14 June 2012

Stephen Cook Interviews Cobra - Light Agenda

Stephen Cook interviews Cobra on this debut episode of Light Agenda (one hour). Cobra speaks using a voice modulator to protect his/her identity; this does not fail to prevent some personality coming through! Good intel, great show. Here are some highlights:

  • Current state regarding mass arrests and why there have been delays
  • Despite the delays, there has been much progress and success after the mass meditations
  • The actual state regarding nuclear weapons and the Galactics' role (as well as challenges) in preventing their use
  • Attempts to deactivate the controls that Archons have over Humanity
  • Cobra's incarnation on Earth and his/her contacts with the Pleiadians 
  • Technology such as replicators and transportation
  • How Disclosure and Mass Landings will probably occur
  • Ascension (liberation of consciousness from all limited 3D reality) Plans will be revealed by Pleiadians once Cabal is totally removed
  • Deprogramming from all the control inserts to allow positive evolution of Humanity
  • Many "versions" of Ascension being presented now, but further discussion on this not possible until Cabal's presence is voided
  • Influences of Light and Dark in Cobra's life
  • Connecting with the Source through meditations.

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