21 December 2011

Life On Other Planets via Magenta Pixie

In the past couple of months or so, there seems to be an urgent push for extra-terrestrial information to come forward. I feel that the time for Disclosure is very near, and there is a concerted effort now to "prepare" the general public for such an event.

This video clip is one such example. Here, the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine via Magenta Pixie talks about life on other worlds and the vast diversities of existence that can be found throughout all of Creation. Given that there is an infinite number of universes in the Cosmos, there is also an infinite number of differing densities, dimensions and levels of consciousness operating in these worlds. They also inform us that information about extra-terrestrial existence is readily available to us, if we allow that to come through. We are also encouraged to continue our (arduous) task as way-showers, because what we do as individuals matter greatly and count towards the continuous raising of consciousness of Earth and Humanity.

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