08 May 2012

Barbara Marciniak's Bringers of the Dawn - Timely Reminders to Keep Going

In a recent discussion with a  few Lightworker friends, the topic (as always) turned to the challenges we faced in "sharing" the Ascension process with family and friends. Even if, in the rare occasion, one or two of them actually got the gist of what we were trying to say, they wouldn't go further than what they have heard. They simply had no interest, inspiration or motivation to go beyond or delve deeper. At most, it was an "interesting" concept for them.

At some point in our conversation, I explained that although it was easy for us to understand what Humanity and Gaia are going through, it may not be that way for others. As far as they are concerned, they are only reacting in a perfectly "normal" manner, and having very little interest in the whole idea. We came in "wired" for this period; not everyone came in with this same wiring that allowed this understanding in such a fluid manner.

I cannot take credit for this explanation because the knowledge came from some teaching or material that I read or heard; I could not, however, remember the source(s).

Then just yesterday I was led to a blog (which I didn't even know of before this), and my eyes went straight to a paragraph which was an extract from Barbara Marciniak's Bringers of the Dawn, and there it was... the explanation for our situation in sharing with others (appended at the end of this post). This book must have been one of the sources that allowed me the understanding of the whole "wired" thing. Since synchronicity led me so elegantly to it, I thought I would bring it up as a reminder to ourselves that some people simply are not wired to "get it"...yet. This would help us to have compassion in understanding their situation. But it doesn't mean we give up :)

For me, this book is one of the "Ascension Bibles" for Lightworkers. It is packed with codes, keys, frequencies and patterns that help to trigger recall of ancient memories deep within us, and activate certain phases of our own process. Although it is teachings from Pleiadians, it is just as applicable no matter from which star system we originate -- we are here to carry out the Earth mission, and at this point in time, it is for the most part a Pleaidian Project.

Having said all that, I still feel that with so few months left of the year and with so much Light already anchored within the planetary system (as well as the presence of the Star Fleet practically circling Earth), the heightened frequencies will allow for easier awakening and better assimilation of what's truly happening when it's "time". For that reason, we shouldn't give up or stop what we are supposed to be doing. We should continue bringing forth the Light and Truth about the Ascension to our own circle of family and friends. Without evangelising, of course :)   The day will soon come when they are ready for it.

Thanks to Piercing the Veil of Reality for these extracts from Bringers of the Dawn.


“You represent the renegade group of light, and you have agreed to come back on the planet. You are on assignment. You come into these physical bodies and take them over, and you intend, through the power of your spiritual identity, to change the physical body. You all selected with great care the genetic lines that would best give you head starts with all of this. Each of you chose a genetic history through which members of the Family of Light have threaded….

As members of the Family of Light, you have incarnated on this planet to prepare yourselves to do your work. What is your work? Your work is quite simple: you carry frequency into systems that have limited light frequency, because light is information. This is not cold, computer-data information; it is information that is transmitted biologically through an electromagnetic send-out of consciousness. This is what you are experts in. If you were to have a business card printed up for yourselves when you are in full memory of your identity, it would say something like: “Renegade Member of Family of Light. Systems Buster. Available for altering systems of consciousness within the free-will universe. On call.“….
You go for it! This is what you do. This is an aspect of your identity that you all have in common, and you are here in the millions at this time. You are here primarily to remember who you are, to operate multi- dimensionally within the system, and to teach humans-the natives in this place that have been under frequency control for a long time….

The task for you members of the Family of Light who have desired to take this information inside of yourselves is to anchor a new frequency on the planet by anchoring it impeccably inside yourselves. This is not easy. It was not meant to be easy. You did not come here to have an easy assignment. You are renegades, and you have been renegades…

Before you came into the body, all of you committed to designing events that would fire your codings, or blueprints that would activate your memories. Then you came into the body and you forgot. All of you have had your blueprints and codings fired to some extent because you understand that there is a divine purpose or Divine Plan that you are a part of…

Part of the friction you feel with others is that you are on this path of evolution and bursting forth. Others don’t like this because they are not coded at this time to respond the way you are. Some people are not coded at all for this

As members of the Family of Light, you are renegades. You are systems busters, here to conquer your own fears and to show the rest of the planet that there is no reason to fear anything. You love to go in and cause trouble. You are famous, your branch of the Family of Light. You are famous for going into systems of reality and altering the frequency, thus bringing information. It is not your task as members of the Family of Light to proselytize. You simply go into systems and act as receptacles; you receive the creative cosmic rays into your bodies, the bodies that you occupy as humans. You are in disguise as humans, and you allow a process to take place…"


  1. I've loved Barbra's work for close to 20 years. Every time I read it I get more out of it. It always strikes a chord and rings true. Bless her.

  2. "Bringers of the Dawn" is my favourite book from Barbara :)