31 August 2012

Crystal Skull - A Work of the Aliens?

Umm...yes. This is an interesting clip ( >4 minutes) with lots of information. I've read quite a bit about crystal skulls over the years, and yet I wasn't aware that this Mitchell-Hedges Skull had movable jaws until I watched this video! Thanks to Harun Yahya for enlightening me :)

The video highlights these as well:
  • The skull is made from same substance as today's microchips i.e. piezoelectric silicon dioxide
  • Able to produce its own electricity (same concept as orgonites, which never "run out" of energy)
  • Both upper and lower parts of skull made of same piece of quartz crystal 
  • Modern equipment would not be able to produce the same level of finesse without shattering the crystal
  • Looking inside the eye sockets will enable one to see the whole room reflected within the skull.

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