25 March 2019

Incoming Light Codes Energies & Simplicity ~ Pars Kutay ~ 24 March 2019

Robert Rohr
Source: Pars Kutay

We are NOW in the midst of powerful incoming Diamond / Plasma / Rainbow Light Codes Energies that are NOT only activating our original template, but also throwing off all and any distortions and alterations in our DNA Genetic Key patterns.

We are NOW experiencing the reactivation of our Divine Human Template within our DNA.

We have NOW reached that point where our DNA is BEing purged and cleansed, and we are reconnecting with our Divine Power and merging fully with our Higher SELVES.

This is a most beautiful time for Simplicity and we have been invited to interweave the Divine SOURCE's vibration of Simplicity into every area of our existence both physically and spiritually.

In accessing and embodying the Divine SOURCE energy of Simplicity we are creating space within our BEing, Mind, and Reality for us to engage with our Divine SELF (Higher Self).

Our Divine SELF is our view of ourselves which is beyond boundaries, limitations, and illusions. It is our essence, our relationship with the Divine SOURCE and our expression of the Divine SOURCE.

Our Divine SELF is our Knowingness of our ONENESS and Unification with the Divine SOURCE as well as the immense Love and Support the Divine SOURCE constantly shares with us.

To access our Divine SELF allows us to recognise all WE are capable of as a Sacred BEing and expression of the Divine SOURCE.

We Allow ourselves to BEcome a reflection of All That Is the Divine SOURCE, exploring and understanding this reflection upon the 5D New Earth.

We NOW make choices as to where we would like to BE and what we feel we want to BE doing to express our SOUL Purpose on the NEW Earth.

LOVE and Blessings,
Pars Kutay


Photo: Super Wave of Rainbow SpotLight Codes captured on March 13, 2019 over US 60 and Signal Butte, Arizona by Robert Rohr

SR Reading

"Free Will"

Jean Mannheim
This was something I wrote in my head some time ago ~ I do this quite a lot. Most of the times that I do this "mental writing", I never get around to posting it here on my blog for various reasons, one of which is very likely that I do too much of this type of writing :)  My "Writing Pensieve" is getting pretty full.

When I read Morag's channelled message today (here), I resolved to at least extract from the Pensieve a small portion of what I wanted to say about "Free Will". Here's a reminder of what the Andromedans said:
The Council of 12 have determined the free will of humanity is being suppressed.
Let's not say anything about this taking too darn long to "determine"....and anyway, to be fair, we need to bear in mind that what comes through always goes through the individual's filters first.

Instead, I would like to re-focus on this topic of "Free Will", which is something I find myself repeatedly writing over and over again (mentally) throughout recent years every time I come across a message that talks about Free Will.

There are some sources that say we do not have Free Will, while others nonchalantly talk about Free Will and how Humanity has Free-Willed itself into this (brutal) "Life Experience" on Earth.

Do we have Free Will? Yes, most undoubtedly, we DO. There's a "BUT".....

Here's my analogy of Humanity's Free Will at the current time:
It's like having a Goldfish in a basic bowl,  which sits at one corner of the living room. The Goldfish was birthed in this room, in another bowl, but was transferred to its own bowl when it was big enough.

Then one day, the Owner of this Goldfish approached it and announced, "Time for a change! And I'm letting YOU choose out of your own Free Will what sort of change you would like."

So the Owner holds up two new bowls ~ one in a sparkly aqua colour, and the other a neon teal. The Owner says chirpily, "You can choose whichever bowl you like, then you can choose whether you would like to remain in the living room or move to the kitchen! It's YOUR CHOICE, YOUR FREE WILL!"

And so the excited Goldfish exercises its FREE WILL and makes its choice, happy and overjoyed at being given this great opportunity and feeling sovereign that it was allowed to CHOOSE.

End of analogy. (As I said before, I'm no Aesop, but you know what I mean 😉)

That's us, the Goldfish and "Free Will". Yes, Humanity can exercise its "Free Will", but to all intends and purposes, this "Free Will" is at most horrifyingly limited.

The Goldfish can only choose between the two bowls, and two locations. It doesn't know of the river, pond, lake.....it doesn't know of the rooms and bathrooms and patio. It had a limited choice, the truth and scope of which was controlled by the Owner.

That's Humanity. We can exercise our "Free Will" based on what we know or see or understand. And what Humanity is allowed to know or see or understand (through conditioned "logic" and left-brain thinking) is woefully much less than the vast bodies of Truths that are hidden or suppressed.

