09 June 2012

Zorra via Zaraya - 6 June 2012

Zorra returns via Zaraya to clear up some confusion caused by mis- and dis-information over the past couple of months. Although much of it is a re-cap of topics discussed by Zorra in previous channels, it is a timely reiteration of information that we need to understand. Very re-assuring in the currently noisy and confusing world of the Internet, where clarity is much needed.

Here are some key-points that Zorra addresses in this message, which is about 2 hours 20 minutes.
  • Several thousand ships around Earth assisting in the Ascension process into 5D
  • Galactics, Inner and Hollow Earth in preparation for this
  • The Gathering, when surface dwellers will be re-located to safety while Earth goes through her restoration back to her original pristine state; this will involve physical transformation of her surface, expansion and upheavals
  • Those still wishing to continue with 4D existence will be relocated to Earth's sister planet
  • 2013 - the first year of 5D
  • Living areas already established for this evacuation: Off-planet, Inner Earth, Hollow Earth (Telos for those with Lemurian heritage)
  • Ashtar Command and Federation managing nuclear fall-out from Fukushima; also all nuclear weapons completely deactivated
  • We need to change our attitudes towards abundance programs
  • Venus transit initiated much-needed love vibrations being beamed to Earth, so embrace them and "soak them in"!
  • We are all One, we are all Gods and Goddesses, we are all born natural healers, we are all creators of our reality
  • Either step aside or become part of the solution
  • Now at 75% mark towards critical mass trigger for mass Ascension; raising our consciousness and vibrations is a must!
  • Participants in Hollow Earth expedition will be screened prior to entry
  • Innoculations serve to disable innate gifts of new-borns
  • Cancer - caused by parasites/fungus called galls, activated by dead foods (e.g.meat); cures - baking soda, iodine, research Dr Hulda Clark & Dr Simoncini (this is around the 46-minute mark)
  • Raising consciousness exercise can be done even when waiting in the car
  • Becoming one with Mother Nature helps with our Ascension
  • Arrests of Cabal have begun
  • Send love to all Light forces who are working hard to bring about positive changes
  • Spread information about existence of Hollow Earth.

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