12 May 2012

James Gilliland with Graham Dewyea - Our Galactic Family

One of the places I would love to go for a week-long retreat is the ECETI Ranch. The closest so far I've gotten is through the videos I've seen and the presentation/talks given by James Gilliland which feature the programmes they conduct there. Most of all, I would love to be there for all those sightings and visitations!

Anyway, this 64-minute interview has James giving some background information on his "initiation" and the creation of the ranch through which he carries out his mission in assisting with the Ascension process.There is really no "new" information but it's still a good interview, nevertheless.

Here are some highlights:

  • James talks about some of his experiences onboard spaceships and sightings on his ranch
  • Many Star races as well as Inner Earth Beings involved in the Ascension
  • Star ships being "alive" and the joyful presence of these beings; this same observation has been echoed by other contactees when describing their on-board experience
  • On-going harassment of his work and ranch, and how he's being "protected"
  • Fuel-less technology, free energy and healing modalities that are being suppressed
  • Incongruence between worlds.
James gives a parting message of advice which is the same theme that is being encouraged by all the Higher Beings that are channeled -- releasing the past and that four-letter word that is really the true salvation of 3D life...L.O.V.E.

Listen to the interview or read the transcript.

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