17 February 2019


Space Observing System
I started today's posting with "Breathe" by Buddha Doodles (here). 

Looks like I'll end today's posting by saying the same thing....

Healing ~ Hippocrates

Before you heal someone, ask him if he's willing to give up the things that made him sick

Wow....this is something that had not crossed my mind before.

Shared by Bruce Lipton.

Do We Have Free Will? ~ Nassim Haramein

From a spiritual physics perspective....well worth pondering over. Using this viewpoint, the Cosmic Reset is Source getting all of Creation back in line.

Source: Resonance Science Foundation

Question: Do we have free will?

Nassim Haramein: "Free will is only a local phenomena. That is, locally you have free will, [which means] you can interpreting things around you the way you want. 

But ultimately there are “larger” scales that are doing the same. And you are “subject” to those scales.

If you get out of line too far, those scales will make sure that you go back in line. So you always have a fail-save-system in the universe. So that things can always go towards coherency and no one thing can all of the sudden destroy everything.  

Let’s say you believe in reincarnation: You shoot your foot, it hurts, kills you, what ever. Then you come back, you shoot your foot again…damn, did it again. Alright come back….

Eventually you will get the idea, that shooting your foot is not the best way to go about it, right? 
The universe will always bring you to further and further coherency. 

And actually I believe you even see that in our equations. It doesn’t matter how whacked out our physics get and how many dimensions we have to add, we can’t even get out of the truth,… meaning it’s there, it might not be understood, it might not be complete. 

But it’s always bringing us in that direction [of higher levels of coherency]."

16 February 2019

DMT and Consciousness Expansion ~ Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D ~ 15 February 2019

An Awakened Person

She Conquers
Once you connect with an awakened woman, understand that she will not entertain your ego nor play on lower vibrational frequencies with you.
You must either rise up and meet her where she is,
or be prepared to find your way out.
Level up, or vibrate out.
She doesn't mind either way

I'd like to substitute "woman" with "person".

Breathe ~ Buddha Doodles ~ 15 February 2019

This Energy Is The End of the Old Template: February 21st ~ Alexander Papageorghiou

Please listen in here.

Excerpt from Description given:
The last energetic clearing are upon us, asking us to release what no longer serves, and embrace the inner child, taking upon ourselves to finally create our reality.

The next week is crucial.

We must start with accountability and transparency. Creation begins with releasing the obsolete.

6 Typical Energy Problems ~ Lemuria Light ~ 14 February 2019

Source: Lemuria Light

The etheric body acts as a bridge between the dense physical body and the astral (or emotional) body; hence, the state of the etheric body (and its aura) influences the physical and psychological states of the person. For example, if the etheric body is grossly contaminated, the person will feel unwell and mentally unclear.

The converse is also true: every thought, emotion, word, and action instantly influence the state of the person’s etheric body (its subtle organs, chakras and meridians).

My previous post explained about what is human Aura:

Ideally, the etheric body is clean and resonating at a high vibration so as to allow a free flow of life energy through it; the aura should be smooth, whole and strong. However, such an occurrence is quite rare – the aura of ordinary city people is far from being clean and smooth.

It’s a common occurrence that the aura of an ordinary person is uneven, has depleted or congested areas, cracks or holes, and energy cords attached to it.

For example, prolonged exposure to radiation of a computer monitor can breach the aura at the head, chest and the solar plexus level, i.e. at the level of its position in relation to the human body.

Continue Reading: https://healingtech.org/blogs/news/how-to-repair-aura