05 February 2012

Hollow Earth's Garden of Eden - Zorra and Billie Woodard

The highlight of this February 4 broadcast is the scenario painted by Billie Woodard (Hollow Earth Network) of what we will likely encounter on a journey from the Arctic region into Inner Earth. This is later continued by Zorra, speaking through Billie, elaborating further about what we may expect to see in Inner Earth itself. It is an apt description of what Garden of Eden would look like; in actuality, that was to be Earth's original purpose -- a centre of knowledge or library for the Universe, and a Garden of Eden or recreational centre for inter-galactic travellers.

Here are some of the topics covered:

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  • The high-vibrational and energetic frequencies of Inner Earth and how this positively affects us
  • Its healing and wholistic environment, including the atmosphere, waters and foods
  • Creatures, flora and fauna, including trees reaching up to 1000 feet in height
  • Circular buildings
  • Joy and love being the normal state of existence
  • Music ~ akin to melodious harps and flutes (no rap or country music, sorry)
  • Central sun with its softer tones
  • Telepathic communication and how we may have difficulty with this initially (some humour here!)
  • Healing and decontamination chambers
  • Cellular re-instructions
  • Different procedures dependant on whether we choose to stay permanently or otherwise
  • Return to the surface for those who wish, by...aeroship!
  • Bermuda triangle "vanishees" (my term) and Amelia Earhart
  • Pre-historic animals and their actual diets
  • Complete reversal of all we have been "taught"
I listened to this not long after I posted about the need to go forward after the Beckow/Grener aborted mission. I mulled over it for a while more, then let it go, hoping for the best possible outcome, for the highest purpose. Then I started playing this recording and you know what? There's some talk about Grener and "the" trip! This occurred towards the end of the broadcast and I couldn't believe my ears. Synchronicity? You bet!

This is a feel-good channel...enjoy!

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