03 March 2012


I read about orgonites a couple of years ago but it was only very recently that I actually decided to get one for myself. This was prompted by Jordan Duchnycz's Crystals Series (Part 4) where he featured Orgonites.

Well, my pretty little orgonite (pictured above) is now gracing my living area. I must say that when I scanned it with my hands, the energy felt wonderful yet powerful, despite its size (about 8cm square at the base). I ordered it online from S.E.A. Orgonite where they sell their orgonites in various shapes and colours; mine is pyramid-shaped, inserted with clear and rose quartz crystals and tipped with gold leaf at the top.

I won't get into the proof (or otherwise), mechanics or science of Orgonites; there is a plethora of information available for that. I simply wanted to do my part in sharing and spreading what I feel to be beneficial in one way or another for us to move forward in our journey. Having said that, I would however add that since crystals are involved, higher metaphysical properties apply. These cannot be fully comprehended by 3D thinking alone.

As always, go with what feels right.

** Suggestion: For more infomation, start with Don & Carol Croft's site.


  1. Most people I came across, do not know anything about orgone energy and/or orgonite. Even if you try to explain in simple language, most of them do not understand. When I give to someone they never get back to me to let me know what he/she has experienced with usage of the orgonite. Within the last six months I almost given over 700 pendants and thank God all are benefitted and certain case even surgery already fixed for a particular date has initially postponed and subsequently called off/cancelled. Uptil now I was givig free of cost but now am thinking to atleast recover the cost from the future clients.

    1. Wow...700! That's a lot that you've given away, you are such an angel :) Thank you for mentioning the use of orgonites for surgery, I didn't think of that. I've given away some Tower Busters to family and friends (nowhere near 700!) but like you, have received no feedback. And yes, I think you should include the cost of the pendant in your services; I don't know what work you are involved in, but the pendant can be incorporated into the healing procedure. All the best to you :)