19 May 2012

May 20 Annular Solar Eclipse and Ascension

There are several meditaions planned for this day, when new bursts of energies will be bringing in codes and frequencies to further intensify and lock-in the Ascension timeline. I won't be featuring any particular meditation here, since I feel that people get into their own "zone" in different ways. I, for one, have always found it distracting to follow a "set" meditation, and I tend to do it in my own way if I wish to see any reasonable degree of success.

So all I will do here is to echo the general theme for the day, i.e. to set the intention for Earth to continue with her ascension as smoothly as possible, and for Humanity to create our new higher consciousness existence with minimal disruption or delay.

I think that if someone could take an etheric picture of the globe during this day, it would be a most dazzling display of love and light!

See you in the ethers!

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