19 May 2012

About Supa from Colleen Marshall - From "Your Galactic Neighbours" by Sheldan Nidle

I recently received a posting of an excerpt from PAO (Planetary Activation Organization). It was about Colleen Marshall's encounters with a lovely being called Supa; I enjoyed reading it and asked Colleen if I could use it here. She graciously sent me a link to the entire chapter from where the excerpt originated, Your Galactic Neighbours by Sheldan Nidle. It contained much more than the excerpt, and reading the entire chapter was most enlightening, even about the Bellatricians. Supa is the Arcturian who was assigned to help Sheldan align his energies during the writing process.

Here's what the chapter talks about:
  •  Colleen's experiences of the writing process while Sheldan was receiving downloads for the book
  • Confirmation that Earth is truly the Living Library of the Galaxy from the amazing diversity of all life-forms found here
  • Humanity's yearning to return to Oneness
  • Supa's views about daily life on Earth and her reaction to a visit to the dentist (I totally agree!)
  • Involvement of the Arcturians with Earth's and Humanity's Ascension
  • How life is for Galactic societies - on home planets as well as spaceships
  • Supa's advice on laughter and posture
  • Colleen's encounter with the Bellatricians
  • Our ongoing evolution to become a Galactic society.

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