28 September 2012

Chemtrail Neutralisations!

This is an amazing video by Nikiquik that shows what's been occurring in many places where the skies are "decorated" regularly by chemtrails -- they are neutralised as they are being sprayed. It's very disheartening to know that chemtrails still exist, but most uplifitng to know that we are getting all the help that "they" (Galactics, Inner and Hollow Earth, Elementals, Sky Spirits) can give.

And while I was at the Youtube page for the above video, I came across a few others with the same theme. Indian In The Machine's video presents a slide-show of Sylphs' gift of blue skies to us.

Wes Annac of Aquarius Channeling also has a video which shows a "cloud" energy that surrounds a chemtrail and dissipates it before it has a chance to expand.

I also like this one by Mymosaz, reminding us that we ourselves can take on the responsibility of doing something about it. Mymosaz recommends vinegar (that's new to me!) and of course, our faithful and hard-working Orgonites (good information in the description box).

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