26 June 2012

Uranus Square Pluto - Archons Activity by Cobra

Ouch. There's so much noise out there in Cyberland it's hurting my eyes and ears. To be honest, I did try to follow updates by a few "sources" who appear to be very popular and have huge fan-bases. But I couldn't do it anymore after a while because their messages did not resonate with me.

And so I'm posting something that carries the voice of reason, wisdom and calm amidst all the aggression being promoted. If all you can take from this message is the sense of assurance, then it's worth it.

Cobra explains that this period of the Uranus-Pluto Square brings up tension (for peaceful transmutation and resolution?), the futility of the Archons' plans and the utmost need to stay calm and centered. There is also a bit more clarification about how the "Stardust" nanotechnology works.

"Goddess wants peace, and peace shall come."

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