01 May 2012

Where To From Here? Sheldan Nidle Interview with Rahasya Poe

Sheldan Nidle, as far as I'm aware, has always given lots of information in his interviews and this one is no exception. Although conducted by Rahasya Poe in 2011, what he has to say is even more valid now given the fact that we are on the brink of evolving into higher consciousness.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • What happened to Humanity after the fall of Atlantis
  • Why the Annunaki and their agenda came into our reality
  • How their influence was perpetuated and continued by the Dark Cabal
  • Anchara Treaty in 1995 between the Anchara Alliance and Galactic Federation, and how this treaty affected the Dark Cabal
  • Why our Planetary Awakening has taken much longer than anticipated
  • Earth Allies of elitists, influentials and secret societies, all of the Light, working under First Contact Team of GFL
  • What we can do as empowered co-creators to facilitate the New Reality
  • The common denominator in religions that allow a Unity Consciousness awareness
  • Golden Age and emergence of the Diamond Mind
  • The heart as the centre and base of wisdom
  • 3-pronged "attack" to fuel Ascension: Divine Intervention, Galactic Assistance and our own quantum leap of Inner Consciousness
  • Becoming a Physical/Human Angel (once again), and mentoring by Space Families and Inner Earth Higher Beings
  • Enlightenment and "lightening up"
  • Compassion (some degree of it) exists in each one of us, including those of the "dark".

This interview is in 6-parts. Please scroll down this page until you see the segments.


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