25 August 2012

Sheldan Nidle with Tazz and Paula - 24 August 2012

This one-hour radio show features Sheldan Nidle being interviewed by Tazz and Paula with, as usual, lots of information for listeners. Although there is no "new" information, it is still interesting because Sheldan reassures us that "things" are happening according to Divine Plan; he does admit, however, that there is very little time left and so much more to get done. Synopsis as follows:
  • How Sheldan "lost" his telepathis ability when he shut down a particular part of his life years ago
  • Elections (in US) "not supposed to be happening"
  • Transitional governments will allow for prosperity programs and long-awaited new positive systems to come online
  • "Apocalypse has been cancelled"
  • Fall of Atlantis 13,000 years ago led to limited consciousness in Humanity, which allowed Annunaki/Sky Gods to rule and enforce concepts of competition, power and control
  • Annunaki allowed within Divine parameters to "rule", but hands-off imposed for total shutdown of DNA and recall of Divine Laws so that Humanity can access these when the time is right
  • "Game over" for the Dark, time now for Light to take over
  • Anchara Continuum in 1995 agreed to transition to the Light, followed by Annunaki
  • Human Dark Cabal, however, refused to embrace the Light and instead filled vacuum created when Annunaki left
  • Galactic Federation brought in to help and assist in Humanity's transition to Light, overseen by Ascended Masters
  • Secret sacred societies set up by Ascended Masters for Great Shift on Earth
  • We are very close now to first series of changes that will start floodgate of more changes
  • Geneticists discovering "junk" DNA encodements are activating/waking up
  • How we can "infect" others with our activated DNA codes
  • Religious, physical, scientific, philosophical, societal and consciousness shifts occurring
  • Sheldan mentions Star Trek!  <3
  • GF not on a rescue mission -- we need to be responsible for our own positive change, but we can (and have) asked for help
  • Merging of timelines at end 2012, according to right Divine Timing
  • Structures decaying from inside-out so evidence is not immediately obvious
  • Mass media still not reporting vast changes that are taking place around the world eg Mexico, Egypt, Wall Street chaos
  • We are becoming fully conscious Beings of Light, in unity with the Great Oneness.
 Great reminders for us all.

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