01 August 2012

Cleaning Up Our Negative Energies - Inelia Benz

I had a very strong need to post something on meditation or raising our vibrations, and discovered that I had overlooked this in my inbox (lots of stuff gets missed inadvertently due to information overload!). So I went through it and found that it was just perfect for what I wanted.

This is an exercise by Inelia Benz to clear out negative energies, applicable for our own personal issues as well as for planetary ones. It's very practical and do-able. Like all things that actually work, it is so simple yet powerful. Please watch this 21-minute video.

We can use this exercise for personal health issues, relationships, jobs, environment (such as chemtrails, pollution), debt (enslaving energy), conflict or war situations...just about anything! Inelia shows how we can process these energies using Light from Source.

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