17 May 2012

Cosmic Vision News - Geoffrey West 11 May 2012

Time for updates from the Ground Intel! I'm late in posting this, so you may have already heard it. Highlights of this one-hour radio show include:

  • Upcoming G8 meeting moved from Chicago to Camp David could be due to recent alleged assassination attempts on President Obama by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Netanyahu
  • US participating in International Criminal Court
  • How these two events above could be initial steps to facilitate mass arrests of Dark Cabal
  • Obama's overly challenging role as a being of Light
  • Updates from Bill Brockbrader (Bill Wood) - Obama's efforts as US President thwarted by Dark Cabal from Day 1, preparations underway for upcoming mass arrests of Dark Cabal, Galactic intervention causing malfunction of war weapons (news of this happening never fails to delight me!)
  • New Paradigm by Mike Quinsey
  • Going forward by James Gilliland
  • Michael Tellinger's efforts against banking industry in South Africa
  • Financial state of affairs by Benjamin Fulford
  • Disclosure plans and new monetary system by Sheldan Nidle
  • President Obama's support of same-sex marriage and the reactions to this announcement
  • The drug and medical industries by Dr Walter Urban, including how diseases are "manufactured" so that drugs can be created to "cure" them, drugs for young children, body's intelligence to heal itself, drugs for cancer, treatment of symptoms instead of wholistic health, live essences in foods.

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