That is not Free Will. That is a terrible imitation and distortion of Free Will, the true version of which was hijacked eons ago.

And throw in the implants, programming, conditioning and control systems. Free Will? Not really.

The closest we get to Free Will is when the Awakened ones make better and better choices based on truths that they continue to uncover/remember as they grow spiritually.

And if we can transcend Free Will and go for Divine Will, even better😊

Namaste and Blessings!


Since I posted some not-positive coded updates from Cobra a few days ago, I feel it's only appropriate to follow up with these indications of recovery and progress. (And note Cobra's use of an exclamation point....!)

From The Portal
  • SEP overconversion successful!
  • SD2 APR clearance approved
  • Evaluate SD2 surface target, preAN beta loop recovery, Project 501 update expected 190324

Pole Shift/Merge ~ Sheldan Nidle & Colleen Marshall

This was received via email, and I would like to copy it here. I had forgotten about what Sheldan Nidle said about the Pole Shift (Merge) ~ thank you, dear Colleen, for this timely reminder. Sheldan had explained the Pole Shift/Merge in one of his webinars a few years back.

This Pole Merge scenario somehow makes me think of the unification between ou Inner and Outer Earth civilisations as well.

PAO's website is here.

Colleen Marshall's message follows:

Greetings from Galactic Heart . . .

Recently, the north magnetic field/pole is on the move and migrating further south. This is causing a lot of speculation about a pole shift in our near future. It is true that our planet has experienced these magnetic pole shifts before ~ north becomes south and south becomes north. And this makes sense since we are a bi-polar planet of duality.

However, I will remind you of Sheldan's teaching ~ we will not experience the traditional pole shift. Our planet is becoming a mono-polar magnetic field. This is where the north magnetic field encompasses the outer surface of earth and the south magnet field/pole migrates inward. In science this is a mono-polar magnetic field. Mono meaning one or singular which also makes sense since we are going from a reality based on duality to a reality based on Oneness or Unity consciousness.

Remember, we are experiencing a dimensional shift so business as usual (pole flips) is not in the cards. I have kept this explanation very simple. If you are interested in more details, check out Sheldan's webinar ~ Escalating Earth Changes (Wenar #47)

Hope this simple explanation clears up any fear or confusion on a possible pole flip.

Join us tomorrow for a great interview with Scott Werner. He's had a couple NDE which changed his life forever. He is extremely knowledgeable about ascension symptoms and since he was a medical doctor he can help us navigate the question ~ ascension symptom or physical illness?

Selamat Ja!

Channeled Message from Andromedean Brother ~ Morag ~ 24 March 2019

"Their desperation comes from the urgency to anchor the Dark matrix to the material plane before the next shift. Enough remnants of the 3d matrix remain locked into human dna memory that most are unaware of the shift in their reality. The third shift will dismantle the 3d matrix for good. This is the root of the fear you are witnessing in their human counterparts."
When is the "third shift"? I can't remember if I've read about it here on Morag's site....

Source: Awakening 5D Healing

Greetings from the Andromedean Galaxy. We are your neighbours, friends and allies. We have our brothers and sisters present on your planet as light bearers. We see swirls of thick black shadow engulfing your inhabited spaces. We see the construction of future cities hidden from the population. The secrets run deep. Black energy, the vacuum of greed and hate, envelops the human collective consciousness. Negative coding runs through all motherboards.

Our allies in the skies and on the ground see all as we do. Crystalline lightwaves are being channelled through celestial portals to target this black energy and break it up. The energy has faces, remnants of past lives. The astral plane is being cleared to lighten the frequencies around the planet. We are here to offer words of comfort to those realigning to higher dimensional realms. The process each of you has undertaken will manifest as your soul journey and purpose. Many of you are finding breaking the programming very difficult. We would like to share with you ways you can break the negative coding and raise your inner vibration.

Breath is utmost importance for connecting the human mind body and soul. Part of the machinery of enslavement is to keep your breathing shallow, drawn into the throat only.

Perpetual breath into throat limits energy flow into the lower and upper chakras. By breathing in a shallow manner the chi circulation is lessened, blocked and eventually cut off. To switch on your energetic being focus on deepening and lengthening the breath. Change how you breathe. Slow it down. The frequencies have changed enabling more cleansing prana energy to enter your bodies. Breathe deep and long, integrate this practise into your daily lives. The 4d 5G network of low bandwidths relies on your breath being shallow. Breathing deeply activates the circulation of chi around your bodies and energetic chakra system. Unplugging from the matrix can be done with breathwork.

