22 May 2012

Blossom Goodchild - Our Galactic Family with Graham Dewyea

Graham Dewyea interviews Blossom Goodchild in this one-hour radio show. Their discussion includes an open and honest look at Blossom's personal experience with two "no-shows" that caused a huge back-lash, with the last one resulting in her withdrawal from the scene. Although I don't actually follow Blossom's channelings, I was very aware of these two events that took place. Or rather, that didn't take place. My feelings then, like many others, was one of disappointment. And only because I wasn't really following the storyline; if I was a regular reader, I can imagine my feelings would be more than just disappointment.

It was good to hear Blossom speak about her own experience. Here is a summary:
  • The events of October 14, 2008 and the Pillars of Light in 2011
  • The fall-out from the first event, public reaction, being subject to ridicule and going through pain, and her request for confirmation to continue channeling
  • Her eventual understanding of what took place, the "bigger picture" that allowed the topic of ETs to come out in the open
  • Galactic Federation of Light vs Federation of Light...there's no difference! (I hope we all get over this -- I personally am very tired of all the debates about which one is authentic/false/dark/light)
  • Are we really ready?
  • "...and they all lived happily ever after"
  • The aborted Neptune joyride and its after-effects
  • Possible impact of upcoming revelations
  • Are we heart-centred enough to forgive the Dark?
  • Repeats the theme for Ascension: Love is the answer.

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