12 May 2012

The 12 Olympians With GFL via Demetra - 9 May 2012

The first time I knew about Demetra was about two weeks ago when I read that particular channeled message and went *!*!*!...  Please interpret that to mean a sharp intake of breath followed by no breath for some time. It was such a decisive message that left me wondering what to make of it. Despite its forceful tone, the underlying message is one that ties in with the general wave of development at the moment i.e. events that are to pave the way for Disclosure and First Contact. (Although I must say it's taking its time...)

In this latest message, we are being urged to do our own clearing and releasing so that we are able to see beyond the veil of 3D Illusion. We are also asked to activate the Universal Law of Attraction and Law of Reciprocity in asking for Disclosure, leading to First Contact during the summer. It is our sovereign and evolutionary right to Ascend into the higher dimensions.

I will also provide the link to the earlier message, which in essence proclaims the return of control over the portals of Earth back to the Olympians, the catalyst being the 5:5:5 Activation.

Please note that these messages are available in several different languages.

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