12 February 2012

Spirit Science - Crystals Part 1

I really enjoy Jordan Duchnycz's creative and informative animations, the first of which was the one on Thoughts. I had previously featured his five-part series on Atlantis, and I see that he has many more new animations since then.

This one, about 10-minutes in length and with his trademark speeded-up narration, is the first of a four-part series on Crystals. Jordan explains the living consciousness in crystals, and how their vibrational frequencies and energies can affect us in positive ways, if we are open to their healing properties. He also speaks about how these gifts from Mother Earth can support us on our Ascension path when used appropriately. There is also an account of how the Crystal Skulls came into existence, starting from 13,000 years ago.

I've always found it fascinating (as Spock would say) that Silica is one octave below Carbon on the Periodic Table. If we remember that our DNA is transforming from carbon into crystalline, we can begin to understand a little more of the giant tapestry of Ascension that is being woven thread by thread. But I digress :)

Back to this video - watch them all on the Spirit Science channel!

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