14 September 2012

Crop Circle 2012 Decoded Part 1 - Is2012TheDate.com

This video, about 16 minutes, corroborates the messages that Crop Circles have been giving Humanity to prepare us for the Great Shift of the Ages. It starts off with the planetary alignments and CME activity that have unfolded as "foretold" by these Earth Writings.

The message within is primarily directed at the leaders and scientists of the world:
  • Warning against the use of nuclear energy (including the CERN  project) and its disastrous consequences
  • Use of abundant and free electro-magnetic energy as its substitute
  • The special characteristics of Silbury Hill (which itself has played host to several Crop Circles in the past), a phenomenon similar to the Chichen Itza Pyramid "beam"
  • The Silbury Hill/Avebury Crop Circle that appeared on 1 July 2012 (pictured above) and its inherent warning.
What is interesting in this clip is that the creator (www.Is2012TheDate.com) interprets these 2D Crop Circles into 3D with good graphics. Subtitles in English are available if, like me, your understanding of Spanish is virtually non-existent  :)

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