22 August 2012

Ascended Masters on "Truth or Event" that is to Cascade into Full-on Disclosure via Wes Annac - 19 August 2012

The Ascended Masters via Wes Annac prepares us for The Event that is expected to unfold...and I will avoid the word "soon" because even Zorra admits that it's such an ugly word to many. Let's just say that this Event is supposed to be public, global and hard-to-explain-away. It's meant to leave people without a doubt that "we are not alone".

Allow me to digress a bit. In the very entertaining (and prophetic) classic The Day The Earth Stood Still, Klaatu was asked by Professor Barnhardt to give a demonstration as a sort of "calling card" that would be clearly evident to the masses. Klaatu obliged by deactivating all electric power around the globe for 30 minutes.

Back to this. I strongly believe that The Event will be more supernatural in nature, something literally out of this world that carries a potent message. In a previous post, Ellie Miser (Earth As A Free Will Experiment) also mentions an "event".

This is what the Ascended Masters say for this update:

"...we intend for the needed manifestation of some type of perception-shattering yet not in any way scary, truth or event which will in itself be a precursor to the giving of immense truth."

Enjoy the rest of this short but very uplifting message.

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