19 August 2012

Chilbolton Crop Circles - "The Face" and "The Response"

Since I referred to these crop circles in an earlier post (The Founders on Earth History via Sal Rachele), I will include some information on them for reference. The crop circles appeared in 2001, so they are nothing new at all. This, however, does not diminish the significance of their messages, in my opinion.

In August 2001, two crop circles appeared within days of each other near the Chilbolton radio telescope in Hampshire, UK. One was an image of a face, while the other was a response to a binary message composed by Dr Frank Drake and Carl Sagan that was transmitted from the Arecibo Observatory in 1974 (shown below).

The message contained the following information:
  • Base 10 numbers
  • Dominant elements
  • DNA components
  • Nucleotides
  • Double helix structure
  • Height of human
  • Population of Earth 
  • Solar System
  • Representation of the Arecibo telescope.

27 years later, "The Face" and "The Response" showed up. "The Response" seemed to address each component of the Arecibo message, incorporating 9 differences:
  • Silicon added to dominant elements
  • 3rd strand of DNA helix
  • Change in number of nucleotides
  • Humanoid representation
  • Height of humanoid representation
  • Population
  • Solar system
  • Crop circle formation that appeared in 2000
  • Technology details (which actually was a crop circle itself which appeared a year earlier).

"The Face" has been said to represent the "Face on Mars", Humanity and even the "Founders" (creator gods of the humanoid species arising from the Lyra Constellation). It is anybody's guess what it truly means, but I like the "Founders" version, which is why I referred to it in that particular post on Earth History.

For more information, watch this video (which also includes the decoded "Warning" crop circle that appeared a year later), or read this article.

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