12 September 2012

Fall of Man and Humanity's Origins - Noel Huntley

This article comes from Noel Huntley, but I will link to the actual website that I read from since I was unable to locate it from his own website. It's there somewhere, but I gave up looking after a while. There is also a Spanish version available; it's at the top of the page.

Although it's not a very long article, it took me some time to finish reading. The information is very interesting and covers a wide range of areas, so naturally it's not too detailed. However, it is a good "Fall of Man 101" version of the various topics that have been covered extensively in other sources such as Rudolf Steiner's Cosmic Memory.

The author starts his account from even before Humanity came into existence -- right from the time of the Founder Races, who brought forth what is known as the Turaneusiam Experiment, the creation of a master race to act as guardians of the Planetary System. As we know, this experiment went awry in more ways than one over the course of over 500 million years ago. There is simply too much to summarise here, but I will point out some highlights which to me are essential in better understanding our origins and how we got from "there" to "here". And yes, please just take what works for you, as always...

  • How Earth (previously Tara in higher dimensions) lost higher consciousness
  • The First Worlds of Creation and the on-going attempts to create the Human race
  • 5 Cloister Races giving rise to the Root Races/Seedings, from Polarean to the present Aryan (and the emerging Muvarian Sixth Root Race)
  • Disastrous consequences of war and the lost souls
  • The need for these lost souls to ascend back to higher dimensions -- the "Rescue Mission" and how it went horribly wrong, creating complex complications
  • Creation of Sphere of Amenti, Halls of Amenti, and Staff of Amenti
  • Seal of Amenti and Seal of Palaidor
  • Why we incarnate without memory of Source or Self
  • Why we need to heal the wounds of Lemuria and Atlantis
  • How dream assimilation came to be necessary
  • The purpose of Ascension of Earth and Humanity. 
**Update: 11 November 2014
There's a fourth part, which you can find here.

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