06 December 2011

The Track Ahead Is Clear - Kryon through Lee Carroll

There are times when I have doubts and wonder if at all I'm still on the right track. After years and years of swimming upstream with no end in sight and almost no time to rest, one can't help but feel disheartened. However, I must admit that this year has been "different". The challenges are still there, mind you -- what has changed is definitely the vibrational frequency that is now permeating all nooks and crannies of Earth and finding their way into people's hearts. The light quotient has risen tremendously in just these past months. The lingering doubt is now being replaced by a sense of rising impatience. I feel like the annoying kid at the back of the car whiniing "Are we there yet???" for the nth time :)

All the signs lately indicate that we are making that final approach as we re-align ourselves with the runway for touchdown. One of the difficulties that has compounded our landing is that the runway kept disappearing and re-appearing at a different location. It's now pretty clear where it wants to be. Phew!

To further confirm that not only are we on the right track, but that the track is free from obstacles, I received this via email just a few days ago, and would love to share it here. Just remember to keep those lights shining!
(I know, I'm talking about a plane, and Kryon is talking about a train...)

     In 2012, the last measurements will be taken of the planet for the test at hand.  Whatever that measurement turns out to be will be the end of the test.  This test of energy level--the test of vibratory shift for the planet--is already at an all-time high.  The marker is being passed right now that is going to demarcate permission to change the planet.  Think of this marker as a green light that is being passed by a train that is on a track that has been tentative--almost a mystery.  Think of the track as being one that is dangerous, and that has no assurance that another train might be coming the other way at you!  Suddenly you see and pass something that gives you tremendous relief--a green light, a signal from the track controller that indicates, "We know you are here, and the track ahead is clear."  


~ Kryon Book VIII - as channelled by Lee Carroll ~ 

                                            From Marshmallow Messages www.kryon.com

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