30 August 2012

A Possible Glimpse of a Future Timeline - Bella Capozzi 29 August 2012

This message from Bella Capozzi really resonated with me, especially the information about the differing timelines. When we understand that there is more than one timeline for the Great Shift, we can then accept the differing messages that are being given, especially in the past few months. We are all at various stages of our "path" with various potential scenarios.

Bella also shares three different scenes from one of the timelines she visited during her dream-state. In the first scene, she was in her Pleiadian form, teaching people how to use a food-replicator, post-Disclosure. Then the next scene has her teaching about the Divine Feminine energies to a group of females, and the last sees her being confronted and rejected by a group who wasn't yet ready to accept what was happening.

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