17 March 2012

Salusa and Mike Quinsey - 16 March 2012

This message sets the theme and underlines the current developments now occurring at warp-speed. It echoes many other messages that are reporting onward movement in the unimaginable complex web of plans undertaken by so many unseen parties assisting us with this Ascension process. It is very reassuring to know that progress is being made...finally!

We are also reminded to do whatever we can to ensure that we do not get off-track on our own Ascension path. It is time now to become the higher consciousness being that we have been releasing, clearing, transmuting and practicing to be in the past years or so. Salusa also reminds us that each Soul's path is unique, and that not all will choose to go through this evolution at this point in time.

Read the message at Tree of the Golden Light. A new dawn awaits!

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