13 December 2018

Schumann Reading @12:12

Interesting malfunction/glitch/downtime on 12 December. That occurred close to my local time of 12 noon.

Keep Sending Love ~ Buddha Doodles

12:12 Galactic Codes ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 12 December 2018

Source: Meg Benedicte

The 12:12 portal is wide open and surging with crystalline diamond plasma photonic Light! 

The Galactic Codes are initiating a united Time Line where all ascending souls will align with the future Earth in Harmony and Peace. Envision yourself as Masters of Time, merging the current and Future Timelines as you manifest in the Still Point of the eternal "Now". 

You are weaving a multitude of Time/Space energies into the New Earth. It is aligned with Divine Will and the Cosmic Ascension Plan for Gaia and Humanity. 

This is what we came for! Enjoy the 12:12 Magic!

Emery Smith Interviews

It's taken some time, but I've finally finished watching a couple of Emery Smith interviews. Both took place earlier this year although the videos were dated December. For those interested, here's the link to the interview with Paolo Harris:

Enroute to this video, I was very surprised to see a couple of other videos from Emery Smith....dated as far back as 2012! They were also with Paolo Harris, and this was during the time that Emery was with Cseti. I had to let that sink in for a moment ~ apart from Sirius, the insider "Paul" was already in the public eye years ago!

There isn't really anything new in this interview if you've been following David Wilcock's Cosmic Disclosure with Emery Smith, but I did enjoy watching it in the background as I did other things.

The other video is one that I won't post here, because it is a bootleg copy. (But I believe you can easily find it with the appropriate search terms....) It's a Contact in the Desert session with David Wilcock. Again, not really new information, except (to me) the part about an ET's pineal gland that let out a huge burst of light during an autopsy (around the 50+ minute mark). This underscores how integral the pineal is to our Ascension process ~ Judy Satori has explained how the pineal was added as an upgrade to enable Humanity to access Light (information) and facilitate our Awakening and Ascension.

12 December 2018

Love’s Lens: An Interview with Melissa Peabody ~ Joanna Fay ~ 10 December 2018

The changes and expansion of my perceptions of the metaphysical reality around me have completely opened my mind to new possibilities of life itself.
Melissa Peabody, myfirstcontact.net

Amazing footage by Melissa Peabody, who states:
"....Galactic Federation Fleet, which right now has millions of starships stationed in our skies..."
Source: Heart Star

Dear All,
It’s a total joy to share an interview with Melissa Peabody, a lovely ‘star sister’ living in San Francisco in the USA, who has been taking wonderful video footage of lightships, orbs, energies and other multidimensional phenomena and posting them as short documentaries at her website, myfirstcontact.net. When Melissa contacted me in 2017, I felt a close affinity with many of the ships, beings and energies vibrating through her films, and deeply appreciate and enjoy her approach, her openness and courage, in what she is sharing with the world.
Melissa, welcome and thank you so much for joining us today. Would you like to share a bit about your background, and your inspiration for starting myfirstcontact.net?
Absolutely, Joanna! It is a joy for me to have the chance to describe my project to you, and its unusual roots. Thank you. First of all, I am a documentary filmmaker and journalist by trade, a storyteller by nature. Through my company, Living World Films, I mostly make films about the environment, nature, and wildlife. With myfirstcontact.net, I’m simply pointing my camera in a different direction, up at the skies, and documenting the riveting unfolding cosmic story I’m finding there. And in my view, what arrives in our skies also becomes a part of our “living world,” as seen from a greatly expanded perspective different to the norm.

I started myfirstcontact.net because I was invited to—by Ashtar, Commander of the Galactic Federation Fleet, which right now has millions of starships stationed in our skies, to assist us in any way that they can, as we attempt to restore the health of this planet.

How I found Ashtar is a bit humorous. In 2016, I began to experience the strongest urge to meditate, which I had never done, and with crystals! At the time, I knew no one who did this, but I did it anyway, and really enjoyed it. I believe it also started raising my vibrational frequency, and directly impacted my perceptions of light and energy. For instance, I started seeing long exquisite rays of light coming out of headlights and streetlamps, filtering through the leaves of trees, their long slender shafts banded with rainbow colors. I sometimes felt energy downloads into my crown chakra, into my heart chakra. So I began searching the internet in earnest for clues as to what this could possibly mean—and found Ashtar, who talked about light, energy, and raising our frequencies. I was able to have a channeled session with him through Susan Leland, of Ashtar On The Road. And the joy and relief of that call!  I asked him if he thought I might have eye damage, and he said no, that I was experiencing a “transformational transmutation”—that my third eye, or “wisdom eye,” had opened, and was translating what it perceived into my physical body and eyes.

Just 6 weeks later, I saw my first ships. In great synchronicity, I had another session with Ashtar the next day. He was very excited when I told him, because it reflected evolutionary progress on my part. But he also saw this as a wonderful new opportunity to create a service project, offering people everywhere the chance to see the lightships through my films, to hang out with them, and in his words, to “create heart connections” with them. Because they are presented without fear, just with the excitement and delight that I feel when I see them, film them, engage with them.

It is for this reason, that Ashtar encouraged me to make personal-style films of my experiences, like short journal entries, because people can connect with these more strongly, through the heart. It was also his idea that we have a SUBMISSIONS page on the website, to create a global community of “skywatchers” who explore together and support each other. (Thank you Joanna, for being an early submitter of ship photos to this page!!!). Ashtar continues to partner with me in this project to this day, giving me feedback and support. For my part, this film-journal format allows me to explore all kinds of fascinating metaphysical ideas that the ships and light beings give rise to in me.

Please read on....

12:12 Portal ~ Celia Fenn ~ 12 December 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

So here we are at the 12:12 Portal.

Powerful Light Code energies are streaming through today to prepare us for the major shifts that are coming as we move towards the Solstice (21:12).

If you are experiencing Ascension symptoms such as dizziness and excess energy and exhaustion, just be aware that this is because right now our Light Bodies are all lit up like Xmas trees! We are streaming and transmitting the new Diamond Light Codes from the Galactic Center to encode the information of the New Earth into the Planetary grids. It looks absolutely marvelous and beautiful to the eyes of Spirit, but is a bit rough on the physical body that is not used to such intense flows of Divine Light.

Just remember that we are an essential part of the shifts and changes that are part of our Evolution, and take good care of yourself at this time.

Divine Blessings are descending on us on this 12:12. The Angelic number frequencies suggest that the Great Mother is pouring out manifest blessings on us as we enter into the energy of the "6"..........Sacred Union or the merger between our Higher Self/Soul and our Physical Being.

I wish you a blessed and light filled day on this 12 : 12 Portal.

12:12 Light

I AM the LIGHT ~ D R Silva

I used to be afraid of the dark
Until I learnt that
And the dark is afraid of me
D R Silva