10 May 2012

Sky Watching - Star Fleet Ships Sightings

Update 9 June 2013
I'm at the stage where I can no longer keep up adequately with posting individual sightings ~ the frequency of really good ones are increasing so drastically as the days go by and our Star Brethren (which include our sub-terranean Family) fulfill their promise to increase sightings, even in daylight. You can visit these great sites, which dedicate themselves to posting such sightings:
Educating Humanity
UFO Disclosure Ireland
Alien Disclosure Group UK
Look Now TV
UFO Sightings Daily 
Blue Star UFO Report 
UFO Sightings Hotspot 
Daily Saucer 
Anonymous FO 
UFO Blogger
Latest UFO Sightings

I've recently compiled some video clips of sightings, at the request of my mother (!). I've also made a few copies of these clips to pass around, so I thought it would be so much easier for me to just put them all in one place for viewing. I will update this page periodically.

I have done a bit of "investigating" and found that some videos that have current dates are actually re-published versions of older ones. Since I don't have the time to verify this for every clip, I will just post them as I see them, with the current date, unless I get too suspicious..

UFODI News: Huge Saucer Over The US 31 May 2013

  Blue StarShip UFO Report 19 May 2013

UFODI News: A Big Cluster of UFOs Appear Over Bolivian Military Training

UFODI News: Huge Armada of White Orb UFOs Pass Overhead ~ New York

Blue StarShip UFO Report 11 May 2013

Best UFO Sightings April 2013 ~ Looknowtv

Best UFO Sightings March 2013 ~ Looknowtv

Blue StarShip UFO Report

UFO Cloudship ET Massive Fleet Sighting

Giant Disc-shaped UFO Filmed Over the Moon

Best UFO Sightings of March 2013 AFO

Alien Contact Above and Below - Suspect Sky (30-mins)

UFODI News : UFOs in Formation Flying Low Over Cork, Ireland

UFO Seen In Hi-Res NASA Photo

Best of UFOs Weekly March 2013 Part 1
(the image at the 1:11  mark!!)

Best of UFOs Weekly March 2013 Part 4

Some Incredible UFO Photos Submitted - Galactic Connection

Strange Object Seen Through SOHO

UFOs Over Vancouver March 29, 2013

Many thanks to Blue StarShip/UFO Report from Galactic Free Press for the following 5 videos:
*Spectacular UFO Lenticular Cloud, Volcano Popocatepetl, Mexico March 22, 2013

*Latest UFOs/Aliens Seen Sitting @The Sun 2013

 *Woman Films UFO From Her Backyard

*Pilot Captures Stunning UFO Over Texas

*UFO Lands in Populated Area

Alert! Huge Smoking Mothership

Amazing New Alien Light UFO Ovni Ozn 2013

"Spring Equinox" UFO Craft Deploying Orange Orbs Over Bawsey Woods UK
(18-minutes long but keep watching, it gets interesting towards the middle)

UFO Disclosure : What Retired Generals Say

UFO Destroys Meteor Over Japan?

Triangle UFO Sparkles During Morph March 4, 2013 Pennsylvania

Incredible UFO Bounces Off The Sun

Amazing UFO Attacked Meteorite to Defend Ourselves

UFO Filmed Through Binoculars Over Norway

Amazing UFO Passes Near Meteor

UFOs Return to Popacatepetl Volcano 2013

Red Flash at ISS

  Multiple UFOs Watch LDCM Booster Separation

ISS, UFOs Taking Off From Earth 3 February 2013

Aliens2UFO.com UFO 2013 Unknown Object Videotaped Over Montana

UFO Sighting Over Melbourne, Australia - FindingUFO

UFOs Swooping Down on Cotulla?

 13.2.2013 Strange Objects Orbiting Crescent Moon

Alien Star Map Found in Kupang, Indonesia?

Starship/UFO Sighting Over Cottonwood AZ February Feb 9

NASA Jellyfish UFOs and Anomalies 2013

UFO Lasco C2 January 2013

Real Footage UFO 2013 At Maximum Zoom
(actually a collection of past sightings, but still good!)

NASA Reporting Giant UFO in Space

UFO Over Atlantic City January 2013

UFO Sightings ... Oakland

Ovnis Con Formas Nunca Antes Vistas Enero 2013

Stunning UFO Sightings 2013

Wormhole Sighting Over Russia January 21, 2013

UFO Pursued by Drone Over Blake and Unser?

Wave of UFO Sightings in Victoria BC January 13, 2013

UFO Sighting January 17, 2013 Mothership Releasing UFOs Fairfax County

Flying Disk Lands in Texas?

Incredible UFO Filmed by Commercial Pilot 2013

 Triangle Shaped Cloaked UFO Moving Against the Clouds

CNN 2013 UFO Exclusive Disclose
(Although this was published in 2012!)

Real Amazing UFOs of 2013

Real UFO Mothership 2013

UFO Over Moon

Strange Lights Over Phoenix UFO

Mysterious Lights in the Sky Over Detroit 2013

UFO Russia December 26, 2012

UFO - Daylight Sphere Doing Its "Thing"

1 Jan 2013 UFOs Over Sacramento Explosion

Anomalies and UFOs Near the Sun - NASA Hiding 2 January 2013

Best UFO Sightings December 2012 Volume 1

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