it's from the Great Galactic Centre, the Sun of the diamond-shaped formation consisting of 22 galaxies, one of which is the Milky Way.

Lai provided a name for the comet, similar to "Lnin". Perhaps it's Elenin? And the 2013 meteor that he mentioned ~ could it have been the Chelyabinsk meteor that was disintegrated by Lightships?

What could be the most important message in this account is that the focus on New Earth has diminished somewhat, and this has adversely impacted its "formation", which is now progressing slowly. We will need to keep up with our intention and visions for our new world so that its manifestation would be greatly accelerated.

Please go over to Transients to read about Lai's QHHT session.

28 September 2016

Standard Bearings are Inspected and Cleansed ~ Gaia Portal ~ 28 September 2016

For some reason, this makes me think of ball bearings that need to be in tip-top condition so that we can get into high gear and be ready to roll!

Source: Gaia Portal

Standard bearings are inspected and cleansed.
Night missions are completed.
Messianics are released.
Fluorescents ignite the show.

The Solar Force Re-Awakens: Parts 1 & 2 ~ Stephanie South ~ 27 September 2016

Archetype of Sun
I am the Enlightened One
Coded by the Yellow Sun
My number is Twenty
The Universal Totality
In Meditation was I conceived
From Meditation was I born
I am the Higher Truth and Renewer of Life
I turn the Cosmic Wheel of the Law
Giving Mind Teachings among the Stars
I am the Harmonic Keeper of Infinite Light
Many names am I called
But they only name my outer form
My fiery cloak you call the Sun
I am the fulfillment of the prophecy of Hunab Ku
Awakening all beings simultaneously is my task
In many places have I awakened
And every place I go
I know only by the name Tollan
Tollan of the Awakened Ones
To know me is to know
The Light of Truth that Illumines all things.      

Please read Part 1 here, Part 2 is here.

27 September 2016

Math and Spiritual Growth ~ Essence Ka tha'ras ~ 25 September 2016

Source: Shambahalla and New Earth

Earlier I ran across this little math problem as I was scrolling through FaceBook. I don’t know where this came from originally, if I did I would mention the source. This article is the result of me working out this math problem and the ensuing thoughts it created for me. Those thoughts prompted me to share this math problem on my personal page and in a FB Group I started, First Wave Blue Ray Indigos & Indigos Home, to see if I would get any feedback on it.

Before I go any further I just want to state that all I am sharing here are my thoughts on this. I’m not saying this information is true or relevant to anyone but me. I’m just sharing! Now remember, I am a Numerologist and a Spiritual Growth Guide and Awakening Facilitator, so I am looking at this through that lens.

First, to everyone who responded… Thank you for playing.

Secondly, believe it or not, I was not so much interested in seeing how many people could get the right answer to the math problem as I was in seeing IF people would answer, and IF they did what their answer would be.

Let me explain why, but first let me share the answer to the math problem; or at least what I believe the answer to the math problem to be.

Please read on.....


Dragon Portal Initiation ~ Cobra ~ 26 September 2016

** UPDATE(S) **
I had to enlist the help of a very dear friend to help me translate the Chinese characters. For my non-Chinese speaking readers ~ the main characters in the third image means "east garden", or east wing of the building. The lower characters may refer to the dawn of Light or facing the Light, a time of splendor. The paintings in the last picture have to do with the Laws of Nature and how they govern Life, how the Universe was created, perhaps also the creation of Souls. This is likely based on ancient Tao philosophy.

Thank you so very much, dear Jenny!!

PS. I forgot to mention that the tags on this update are very telling.....Agartha Network, Blue Dragons, Compression Breakthrough, TA-O.....


This update from Cobra consists of five seemingly innocuous-looking photos, without any text. There's an intriguing puzzle there to be solved.....

Please head over to The Portal for the rest of the images.

This encouraging report also appeared on the same day:
EXMOSS clear matter sequence in progress