14 August 2012

Lightworkers and Wayshowers...The Final Stretch - Graham Dewyea

This short and concise video (3+ minutes) summarises many key points for us as we haul ourselves onto the last lap of this mostly gruelling and yet incredibly enlightening process. The Divine Light that we have helped anchor shines bright, and the way "Home" is definitely assured. Graham Dewyea reminds us that this has never been done before (Gaia and Humanity as a collective race ascending together at the same time), so it's bound to be painfully challenging. We have literally become new beings living new realities, and yet having to "exist" in the world that we are fast leaving behind.

Graham encourages us to use our discernment when receiving information pertaining to what's on the horizon, to continue to do our Lightwork and to be patient; the finishing line draws near.

This is a beautiful video that speaks directly to the Soul.

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