21 August 2012

Zorra's Update via Zaraya - 19 August 2012

Zorra - www.hollowearthnetwork.com

Zorra's back! Well, he never really left, because he still came through Annette Sassou. He's now back with Hollow Earth Network through Zaraya, and Zorra has announced that he will be giving information weekly from now on. If you are wondering what happened to Zaraya and Quasar's return to Hollow Earth, Zorra explains that Adama has informed them of their Oversoul plan to remain on the surface and be part of Disclosure.

This call is about two hours long (with Q&A during the second half), and here are some of the highlights:
  • "Raising vibrations"...that's all there is!
  • Earth and Humanity's Ascension is unique and extremely special event
  • August 4 was date for Disclosure by Earth governments; this was not honoured so now Galactic intervention is possible to proceed
  • Armadas of ships in daylight, uncloaked, not lenticular clouds
  • Cabal's last-ditch attempts through disinformation via distorted teachings and channels
  • Remain in high vibrations of love and joy
  • As more awaken to joy, negativity lessens collectively
  • "Soon" is such an ugly word to many people
  • Oversoul scripts our blueprint or Life Plan
  • Explains how Disclosure will be broadcast and how we can ask to go onboard
  • Zorra corroborates GFL's message via Greg Gile regarding sea-bed walls
  • Gathering still taking place but exact timing still not confirmed (end of year or shortly after?)
  • Neptune and Elenin still on alert
  • Cabal "on very last legs"; Washington DC is its last stand
  • We are not free, but will soon be
  • Meat experiment to demonstrate toxicity
  • Take back our Planet from the Cabal!
  • Zorra delivers healing energies together with Hollow Earth Council of 12 (around 1-hour mark), and reminds us that our true mind lies within the Heart chakra
  • Helios (our Sun) is a planet and it's not hot (the heat is created by the rotational field of Earth when sunlight reaches the atmosphere)
  • Sister World to Earth is on the "far side" of the Sun - this is where those who do not wish to ascend will be relocated to continue their lessons and experience of polarity
  • Earth changes will necessitate the removal of surface dwellers temporarily; to this end, She requested that Galactics remove "their own" to safety while She undergoes massive cleansing in preparation for Ascension
  • Some (via DNA determination as well) will go to Inner/Hollow Earth
  • Return of Mother Earth to Her pristine state is not "destruction", it is re-terraforming
  • We will recreate our own dwellings (as Ascended Beings) once Earth completes this cleansing
  • After Gathering, we will be in 5D "Year 1".

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