28 April 2017

Assess, Reset and Strengthen - Maureen Moss - 28 April 2017

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Dearest Hearts,

Last month I wrote The Pace Quickens … and it did. It was a tough month. On many days it was an overwhelming month...conflicting, emotional, insistent, new and old thought-provoking and weary-making. It was all that and a power and potential surge, along with being one of fascinating awareness.

Now it is important to get your bearings for this next couple of weeks before the next highly active heart-centered passage into a more stabilized liberated state of being and creativity picks up momentum towards the end of the month.

Breathe. Take a good and loving hold of yourself and let the energies settle. Gently clear away fall-out from last month, tend to your body (and frayed nerves,) notice what new awareness’s/Truths you have discovered about your self and your Self, and shore up or set up a stabilized field in which to integrate them.

Using your inner eyes and heart have a look at you as You are becoming. Feel you as You are becoming. Use these next few weeks to assess, reset and strengthen. And, have some fun!

It has been hell being who we are not for countless lifetimes… or even a few… and then being pushed and shoved blindly and for years now, into becoming, transforming, reclaiming, revaluing and orientating to this unfolding, united and whole true version of our Selves while simultaneously learning how to lovingly safeguard this Self so the other version of ourselves is incapable of derailing it. Give yourself some LOVE.

Your Evolution
This evolution and conversion to return to the Galactic/Source/God of our Selves while in a physical body is so far beyond our perception of it, or the writings or tellings of others.

The profundity of witnessing and experiencing our very complex selves first hand, rapidly now, fading further and further into the belonging to another time is our new Reality. And, one in which to strengthen and come into rapport with now before we begin anew to carefully and peacefully synthesize… with greater awareness and precision… the next phase of our evolution, which will include a deeper manifestation of our Soul into body and playing with the probability of all things becoming.

Energies Now
The vibrational patterning for humanity to move consciousness into manifestation (from self to Self) is in a phenomenal state now and in place for us to reach a higher more astutely aware and active level and operation of our truest Self than it ever has been.

This in great part is due to the now substantially weakened magnetic field of the Earth… a field that locked down anything more than fleeting high vibes, blocked our memories, gas lighted (manipulated) both our capabilities and experiences of our True Selves, and suppressed Earth's true frequency… each one affecting the other dramatically.

The weakening of the magnetic field has occurred, in part, as a result of our tireless efforts to wake UP our consciousness and shake this Not True Life out of ourselves, in spite of the magnetics. As we shift our consciousness (and thoughts,) the waves emitting from our brains also shift, which in turn greatly affects the magnetic field and resonance of this earth…as do the stars, sun and moon. Powerful beings we are.

Out of the weakness now comes strength and ability to more easily upgrade and steady our frequency giving us new, vital, exponentially expanded life force and abilities… as well as restoring Earth's true heartbeat.

Humanity came with a pre-conceived idea of how they would change both life and earth. The Divine idea faded under great duress, though was held in gestation until such a time as this came upon them.

With the field of all things possible now pulsing with activity, and our frequency and the Earths frequency speeding up we can far more readily flip the switch on our operating systems… from human to Divine… from self to Self.

As You Move Forward
Don’t be surprised though by the ‘flickers’ or even power outages you are bound to feel as time unfolds, nor deterred if a few more perfect storms don’t blow your way as a means to capsize and short circuit what lingers of the identity of the old you, be it a thought, emotion, habit or pattern. Keep your eyes fixed on Your Self.

One phase at a time your former way of being is going completely offline and the true way of your Being coming online.

Live lightly on the earth now…all of it is passing. Your Beloved Self cannot come forth from that which has been created, only from your Self…creating now. Be in service to Your Self and never look away.

Assess, Reset and Strengthen. Keep letting you go…letting you go…letting you go… passing over all that was until nothing remains but space for You to come fully on line. Use the next couple of weeks to perceptively, wisely and peacefully merge and ground more consciously and lovingly with the true You. This piece is crucial to the next upcoming phase.

And then, with the fire of the Divine Spirit that is in You, after a few weeks rest, harmonize with the energies at hand and watch as your Self ardently begins crafting your new reality from a higher level of awareness and joy.

Maureen Moss, © 2016. 
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Gifts And Offering For You
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You will notice three different and poignant ways for you to open portals and gateways to the future of your Self. Each are supportive, empowering and a means of bringing clarity, and perspective directly to you as you move into the next phase of your evolution as a New Human and Galactic Citizen of the New Earth.

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May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!

