24 September 2011

The Rise of Atlantis - Spirit Science

This refreshing video (just under 12 minutes, and fast-paced at that, too!) is informative, witty and wise all at the same time. It's from a series that the creator calls "Spirit Science" - this segment deals with the Atlantean times, the sinking of Lemuria and the subsequent rise of Atlantis, and how the Naacals (Ascended Masters) prepared the land for habitation. This new land then became the energetic centre of Earth for quite some time.

There's also a short commentary about how the remaining two land vortices were later occupied by two extra-terrestrial races, one of which had a warring mind-set; this set the scene for the eventual unravelling of Humanity.

The creator of this video is Jordan Duchnycz and his website is Spirit Science.

Update: This video is the first of five parts (todate). For those who are interested, there is an interview with a young boy who is able to recall his last life on Mars before it was destroyed, as mentioned in the above video.

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