The Shift is a frequency shift. This means that the material plane now encompasses the fourth and lower fifth realms. Much work has been done to get this far. We would like to update you on the sky wars. The Andromedean Arcturian Pleadian Alliance continues to blast Archon ships and the 4d dark matrix, under construction, with light photon waves. The higher frequencies causes the archon machinery to malfunction. Whilst their grip on the human collective consciousness remains their aim they are struggling to keep their machinery functioning. Their desperation comes from the urgency to anchor the Dark matrix to the material plane before the next shift.

Enough remnants of the 3d matrix remain locked into human dna memory that most are unaware of the shift in their reality. The third shift will dismantle the 3d matrix for good. This is the root of the fear you are witnessing in their human counterparts. Motherships on both sides are hovering above your atmosphere. Smaller craft are entering and leaving constantly. Many are being spotted, filmed and discussed on your cyber web. Disclosure is being fed to the population in small easier to digest chunks. The archons do not want disclosure as it will expand collective human consciousness beyond the limits set for their enslavement. Disinformation is at a premium. Sabotage of truth is a huge element in their war with us and their enslavement of humanity. As we push back against dark energies we witness the turmoil of humanity, caught in the crossfire.

We and our allies are assisting Gaia as she raises the vibrations on her planet. Her celestial brothers and sisters aid her in her endeavours to save herself and humanity. The being the archons serve wishes to retain his stronghold on Gaia. The Council of 12 have determined the free will of humanity is being suppressed. We are here as representative of a long line of ancient races who have invested in humanity. We wish to see her soar to heights of evolved existence.

Too many times we have had to step in and delete programs in the matrix. Rescue and remove societies under direct threat, intervene in galactic atrocities sourced as archon. We endeavour to bring this chaotic duality cycle on Gaia to an end. As was foretold across galaxies, dimensions and timelines. The Age of Aquarius is the dawn of enlightenment for humanity on Gaia. Theirs is a tougher birth than most due to infiltration by a predator/parasitic species. The duality of light and dark will play out in perpetual motion in lower realms. This is universal balance. The point of tension must exist for souls to grow. We must all struggle with primitive drives, demons and darkness to evolve. On planet earth this duality cycle has reached unusual and extreme dimensions. Yet truth plays itself out through the mists of your timelines.

Please read on....

Follow-Up Post for Venezuela ~ FM144 ~ 24 March 2019

As always.....individual discernment is key.

Source: FM144

Venezuela is not the only country with a Goddess. Also the other South American countries have their own Goddess as well as the countries of Central America like Belize, Panama or Costa Rica.
Especially in the jungle region of this part of the world there are a lot of incarnated Goddesses/Priestesses who get physically oppressed or abused, for example by soldiers who gets often occupied by negative beings (Demons).

From an energetic point of view, the Patriarchate, in one way or another, is always linked to the Devil, who is indeed an actually existing being created by the Archons to subjugate the Goddess Energy on the planet. This is also the reason why Dark Groups who worship this entity are always anxious to oppress the Goddess as well as Sexuality – like the Black Nobility through Jesuits through the Vatican/Church, which are very strongly represented in South America.

Please read on....

ET Guides vs Spirit Guides? ~ Gigi Young ~ 23 March 2019

I feel that Gigi Young makes a relevant point here ~ the guides, and therefore the information we received, have changed the landscape of the "New Age" spirituality since 2012.
Please listen here.

I will also post the first part of the expanded text that Gigi provided.

Source: Gigi Young

After the year 2012 the quality of our consciousness changed, we began to become more multi-dimensional. For some this process began earlier, their constitution was more spiritually rooted and thus able to detect slight shifts. For others their constitution is denser and the shifts are detected but appear on more of a material level f awareness.

Part of this consciousness shift is the introduction of a new type of connection with our higher-self and with the cosmos at large. Specifically, we begin to see nuances in our spirituality that were not obvious in the past. We begin to see the “other side” as distinct dimensions and densities rather then a nebulous space that we disappear into when we die The understanding of our spirit guides and sense of time and space also shift.

Our spirit guides become inter-dimensional beings or cosmic beings, as that is how the cosmos works, via resonance, and time and space becomes more flexible to the mind. The etheric body is also more visible and thus becomes easier to adjust and interact with consciously. So, we can observe that our understanding is evolving.

Please read on....