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27 April 2017

The Saturn Spotlight

UFO Insight

Yesterday, while researching Clove Oil using the g-search engine (I try to avoid certain keywords on this blog so as not to attract unwanted search hits), I saw the Cassini doodle (watch it here). It was a tribute to the soon-to-be-doomed space probe ~ that's the "official" version. The doodle showed Cassini "aiming" its camera at Saturn, taking "shots", and looking very pleased. There's no doubt it's a very cute animation and it could very well be just an innocent tribute, but I do wonder if there's a hidden meaning behind it, given the real situation on our Planet and beyond. More on that later.

Then I came across Lisa Renee's article about "Alien Hybrids and 12 Tribe Healing", and it was about Saturn. There were a couple of things in the article that I needed to clarify (and I'm still trying to clarify, which is why I hadn't posted it). The connection between the doodle and Lisa's article was not lost on me.

Then later, I saw that Sandra Walter had come out with an update, "Applying Knowledge to Gain Wisdom".  In it, she talked about synthetic timelines and their relation with Saturn, as well as Syria. I was piqued by then. Granted, Sandra had mentioned Saturn in an earlier post, "Evolution of Realities: Opening the Cosmic Stargates",  but the connection remains.

Then today, Denise Le Fay came out with an article all about....Saturn! She also mentions both Lisa Renee's and Sandra Walter's articles about the same subject.

My intention behind this personal post isn't anything profound at all ~ I'm merely sharing the related events that I experienced since yesterday. Lisa Renee's article generally talked about the negative intent and agenda behind Saturn, while Sandra's hinted about some clearing targetted towards the Planet. Denise's update gives more detail about this clearing, which has been on-going.

That's not all. There's another connection that I would like to bring up, and that's a group encounter I had with a most enthusiastic David Icke fan just a few days ago who talked about Saturn! And I'll leave it at that.....

And I can't possibly forget Cobra's updates that have mentioned Nasa and Saturn's moons ~ Peace Meditation Report and Short Situation Update.

Towards the end of yesterday, I did a quick reference at the FAQ site diligently created by Dragon Heart ~ I wanted to confirm Saturn's status with Cobra's intel. As far as I had remembered, he did confirm that much has been cleared on the Planet and Light Bases have been established but a few dark strongholds remain. You can read more here.

Coming back to the Cassini probe....Cobra had reported the following:

Speaking of NASA, its space probe Voyager has been hacked years ago by the Galactic Confederation as soon as it exited our Solar System, crossing the Tachyon membrane / outer barrier:


I can't help but wonder if they've got Cassini, too.....

Some More Multi-D Connections ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 26 April 2017

Seeing this update from Denise Le Fay made my eyes open wide ~ I will share my personal Synchronicities in the next post.

Source: High Heart Life

This is the astrological glyph for the planet Saturn, ruler of Capricorn. Briefly and simply, Saturn rules 3D physical reality and physical structure(s); it rules the energetic structure of physical reality. Saturn energetically holds the physical matter world together and in place. Saturn is the skeletal structure, the bones, teeth and skin of physical reality. Or it has been in the old lower 3D Earth world we all incarnated into. What Saturn, and all the other planets are in higher dimensions and levels of being, consciousness and reality is another story however.
As some of you know I’m a Capricorn, so I know a thing or three about Saturn in the old lower 3D ways. Heavy, very heavy, with zero wiggle room it is. Not the point of this quickie article, I just wanted to include that I know me some Capricornian Saturn!
I’m assuming that the majority of you reading this are also familiar with some of the profuse work that’s been done years ago about Saturn / Satan / the Goat / Satanism  etc. by other people such as David Icke, David Wilcock and others. Hold all that information off to the side for a moment as you continue reading, then mash them all together at the end for the grand finale bigger picture.
The other day Sandra Walter said something in an article about Saturn and the seven M-class, Saturn-facing Solar flares that happened recently.
“Passages of the Cosmic Stargate were unlocked last Saturday; a truly powerful experience. Read: Seven M-class Solar flares aimed at Saturn during that passage. That is all I may share at this moment; meditate on this.”  Sandra Walter – April 8, 2017, ‘Evolution of Realities: Opening the Cosmic Stargate.
I didn’t need to mediate on it because the moment I read that seven recent Solar flares were directed squarely and intentionally at Saturn, I knew what was happening and why and it is very positive. Old Team Dark (TD) pirated systems and Saturnian energetic structure holders (“Keepers”) have been deliberately wailed on, torn asunder, assailed by and through these recent super high-frequency Solar Light transmissions or flares. No more, this negativity and theft to continue maintaining TD agenda’s and systems on the hearts, backs, consciousness and lives of humans ends here and now in other words. (And people think, people believe that the Sun is just randomly spewing radiation energies out into space. Not hardly as there’s always so much more going on and it’s very intentional and directed, every time, no matter which direction the Solar flares, CMEs, winds, storms etc. are pouring out.)

