25 May 2012

Light and Dark Forces - Portal 2012


Right...I'm going to say, again, that I am in no position to pronounce this information as the absolute truth or otherwise. All I will say is this -- what I've read is what I've felt to be "true" and makes me feel happy enough to post it, and especially so since there's so much on-going debate and confusion about who is of the Light and who is not. I don't feel the animosity or drama from this source, unlike some who claim to be of the Light and yet attack another Messenger/Lightworker in the next sentence. I personally feel very distressed sometimes when I see the drama and judgmental attitude going around the alternative communities; we are really not helping each other when we lower our consciousness. This scenario is sometimes no different from the religious animosity that exists in the mainstream world.

Our own self-empowerment is of paramount importance. We need to understand that first and foremost, we are responsible for our own "salvation"; we need to raise our consciousness and release all that no longer serves us. We need to help ourselves first, before anyone else can help us. We should also discern for ourselves what we want in our field of Ascension and leave what doesn't resonate with us. And finally, we should always remember that our focus is on the Light and moving forward.

But I digress...so here is Cobra's summary of all those involved in this gargantuan undertaking of helping Humanity liberate itself from the Dark, as well as those who are keeping us from achieving our own Ascension. Please note that what Cobra has written about the mind-programming is one main source of all the confusion we are facing at the moment regarding the Galactic Federation, GFL, Galactic Confederation, or by all the other names that they are also known.

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