23 July 2011

Letter To Awakening Humans -- Tobias through Geoffrey Hoppe

Titania's Awakening ~ Charles Simms
In 2008, Tobias (as channelled by Geoffrey Hoppe) gave a meaningful and moving message that speaks to the individual who is beginning to feel the initial stirrings of awakening. He creates a safe and sacred space for such individuals to move forward with confidence and assurance, since the awakening is usually preceded by a spiritual restlessness that can be both confusing and difficult to deal with if we have no idea what is going on.

Tobias addresses the common "symptoms" that accompany this transformation process and also talks a bit about the challenges that awaits the awakening individual, so that he or she has a sense of what to expect and can therefore prepare for the eventual unfolding. He also explains that this Great Shift is not just confined to the humans -- Gaia, the great Spirit who has breathed Life into Earth, is going through her own transformation as well. All these massive changes will surely involve a great upheaval, and that is evident by the seeming chaos we now see and experience around us.

Today, there are human beings going through an awakening all over the world. The momentum of this Shift has reached an unstoppable level where in a short period of time, these transformational changes will become more and more "normal" as more individuals go through their own shift in consciousness. This message is a great way to start off their journey of becoming a Divine Human.

For me, it's not so much whether we fully understand the message; it's more of a hand-holding at a stage in our life when we are facing so much that we may not yet understand at the conscious level. This hand-holding may prove to be the best remedy yet for a mind that is mired in uncertainty and confusion.

At the very least, we can breathe a sigh of relief in the knowledge that what we are going through is part of this process...we are not becoming insane, we are just transforming!

Watch an excerpt or read the entire message.

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