13 May 2012

The Awakening of An by Solara - May 2012

Solara reports that May is when we begin another major phase of our Awakening; the melding of our Divine Feminine and Masculine, the Sacred Union of the Sun and Moon energies (An). It is the falling away of Duality, and into Oneness.

In this respect, all that no longer serves Oneness in our lives will begin to fade and leave us as we move deeper into Mua (the new cycle reset from 11:11:11). Releasing what cannot exist in our True Reality as we become more of Who We Really Are. This would also bring about the emergence of past issues for us to resolve once and for all so that we can move ahead, unhindered.

This is just an excerpt of the full report, which is available to paying members. Please note that this month's free extract will only be available on this link until the following month's report is loaded.

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