23 February 2019

Trust Your Inner Unicorn ~ Buddha Doodles ~ 22 February 2019

Trust your inner Unicorn ~ Buddha Doodles
Flowing from one Unicorn message to another....

The Magic of Unicorns ~ Diana Cooper ~ 22 February 2019

Source: Diana Cooper

πŸ¦„ More and more unicorns are pouring into the planet now, especially very high frequency ones. Already there are more of these wondrous illumined beings to help us than there were in the golden era of Atlantis. At that time everyone was fifth dimensional and only the High Priests and Priestesses could reach the sixth dimension – and then only for brief periods.πŸ¦„

Currently more and more lightworkers are touching the sixth dimension during meditation and ascension work. And so they are attracting ninth, even tenth, dimensional unicorns who are pouring divine feminine energy into us, bringing wisdom, oneness and change.

Visualisation to open the Gateway within your Casual Chakra to the Angelic Realms Sit quietly in a place where you will be undisturbed.

⚡️Light a candle if possible and dedicate it to the expansion of your Causal chakra. A beautiful white angel stands in front of you. She smiles as she holds out her hand and you take it. She leads you up a spiritual mountain until you reach a vast etheric shimmering pearl. The angel tells you it is your Causal chakra. It is your peace chamber.⚡️⚡️

How does it feel as you enter? Take a moment to look round.

And then unexpectedly the might Archangel Christiel himself glides in and greets you. His bright all seeing blue eyes look into yours. You stand in his aura. He gently places a silver white Flame of Peace into your energy fields and you feel old emotions and densities simply evaporating. Archangel Christiel conducts you to the other side of your Causal and you suddenly notice a gateway of exquisite mother of pearl.

How big is it? The gate opens and you step into the angelic kingdom. Here angels, archangels, unicorns and Christed dragons greet you.πŸ¦„πŸ‰

They all acknowledge you and a tiny flame of love and peace enters your heart with each greeting.πŸ”₯

When you are ready you return through the mother of pearl gates into your Causal chakra. Leave the gate wide open. From now it will open wider as your chakra expands.

Thank Archangel Christiel and his angel and then return to the room.

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Gratitude is Gold ~ Lee Harris ~ 22 February 2019

Please listen to this short clip here.

If I'm not mistaken, it's an excerpt from Lee Harris' February Energy Update.

Your Truth ~ Lee Harris ~ 22 February 2019

It is important for you to know your Truth
Source: Lee Harris

It is important for you to know your truth. 

The world is moving fast, yes, but so are you. 

The key to riding the speed of light in yourself is to work on connecting with the light, putting yourself in light experiences and relationships and being clear about who you are and who you are not in all of your interactions with other people, other places, other opportunities. 

And feeling no shame or drama around when you have to let go and move on. ⁣⁣⁣
- From Light Years (2019-2022): The Era of Higher Harmonics⁣⁣⁣

Transmutation ~ Eric Raines ~ 22 February 2019

Source: Eric Raines

Covering trauma with love and light only creates repressed emotion that will come to the surface eventually.

Transmutation is key. Focus so much on what you wish to experience that everything not on that level is forced to surface.

Clean out the stagnancy as it comes up. The body always works from the highest priority to the least. All you have to do is pay attention and turn what you do not enjoy into what you do.

It truly is easy once you understand how trauma release works.

Darkness to light.

Celia Fenn Updates ~ 22 February 2019

Source: Celia Fenn

Wowzer....energetic crazy time....After the Sirius Eclipse/Full Moon we have entered into a flow of strong plasma energy from the Sun that is disrupting the Schumann Resonance more than a wee bit !!!!!!

Then today there was a 7.7 Earthquake in Peru/Ecuador. I find this interesting because this is roughly the area where the Sirius Eclipse was focussed.

Things are moving and shaking!

If you are a sensitive/empath I am sure you will be feeling this energy as dizziness and movement in the head and crown chakra. There may also be nausea and anxiety and other symptoms.

The Earth is in an intense process of realignment.

Please take care of yourself and stay hydrated. Where I am it is very hot and all I can do is stay cool and rested and drink lots of liquids.

I feel that these waves of cosmic energy will continue to affect the planet for the rest of the month and into March.

So...keep riding the waves.....

Love to all of you


Have just been reading some of the posts about the concentric rings coming from the Sun and the Plasma bursts. 
Most people are reading this as the Sun in transition. 
My guidance is that the Sun is projecting Light Codes and energies that are aimed at "switching on" the New Masculine Light Codes in the DNA. Once that is achieved we will move out of Solar Minimum and back into regular Solar Flares that will build and activate the New Masculine.

This is hard work for all of us......switching on DNA Codons that were switched off thousands of years ago. But we can do it. Our DNA was designed to know when to realign and switch back to "creation imprint".

So if you are taking strain in the body, it is probably your DNA booting out all the crap and reverting to Divine Angelic template settings.

Heliplot Readings


Again, an appropriate segue from the previous post. Thank you for this link, David πŸ’œ

The data is updated every 30 minutes, so I will screenshot some of the readings to give a snapshot view of the activity.

Here for the readings:



Solar Activity Reading

This may register on conventional instruments as extremely low solar activity, but it doesn't mean nothing is happening. Existing instruments are simply unable to detect other than what they are meant to detect.

It's really busy "out there" ~ our Spirit Tech is able to detect it :)