23 June 2012

Message From Intergalactic Council Elders For Supervising Waves and Frequencies - Christiine Anne K

This message, in English, is from the Lightworkers website. When I traced it back to the source, I found that the site is in French. Since my French is close to non-existent, I will link to the English version here and provide the link back to its site of origin for those with a better grasp of the French language :)

This message, channeled by Christine Anne K, gives suggestions on how to ride these super Cosmic Waves that are pouring onto Earth right now. It advises against the use of pharmaceuticals and the need to avoid strong emotional responses or reactions so that we make it easier on ourselves to assimilate all this nourishing energy that is helping us to raise our vibrations.

Rest, sleep, "surrender"...and sing! We can use our own voice frequencies to help us with these alignments and adjustments. We need to help ourselves get through these phases smoothly.

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