17 August 2012

Close Encounters - Proof of Alien Contact

Update 5 March 2013: The video on the previous link was removed, but I've found another source. Hopefully this one stays!

Close Encounters - Proof of Alien Contact is a 50-minute documentary that was created in 1999. Despite being 13-years old, it still stands as a pretty good production, all things considered. What surprised me is that around that time (late 90s right up until about Ancient Aliens came out a couple of years ago), there were a lot of "documentaries" about UFOs that mainly served as disinformation, with the main purpose of debunking reported sightings. So I'm not surprised that this documentary isn't as widely-known as it should have been then.

There are several really good clips of sightings and many interesting interviews all throughout this documentary. They even have footage of an implant being removed from the vicinity of the abductee's jaw. Well, I closed my eyes for that bit but I did see the implant which the surgeon showed.

Expect to see the following:

  • Amazing clips of ET craft as well as recordings from space probes which include the Face and Pyramids on Mars
  • Fragments recovered from Roswell crash site with lab analysis of their compositions
  • Dr Roger Leir, who extracted the implant as mentioned earlier, plus its related lab analysis
  • Gordon Cooper, retired astronaut, who had several encounters with ET crafts
  • Linda M Howe (who is still actively involved in ET research todate)
  • Bob Lazare, an engineer who took part in the back-engineering experiments.

Worth watching and worthy of being a "persuasive" tool for people in your lives who are ET-resistant   :)


  1. Do you mean where you can view the video? If yes, then just click on the link at the very start of this post where it's highlighted in red "50-minute documentary".