04 June 2012

Omnec Onec - Unknown History and Christ

Omnec Onec is a Venusian on an Earth mission. As with others like her who came here to help with the Ascension, Onec teaches us the ways of higher consciousness living and attempts to disseminate hidden or suppressed truths about our actual history.

One of these is about the true history of our Solar System and Humanity. Although it is a very much summarised version, what I like about it is that it gives enough information for us to frame some sort of picture about what happened to Humanity throughout the ages. There are, of course, many documents and books available on this, but for a quick read, this is good. (I didn't know about the mutations into dinosaurs and reptiles!) Please note that Onec does not name the dark races; I have heard her explain in an interview that it's because the race that controlled Humanity for eons are now making working for the Light, and are themselves helping us with our Ascension and repaying their racial karma.

The other document is about Jesus. I have read in quite a few sources that he is an Ascended Master from Venus, the same planet from which Onec hails. She gives a very good account about Jesus here, and points out that many Christians are actually holding back his own evolution by bonding him to their salvation. It truly is time to take Jesus off the cross, for good -- literally.

Please visit Onec's website to download these documents.

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