03 June 2012

It's You - From Athabantian and Mark Kimmel

In this message via Mark Kimmel, Bren-Ton and Taugth report from the starship Athabantian. These are some highlights:
  • Reiterate that collapse of man-made structures is imminent, and so are physical earth changes, but we should have a clearer comprehension by now why these are occurring
  • Many among the masses are beginning to awaken, and yet at the same time those in power are clinging on to their own reality during these last stages of duality 
  • Failure of financial systems to set the stage for eventual currency-free existence in the future
  • Validates that all non-indigenous beings have been removed from Earth
  • Stage 1 of major changes expected to occur towards end of year, followed by massive 'clean-up' of Earth after generations of abuse by humankind
  • Assistance from off-planet sources
  • Also seek Caretakers to play an active role in regeneration of Earth; Andromedans have the technologies to restore her to pristine state but we need to take responsibility and be involved in the creation of New Earth
  • Mark's centre Abiquor will focus on learning to live in Light for the years ahead.

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