16 August 2012

Uffington White Horse Crop Circle 14 August 2012 - Analysis by NYC812


NYC812 has given her analysis on another interesting crop circle that appeared in Uffington White Horse, UK on 14 August 2012. Seemingly simple in appearance, the messages as interpreted by NY812 are just the opposite. There's a lot of information in her report, all tying in nicely with the processes that Ascension entails. These are some key points:

  • The serpent represents the Kundalini, as well as the DNA helix, to be activated in stages
  • Coiled position signifies being ready for activation, at the right time
  • 3rd eye is open
  • The eclipse is "acting" on the serpent; not sure if it is the solar or lunar eclipse (there's a total solar eclipse from 13-14 November, and a penumbral lunar eclipse on 28 November 2012)
  • How should we prepare? Clear all our blockages and activate our DNA ourselves
  • Focus on our thoughts, which should be based on compassion.
 "You are in for a nice surprise!"

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