03 June 2012

Encountering Online Hostility - Ashtar Command via Greg Giles 30 May 2012

Online bickering and animosity must have reached such a critical level to compel a discussion about it by Ashtar Command. Here are some of the points raised in this channeling via Greg Giles:

  • Our "mission" is of paramount importance; we cannot afford any distractions that may impede progress
  • We have been “trained” before to rise above the pettiness and attacks, and to just turn around and get on with it
  • Not all messages that are given are understood, and even then sometimes a single message is not understood in its entirety
  • Reminder that it is normal for some to react by rejecting the truths when the masses that have been kept in the dark and under control for eons are suddenly faced with a radical shift in ideals and truths that result in life-changing realities
  • We may have been in the same scenario before eons ago, but on the opposite side of the fence, so we can draw on this compassion for greater understanding that not all will embrace what we try to disseminate
  • Ashtar Command gives us their gratitude - we have made a difference!

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