23 June 2012

Portal 2012 - Ishtar Antares

Ishtar Antares gives a wonderful account of the transition period from 11:11:11 until the Ascension Gateway of 12:12:12. We are already past the half-way mark, delineated by the Venus Transit and described in this message as the turning point (and boy is he right!). Ishtar calls this transition "Portal 2012" which interestingly is the name of Cobra's site. And I will have to say that I was "led" to Ishtar's message so here it is.

The beginning of the end of Darkness is upon us now, brought on by the ever-increasing presence of the Goddess Principle. The second half of this Portal (after the Venus Transit) translates into action, paving the way for First Contact.

Please note that there are two other articles on this same page - Soul Families and The Goddess Returns. Due to time constraints on my part, I will not be highlighting them here but please, give them a read as well because they are just as good as the first one.

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