23 May 2012

Grener in An Hour With An Angel via Linda Dillon

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Sufficient time has passed for the dust to settle after the aborted Neptune trip for Grener to present himself to pick up where we left off. And since I have commented about this quite a bit in a previous post, I will follow the flow and feature this.

In this interview with Geoffrey West, Grener through Linda Dillon goes into more detail about the background and subsequent reasons for the non-event, offering an apology for the abrupt turnaround which led to the failure of the highly-publicised and much-anticipated trip.

Grener speaks about the energetic "adjustments" that must be carried out, the "step-ups" and "step-downs" of energies so that an optimum level is maintained in cases where their ground crew goes to the surface, or when we are onboard ships. This in no way suggests that they are better or that we are lower down in the rung -- it's just a matter of spiritual physics. He also reiterates that we are being assisted in our own Ascension process and that we have not, and will never be, abandoned to go it alone. It is our collective Soul Plan, and the Galactics and Ascended Masters have been busy carrying out its requirements.

And that "D" word again...? Grener shares that Disclosure will likely be more of a "creeping light", of being leaked rather than an outright announcement.

I love the last bit of this interview -- "We slipped it in..."

Listen to the interview, or read the transcript.

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