25 June 2012

Yellow Alert?

I don't really know what's going on, so I'll just post a couple of things here for you to decide for yourself.

Firstly, the Loverush/Bryan Adams' song "Tonight In Babylon" was posted on Cobra's site. Here is a section of the lyrics:
Gonna be a revolution, a change is gonna come,
Gonna be a new beginning, gonna shine on everyone
Tonight in Babylon, tonight in Babylon
Tonight in Babylon, tonight in Babylon
Everybody knows it's over, we knew it all along,
Tonight in Babylon, tonight in Babylon.

Is this a coded message to denote that "events" are taking place? I don't know.

Then there's this post that appeared in 2012 Scenario, titled "Preparing For Mass Arrests". They also are not able to clarify anything but Geoffrey West (Cosmic Vision News) has arranged for live updates if mass arrests do occur.

And lastly (at least for now), here's another cryptic message from Gaia Portal. "Harvest comes quickly...full Galactic support for such is assured."

I am vacillating between cautiously optimistic and wildly excited. Buckle up...

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