Support for Mother Gaia ~ Message from Light Forces ~ Gabriel Raio Lunar ~ 26 April 2017

Much Love to our beautiful Mother....heightened activity is already occurring quake-wise. There's also an interesting (but confusing) report from BP Earth Watch regarding a cluster of asteroids passing (or have passed) near Earth.

Source: Disclosure News Italia

Message from The Light Forces

Support to Mother Gaia – Message from The Light Forces

The Light Forces have requested that as many people as possible send their positive vibrations to the San Andreas Fault and the entire Ring of Fire. This is not to generate fear, but only to support our beloved Mother Gaia who is going through a process of cliansing the old energies. As many as possible, men and women, girls and boys, sending all your loving support to our Mother Gaia.

“Dear Mother, We Are Here To Support You In This Transformation.
With You With All”

Pleiades 1 & Universal Dissolution Updates ~ Gabriel Raio Lunar ~ 26 April 2017

Universal Dissolution now at 46%, from 40% on 20 April. Please read more details here.

Source: Disclosure News Italia

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Seismic zones being assisted. California risk / unstable Ring of Fire. Meditation of Terranos requested. (Harbor* Patrol – Invoking Galactic Geological Patrol forces).
Encrypted information delivered soon. Casual decryption denied.
Zero* i in Magnetic* Junction analysis. Old fragments present: annulment of old fragments in 22% (non-regressive).
Signal harmonic conditions for proper advance.
Signs of PEACE are seen.
End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (In old frame suspension)
* Item in Glossary

Plenary Submissions are in Order ~ Gaia Portal ~ 26 April 2017

Being no expert in languages, this is just a guess at best, and apologies to those who speak German :)

From what I can gather, "farben" is "to colour/dye". The "heit" turns this into a noun, so perhaps we are "being coloured" with the new rays/energies? I'm thinking that the sentence following that is related, i.e. the "melanomas are dissolved" have a connection. Maybe some negative condition is being resolved by these "Farbenheits", and we are becoming more Cosmic in nature? Something to do with our genetically distorted "race" (Human Race) and now we are being healed back to our Divine Blueprint of the Human Template.

Source: Gaia Portal

Plenary submissions are in order.
Farbenheits have entered.
Melanomas are dissolved.
Star BEings unfold.

26 April 2017

The Essence of Forgiveness ~ Matt Kahn ~ 25 April 2017

Please watch the video here; I haven't yet viewed the entire talk.

Applying Knowledge to Gain Wisdom ~ Sandra Walter ~ 25 April 2017

Source: Energetic Synthesis

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The alchemical transmutation of emotions, karma and trauma into Divine Love can turn our baggage into our greatest strengths. These energies support the process of transforming discomfort, doubts, fears, mental pollution, and personal belief systems into alignment with the New Template. This is the alchemical process of creating the New Temple of the Divine Self.

Restructuring the Etheric: Reflected in the Physical Experience
Our Etheric bodies experience transformation first. Anchoring of crystalline structures within the body becomes stronger as etheric blockages, baggage, and personal akashic are transmuted. Stronger physical symptoms on a collective level indicate the clearing of a collective etheric level. More light can get in. There is accelerated transmutation within the unified field as the alignment of the Stargates and timeline split occurs.

Cosmic Stargates hold the intention to dissolve distortion by utilizing geometry, light and advanced harmonics. As with all of our experiences, this is just fractalization; reflections of what is occurring at much Higher levels of consciousness.

Our etheric fields are being restructured to compliment the New Template and DNA. It works in tandem with the activation of Solar aspects of the grids; that which was put into place for this potentiality. As the planetary experience Self-corrects to the timeline drop-off and 5D influx, it also pushes the body vehicle to self-correct, since the body belongs to Gaia. The split is being brought forth with as much ease and grace as possible. However when we encounter stronger shifts, it may feel like we are abandoning the right-through-the-body plan.

The energy becomes stronger, purer; a higher level of photonic frequency, or pure Divine Mother energy (that which births new creations). The energy creates more fertile soil for new creations to take root. As the soil becomes more supportive of pure tendrils of the New Earth, that which cannot grow in divine soil either surrenders to purification, or is relocated (weeded out) to a place where it may be purified. With each new level of Light, your Creator State is expanded; the revelation of Christ consciousness.

Please read on....