11 August 2012

Reminders to Myself

I won't be featuring anyone, or anything, on this post. Just me :)

It's been a week since the (in)famous date of 4 August. I hope no one was holding his/her breath for "something" to happen. More on that later.

The past two weeks have been a rather strange time for me. Somehow I feel I won't be too far wrong if I say that some of you may have felt that, too. I felt like I went through yet another shift, and this one wasn't particularly painful or anything. It felt like I was in a void, yet not a "void". Maybe I had to "avoid" certain things? Yes, I believe so...and yes, I did avoid lots of things :)

During this time, I couldn't read any message in its entirety. It was like I wasn't interested in any channeling, I definitely couldn't read anyone's opinion, and I most assuredly couldn't follow any intel. So I avoided all of these for quite a few days -- at most I would just skim through a couple of lines and that's it, except for the few that I did post on this blog, and some things on crop circles, one of my favourite things!

So today, I feel that I've emerged from this with more clarity. No, I'm not able to predict what's going to happen at the Olympics Closing, sorry. I meant clarity with myself, my path, my purpose. Instead of looking outside for direction, I was "reminded" to look within.

Before I continue, I will mention some things to set the stage, so to speak. This is so that you know where I stand regarding certain things, and why. Ever since I was a child, I felt like "they" had plonked me down on Earth, and then sped off at warp speed, leaving me alone and literally feeling like an alien on a planet that would be my new "Home". I grew up gazing at the sky, and would entertain myself by watching the clouds form faces, figures and cute animals. It was as if someone was shaping the clouds for my amusement. I really had abandonment issues although I wasn't remotely abandoned in any way by my parents. I felt a great gnawing homesickness that only went away two years ago when the Galactic presence around Earth started increasing exponentially. I've always felt that "they" would come back for me, when the time is right.

So, with that background laid out, here are the reminders I had to once again recall. I share this but please remember that it applies to me, and you have every right to discern.

It's Not How Much We Know
Truly, it isn't. This is a spiritual ascension, not an academic exam. Even if we learn all there is to know about Ascension, it would matter zilch if we didn't do anything about it. Knowledge is one thing, knowledge applied (wisdom) is another. So someone marooned on a desert island, totally ignorant of Ascension but having beautiful light within and living a heart-centred life would still be on the path. It's really about how we live our daily lives in these last remaining months before the Great Shift.

Simple Spiritual Physics
If we forget about everything else and just look at the spiritual dynamics of Ascension, it boils down to what our vibrational frequency is. To become a higher-dimensional being, we need to vibrate at the energetic frequency that is compatible with that higher dimension. So, in simple terms, we need to increase our vibrations. Thankfully, we can do this in so many ways -- I have given some examples previously so I won't repeat and besides, you already know anyway :)  We all know what we need to do to raise our vibrations, we just need to convert that into action. Raise our vibrations and stay as much in the higher energies as possible.

It's Spiritual!
This is not about who gets arrested, how many banks will fail, who becomes President, where the gold is hidden, etc. It's not even about which channelled message is right and which is wrong, who is a genuine Earth Ally and who is fake, or which ET race is positive and which is negative. And it's not even about whether Disclosure happens or not. This is a Spiritual Ascension. We still need to remember that we have work to do in preparation for our own Ascension. Even if nothing changes in the physical world right up until the Great Shift, we still need to get ourselves ready, and at the same time, help others who are also ready for It. Ascension will occur, with or without us. It's not so much about what happens on the outside, it's more about what's happening within.

It About Us, Not Them
This is our own Spiritual Ascension. We are the ones who need to ascend. The Archangels, Ascended Masters, Galactics, Agarthans and whoever else are already ascended. We cannot blame them or make them responsible for our ascension. They can only assist, they can't do it for us.

Stay On The Path
Don't get distracted. No need to explain further :)

Divine Intervention
This one is something I've always believed in all my life. I feel that there will be Divine Intervention (already happening in many ways, but I'm talking about a "big" public one) before the Great Shift occurs. And I feel that it will be preceded by some sort of Divine "Sign", out in the open, visible and obvious to everyone everywhere.

So those are the key points I had to make sure I keep reminding myself constantly.

Now back to 4 August. Was I hoping to see something resembling Disclosure? Absolutely. But I was also aware that if nothing happened, it may mean "something" was transpiring backstage. And I remembered that ultimately, I had "work" to do and shouldn't get derailed by any "if", "what" and "when".
And oh yes, in case someone asked "How many shifts do we need to go through?" the answer is "As many as it takes..."

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