17 May 2012

The Benefits of Unity Consciousness - Adamu via Zingdad

Unity Consciousness (together with L.O.V.E) is the underlying thread that weaves the pieces of the Ascension process together, and it is one theme that is becoming more prevalent and loud as we get closer and closer to the 12:12:12 Gateway.

In this 16-minute video, which is the third in a series on this subject, Adamu through Zingdad outlines the 8 benefits, or rather, gifts of attaining Unity Consciousness, which is based on the fact that We Are All One. This is where we get to when we leave Duality Consciousness (the Game of Polarity) behind. Adamu encourages us to claim the inherent gifts now, in this lifetime, where the window of opportunity is upon us to do so, rather than decide to go through more incarnation cycles before we finally feel ready to embrace Unity Consciousness.

However, it cannot be denied that all Souls have their own path to journey, and with this in mind, Adamu guides us through a meditative exercise to determine if we are willing and ready to leave duality.

This comes with a transcript, too.

All Is One.

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