21 May 2012

Message From Inner Earth - Greg Giles 20 May 2012

The Inner Earth beings bring a message through Greg Giles, reminding us that they are as eager to emerge to the surface to reunite with us as we are with them. They spend much time helping Mother Earth and the environment through these last months leading to Ascension. They also have a hand in keeping the Dark's agenda at bay and eventually eliminating their influences. Work is also being carried out to prepare us for the upcoming Earth changes in the months ahead.

This enlightened Agarthan family of ours that exists below the surface are also looking forward to show us their world, which is the what the surface world would be birthing. From what Zorra of Hollow Earth Network previously described, it is indeed a Garden of Eden.

The Inner Earth beings have been subject to military attacks before in the past, and have successfully protected their realm. This threat no longer exists for them; it is for this same reason that they have been prevented from emerging onto the surface world to reunite with us earlier.

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