15 August 2012

Update by Sheldan Nidle - 14 August 2012

I had a very busy dreamtime last night. Full of activity, all focused on preparing for "something" that's fairly imminent. Very, very busy, many beings involved, many areas of activites...but I'm unable to recall or remember any details. I just get the feeling that it was "BIG". Then I saw this update from Sheldan Nidle, and thought I should post it right away.

Here are some highlights:
  • We are going through a "final and short delay" before major changes in government and finance is expected to come online (I know...I'm tired of waiting, too...but if it makes you feel better, even Sheldan himself is frustrated with all these delays)
  • Inner Earth allies busily finalising plans that will take effect
  • Galactic personnel to ensure minimal disruption to essential services
  • Our conscious choice for freedom and Light has allowed intervention by "external" parties
  • Ascended Masters to return Earth and Humanity to full consciousness, by Divine Decree
  • New guiding principles for our new lives
  • "Great transformation lies ahead".

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