06 September 2012

Brotherhood of the Star - Portal 2012, 6 September 2012

Cobra has published an esoteric text in its entirety that was written by the Brotherhood of the Star, another Light group involved in the liberation of Earth and Humanity. Based in Shamballa, Hollow Earth, the group is guided by the Sanat Kumara (Planetary Logos) decree.

This text speaks about the positive influence of the Brotherhood of the Star in past civilisations such as the Graeco-Roman (before they disintegrated into the Dark), Druids, Jesus and Magdalene bloodline, Sufi and Gnostic cultures, and many others. In more recent times, their influence was visible through the knowledge of Madame Blavatsky and Nikola Tesla.

Theirs is the last remaining mystery school of Light from the times of Atlantis. All others have been infiltrated by the Dark and perverted for their own negative means. The current state of confusion among many Lightworkers is the result of this infiltration.

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