04 August 2012

Dolores Cannon on Crop Circles

A short video (less than 9 minutes) from Dolores Cannon with her views on crop circles. For me, the most important point in the video is that these creations are embedded with messages for us. That's why I like to call them Earth Writings. We may not understand the "language" they are using, but the message is there nevertheless. Dolores presented another crucial point, which is that even though we don't know what the message is, it doesn't matter because the understanding will occur at a deeper level and come through at the "right" time.

We need to understand that these beautiful creations were not made by bored ETs who are waiting for Humanity to wake up en masse. (Well, if they are tired of waiting, who can blame them, right?) They hold codes, keys, triggers, all waiting to be deciphered or activated at some point. Since they were made by higher dimensional/multi-dimensional beings, then of course we would not be able to easily decode the messages with a lower dimensional 3D mind. It would be like asking me to read a Sanskrit text - I don't even know if I should read it from right to left, or top to bottom! What's important is that they are "loaded"...and we will get the download when it's time for it to be activated.

Meanwhile, we continue to CC-gaze...

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