04 September 2012

Arcturians Personal / Planetary Ascension - Suzanne Lie

Suzzane Lie's message from the Arcturians expands on the aspects of Ascension that are becoming crucial at this point in time. One such issue has to do with the choices each individual makes at Soul-level regarding Ascension, and how that will play out. Compassion for choices that are different from our own will help us understand what I call the Big Picture, and realise that the little cogs within bigger cogs within larger cogs within even larger cogs etc..all turn beautifully in accordance with Divine Order.

It also explains why it is pertinent for those who have committed to Gaia's own Ascension to fulfill their mission, which may even involve a karmic healing at Soul-level since Humanity is responsible for Gaia's own fall into third density.

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